Apex Legends 101: chapter 3 is all about you

October 7 2021

Apex Legends 101: chapter 3 is all about you
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Hello there, Legends! Welcome to chapter three of our Apex Legends 101 series. In this chapter, we are going to talk about some of the physical aspects of being a good Apex Legends player, along with being a better player overall.

What are the physical aspects of being an esports player? First of all, as players, we tend to be in a sitting position a lot. I'm sure some of you have friends that lie down while playing, and let's be honest, they're not doing themselves or you any favors by doing that. Sitting is generally accepted as the optimal physical stance to play esports.

But what exactly does the act of sitting involve? Well, it involves a lot of stillness and stress on certain parts of your body. I think you know where I'm going with this. Sitting for extended periods playing video games can be very dangerous in physical terms, and sadly Lifeline's buddy drone D.O.C. (Drone of Compassion), is not around to help, so we need to take care of ourselves.

So, again, let's begin this week's Apex Legends 101 with one of the basics.

Revenant Apex Legends

"Tired, skinbags?" Image: Respawn Entertainment

Use the Firing Range

Firing Range is a great place to practice in Apex Legends. You can pick up every weapon available in the game, pick every type of upgrade, shield, backpack, helmet, and so on. You can basically create any type of potential gearing scenario to improve your performance in that specific situation. There's also a Charge Tower in the Firing Range that helps you by charging up your ultimate ability instantly. 

Firing Range allows you to switch between Legends immediately, but you can only pick the ones you've already unlocked. This also helps to practice with abilities that stay on the battlefield, such as Wattson's Interception Pylon.

A great addition to the Firing Range is the option to turn on friendly fire, which allows you and your friends to practice against each other. If you don't want to fight against your friends, or don't have friends that play Apex Legends, here's what you can do: first of all, find better friends. Secondly, you can use the three dummies to practice shooting actual targets.

So, what does a Firing Range have to do with your physical well-being? The Firing Range is a practice area for everything. You can spend time there to observe your own physical state while playing. Are you slouching forward a lot? Moving too close to the screen? Do you have your shoulders up and stiff? These are things that will both take away from your gaming performance and will cause bigger problems in the future, which will again take away from your gaming performance.

Wattson Waterfall Apex Legends

"I am current-ly taking a break, get it?" Image: Respawn Entertainment

Watch Pro Players

Full disclosure, I'm using the pro player term loosely here. While the Apex Legends Global Series is underway, a lot of great players might not attend the tournaments. So apart from watching the tournaments, watching a top-level Apex Legends player on Twitch is a great way to learn how Apex Predators think and act.

Some pro players focus on certain Legends, while some rely on their own skills rather than a Legend's. Both methods are viable, and you can always choose to watch someone who mains the same Legend as you. While I'm trying my best to help you prepare for the victory in Apex Legends 101 series, watching high-level players in action will give you a unique experience to learn.

Also, you can observe the streamer to see if their setup is comfortable, healthy, and a good fit for you. It's not fair to expect someone to be aware of their body at all times while trying to win in Apex Legends against 57 or 58 other people. So you might be unaware of the things you do during gameplay. Just like observing yourself while in the Firing Range, you can observe the streamers to learn what and what not to do.

Apex Legends Crypto

"Take a break, I mean it." Image: Respawn Entertainment

Maybe try switching to better gaming gear?

As I mentioned in Apex Legends 101: Chapter 1, audio cues are of vital importance to success in Apex Legends. So having a good set of headphones would help you hear everything around you, improving your experience and end results. 

Alongside headphones, your mouse, mousepad, and keyboard should be comfortable for you. You might see pro players do some interesting stuff with their gear, like using their keyboards in a vertical state. Keep in mind that them being good at a game doesn't mean their methods are universal. It's what works for them. So try to find what's comfortable for you and remember it's absolutely not worth injuring yourself in real life.

Speaking of keyboard and mouse, you should be aware of your shoulders and arms while using them. It's very easy to involuntarily strain yourself while playing an exciting game like Apex Legends, so remember to regularly switch yourself to a more relaxed position. You'll need your arms and shoulders in good condition to climb the G-Loot ladders!

Along with the peripherals, having a comfortable desk and a chair is also essential. While "gaming chairs" might help, don't shy away from using more ordinary furniture as long as it's ideal for your comfort and, therefore, performance.

Bloodhound forest Apex Legends

Spending time in nature is a great way to relax and recharge yourself. Image: Respawn Entertainment

Try Not to Exhaust Yourself While Playing

We all like winning, no question about that. But that sweet victory comes with a cost. This cost should be the time you invested in training, playing a lot, and improving yourself. If that cost flows over to your physical health, that's where you should draw the line. Video games are unique in the experience they present. One of which is staying in a certain pose or a place for extended periods. 

Staying so incredibly still might work for some galactic heroes, but for us Apex Legends players, it might just turn into lousy aim and slow reflexes. Make sure to take breaks regularly so that you can return even better. Losing health, both in Apex Legends and real-life, means bad times are ahead.

Resting your muscles, your eyes, and most importantly, your mind is the real key to victory. Until we have the technology to turn ourselves into Simulacrums, like Ash, the best way to keep ourselves in top condition is to take care of our health. In the Apex Legends 101 series, we work towards preparing ourselves both physically and mentally to be the best Apex Predator out there so that we climb the ranks and complete challenges on G-Loot.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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