6 LGBTQIA+ streamers to check out for Pride 2020

June 20 2020

6 LGBTQIA+ streamers to check out for Pride 2020
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For 2020, the Stockholm Pride festival is going digital! If you want to extend the celebrations beyond the Pride weekend, why not watch some LGBTQIA+ streamers? Here are just a few that you might not have met yet.



GoldKarat, AKA Kyle, is an LGBTQIA+, plant-based, variety streamer from London, UK. He plays a pretty diverse set of games, everything from Valorant to Sims 4, as well as hosting more casual chatting sessions.

We like GoldKarat for his sense of humor and personality, which makes him engaging to watch, even when he's just hanging out and chatting with his community.

When to watch: You can usually find GoldKarat online on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday evenings, UK time.

Watch GoldKarat's stream



CeroBlast, AKA The ShimmyKami, is a non-binary trans streamer, content creator, and influencer. Fans of fighting games might remember them from Rumble Fighter but they have also been playing League of Legends for over a decade.

These days you'll mostly find them streaming League of Legends or Street Fighter V or just chatting with their community. CeroBlast's streams always feel positive and friendly (with just a *tiny* pinch of salt) so if you like to relax and watch a few hours of League, this is the stream for you.

When to watch: CeroBlast usually streams on weekends, with the occasional weekday.

Watch CeroBlast on Twitch



Leckakay is truly a variety streamer, playing everything from horror games, to visual novels, to Nintendo, to retro games. She also advocates for LGBTQIA+, mental health, and body positivity. Her streams are a safe space for anyone to come in that's free of harassment, and encourages viewers to be themselves without judgment. As a pansexual herself who also struggles with depression and seasonal affectiveness disorder, it is her goal to help others feel accepted and loved in her community.

We have a lot of respect for Leckakay's welcoming nature and dedication towards advocacy and providing a safe space. No matter how your day is going, her bubbly attitude will put a smile on your face.

When to watch: Leckakay streams Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday on both Twitch and Trovo. Go watch her 6pm-10pm PST on Trovo and 10pm-2am PST on Twitch



Sierra is a trans girl from beautiful Victoria, Australia. She streams everything from Overwatch to Last of Us 2 but also runs great community nights when you can catch her playing games like Marbles on Stream or Jackbox Party with her viewers.

Sierra works hard to create a fun and interactive community of gamers and, as anyone who has spent time in her chat will tell you, she is doing a great job. If you enjoy her stream, make sure to join the Discord as well. She is also a member of WomANZ, a professional community for women in Australia and New Zealand in content creation and esports. 

When to watch: Sierra streams from 7 pm to midnight AEST (11 am - 4 pm CEST) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Go and check her out on Twitch



FRZNHeir, otherwise known as Jayy, is a nonbinary (they/them) variety streamer based out of Buffalo, NY. Focusing on Rainbow Six Siege, Fire Emblem, and Smash Ultimate, their content varies between either serious, competitive META-focused gameplay or playing some truly chaotic games with friends.

If cursed content and humor is your thing, don't forget to join their Discord or follow them on Twitter for more.

When to watch: FRZNHeir streams several times a week, so be sure to follow them on Twitch to catch them.



Bizzi is a variety LGBTQ+ streamer who enjoys games like Overwatch and Hearthstone and has a love for RP. She is half Swedish and half Italian but lives in Norway with her Spanish dog Sniff. Bizzi has ADHD. BPD (borderline personality disorder) and PPD (paranoid personality disorder) and her channel and content is all about showing that you can be happy and open even though you weren't dealt the best cards.
PS: She loves puns and is not afraid to use them.

We love that Bizzi goes to great lengths to entertain her viewers and doesn't take herself too seriously while still being open to talking about serious topics like mental health.

When to watch: Bizzi streams mostly in the evenings European time.

Head over to her Twitch to see what she's up to!


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