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Esports for you

With G-Loot, every gamer, no matter their level, can experience the thrill of competitive gaming. Play the games you love, the way you want to.

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What gamers are saying

  • Richie Copeland II

    Richie Copeland II
    United states

    The fact it adds extra content to games. For instance, If I complete all my weekly task on Apex Legends I still have G-loot. That way I am always earning something.

  • Dim

    United Kingdom

    It is fair and accessable to everyone whilst giving yourself varying levels of challenge. I have never found a website/application where you can paid to play!

  • B3nny0408


    I like these different kind of challenges one can choose from + the weekly and daily ladder make things more exciting!

  • Heston626

    United Kingdom

    The user interface is easy to use. You can use the software whether you are just starting as a player or whether you have been playing for the last 10 years as there are challenges ranging from very easy to very hard.

We add new games regularly

Support for the world’s biggest games

We offer support for 15+ games including Apex Legends, CS:GO, Rainbow 6, and Hearthstone. Create your own esports experience.

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    1. Become a member

    Create your account and set up your online player profile.

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    2. Download and install

    Install the G-Loot PC client, your hub for tracking challenges and stats.

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    3. Join challenges

    Compete against yourself and others to win prize money or just for fun.

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    4. Run G-Loot and play

    Keep the PC client running while you play your games to track your progress.

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    5. Progress and rewards

    Find out what motivates you, discover your strengths, and climb up the leaderboards.

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    6. Free until you choose

    Play free challenges or ones with an entry fee, the choice is yours. We take a small fee from the prize pool.

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