Apex Legends 101 Chapter 6: Loot of Legends

October 26 2021

Apex Legends 101 Chapter 6: Loot of Legends
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Greetings, Legends! Welcome to Chapter 6 of the Apex Legends 101 series, where we talk about getting ourselves in the best shape to achieve victory and become the Apex Predator that any opponent would shake at the sight of.

In this chapter, we’ll be talking about looting and the current state of the Legends roster. With Season 11 and the new Legend Ash on the horizon (pun intended), let’s take a look at the current state of the game and talk about what you need to know to achieve that sweet victory.

"Care package incoming. I love loot."  - Pathfinder

Looting in Apex Legends

As you know by now, punching is not the optimal way to win in Apex Legends. This unfortunate little fact makes loot crucial for your survival. However, while you can always queue alone, Apex Legends is mainly a squad-based game. This fact also becomes unfortunate if you have someone on your squad who tries to loot literally everything at maximum speed. The scientific term for this type of teammate, I believe, is loot goblin.

Depending on where you land, loot might be scarce or of low quality. This makes sharing an even more important part of your teamwork. Because while getting loot is important, having high odds of survival should be your highest priority. Out of three teammates, if one gets all the gear, the other two are forced to either disperse to find loot or die at the hands of a better team. By being a loot goblin, you are effectively forcing yourself into a 1v3 situation, despite not being outnumbered.

Apex Legends Octane Up High

This image is randomly generated and definitely has no relation to loot goblins. Please proceed. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

So, how to fix this problem? First of all, make sure you’re not the loot goblin of your team. If you find yourself alone in combat right after landing, make sure to check if your teammates were able to gear themselves up as well. Two people shooting 20 bullets each in a crossfire is always better than one person trying to shoot 40 bullets while the teammates scramble to find something that will help them survive. So, if you managed to find 2 weapons right after dropping, try to give one of them to your teammates if they weren’t able to find any; this will significantly increase your chances of survival in the early game.

Secondly, communicate with your teammates. Even better if you’re a premade team. Maybe don’t call your teammate or friend a loot goblin, though. That might escalate the situation rather than solve it, but make sure to let them know that sharing loot will increase your overall chances of success. Have them read this article, for example. Maybe they think you’re the loot goblin. Seriously guys, at this point, it’s obvious that you need to talk. Be polite to each other and figure it out so that you can work together to win the match instead of racing to get more loot than your teammate.

Especially at the late stages of the game, sharing loot becomes crucial since you won’t find that much ground loot and will be forced to use what you can get from deathboxes, making you a sitting duck. Sharing what you have at that point of the game can easily decide who’s going to win. 

Apex Legends Roster Mirage

Back when unlocking Caustic and Mirage was a big deal. The Before Times. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Are the old Legends obsolete?

There’s this false notion that newer Legends having more utility means the older Legends have become obsolete. While, admittedly, Respawn is giving more and more utility to recent Legends, older Legends are definitely not falling off the competition. Except Wattson, maybe. She’s really in a bad spot. Not only kit-wise, but she’s also been struggling with bugs that make her abilities nearly useless. Still, all things considered, even Wattson is not obsolete when bugs don’t interfere.

Let me start with one of the more worrying examples of old Legends seeming obsolete. At first, the only Legend that could scan the Survey Beacons was Pathfinder. This was because Wattson’s father, Luc Paquette, made sure MRVN units could see where the next Ring would be so that they could protect his daughter Natalie. After the ability to scan the Survey Beacons was made a common trait for all recon Legends, Pathfinder found himself in a sad situation where he basically had no passive skills. Coupled with the nerf on his Grappling Hook, our Pathy has seen a drop in pick rates.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Cover

“I punch those numbers into my calculator; it makes a happy face.” - Cave Johnson, clearly confused about Pathfinder’s functions. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

This was remedied through additional functions on his passive. Pathfinder now gets a 10-second reduction on his ultimate ability, Zipline Gun, every time he scans a Beacon (up to a maximum of 40 seconds of reduction due to the number of times the Beacon can be scanned.) Also, each time he scans a Beacon, his ultimate is fully charged. This makes the Beacons good hub points for squads with Pathfinder. Set up a zipline, scan the Beacon, make sure to ask who’s ready to fly on a zipline, and don’t forget to add that you are!

Now that Ash is joining Apex Legends as a playable Legend, players have been expressing their concerns online about Ash dethroning Wraith. While Ash’s ultimate ability resembles Wraith’s, the two Legends are still quite different, and I believe there’s no reason to consider them substitutes of each other. Wraith has been a top pick since the release of the game, and while she really was a bit overpowered, Respawn managed to balance her kit reasonably well. Right now, Wraith offers a great scouting option along with mobility, while Ash appears to offer a much more aggressive and one-time opportunity to strike. You can always nope out of a situation if the other end of the Wraith portal is dangerous, while with Ash, you have to go all-in.

Ash Titanfall

One thing is certain; Ash is going to affect the pick rates in the game hugely. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Another old Legend that many deem obsolete is Caustic. Caustic and Wattson are defensive Legends who need to set up their defenses and hold down a zone to be effective most of the time. While Wattson’s setup requires even rarer situations and usually cannot answer to immediate threats, Caustic can still work under pressure. His ultimate ability, Nox Gas Grenade, allows him to control the battlefield and deploy even more Nox Gas Traps to prolong the fight further. Coupled with his Fortified trait, which makes him take 15% reduced damage and immune to being slowed by bullets, Caustic is still a menace to other Legends and society in general.


Here we are, at the end of another Apex Legends 101. If you’ve been following the Apex Legends 101 series, you know by now that our goal in this series is to eliminate toxicity and improve our game. Doing this will surely help us climb the ranks in Apex Legends along with G-Loot leaderboards. Constantly finding problems and arguing about them would only take away from our mental health, so until the next chapter, make sure to share loot with your squadmates and work together towards victory.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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