Apex Legends 101 Chapter 7: The great ping system of Apex Legends

November 3 2021

Apex Legends 101 Chapter 7: The great ping system of Apex Legends
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Greetings, Legends! Welcome to Chapter Seven of the Apex Legends 101 series, where we discuss and improve our performance to be the best Apex Predator out there.

In this chapter, we’ll be talking about the unique and amazing ways to communicate with your teammates in Apex Legends. We’ll also discuss the importance of establishing good communication between teammates and being mentally prepared to be a part of the winning team.

Ping System in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has one of the most comprehensive pinging systems you can find in a game. I haven’t played ALL the esports games in the world, but the ping system in Apex Legends needs no comparison to know it’s awesome. You can ping almost anything and any situation to your team. From “let’s go this way” to “this area has been looted,” or if you’re playing a tracker like Bloodhound, “someone was here 17 seconds ago”, you can convey a massive amount of crucial information to your teammates just by pinging. Along with the text and on-screen indicators, your Legends will also verbally inform your teammates about your ping.

What makes this system even better is being able to respond to these pings the same way. You can agree, disagree or say that you can’t go along with your teammate’s ping at the moment by pinging their on-screen indicator. While using voice chat is usually the better option, there can be a number of reasons you can’t use voice chat, or you might simply not want to. The excellent ping system in Apex Legends allows you to avoid verbal communication without giving up the chance to inform other people of your intentions.

Apex Legends trio

Coordinate, strategize, win… and look good! (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Now here’s the good part. Everything I just mentioned about the ping system can be accessed with one click. Holding down your ping button brings up a wheel where you can quickly and easily select what you want to tell your teammates. Simply aim and ping; the game will do the rest for you according to the situation. Since your character will also verbally state your ping, subtitles will also show your ping. All of these put together, the ping system becomes very useful for players with disabilities, creating an equalized playground.

Apex Legends also has in-game voice chat, but honestly, it’s a gamble. You can run into amazing teammates who both strategize and banter well, or you can run into people who will yell, scream and throw some very unmannerly words at you. As I always mention in the Apex Legends 101 series, good communication is key to achieving victory. So, if you’re playing with your friends, make sure to have a stable way of constant communication or use the amazing ping system of Apex Legends to tell your buddies to follow you to victory.

Apex Legends Fuse

Voice chat might help expand your vocabulary, but at what cost? (Image: Respawn Entertainment) 

Communication in Apex Legends

So far in the article, we have talked about the ways to communicate with your teammates. But there’s also this very important issue of how to communicate with other people in general. Voice chat can very quickly become a screaming fest where no one hears or understands what’s being said, and everyone is just there to wreak their anger on someone else.

Imagine your trios team as a three-headed dragon. No matter how much the heads argue, there’s only one body to move and one direction to go at a time. In the game of Apex Legends, you win, or you die. Too much in-fighting would only harm the team and is very likely to end up in defeat. Not to mention it could harm your real-life friendships. Focusing on working together and achieving victory will yield much better results than arguing about who’s wrong or whose mistake it was. All of this, of course, boils down to how you communicate with other people.

So, how to talk to other people. First of all, make sure to be calm and collected. Be kind. Nobody likes to be yelled at, at least over a video game; I don’t know about your personal lives. Anyways, clear communication is the best type of communication. So try to refrain from yelling, screaming, or generally being rude. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with randomly matched teammates or your friends. Nobody plays Apex Legends to listen to you scream in their ear. We’re all here to play Apex Legends, win some matches, play in G-Loot competitions, and have some fun. Here in Apex Legends 101 series, we’re dealing with the serious, real issues of life. Somehow, we always do.

Apex Legends group

You can win every fight with the power of friendship! (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

One very common mistake in interpersonal relationships and in-game communication is pushing blame onto people. In Apex Legends and real life, you will make mistakes. You can’t always pass the responsibility to someone else like it’s a hot potato. One of the main themes in Apex Legends 101 is being mentally prepared. This includes owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility. It’s a video game. You can literally start over in 3 minutes. Instead of yelling and blaming each other, learn from your mistakes and improve your game by overcoming them. Frustration will only lead to further defeats, so try to find that calm and confident state of mind to work with your teammates towards victory.


Apex Legends, as all team sports do, requires good communication between teammates. Apex Legends does an amazing job at providing you with the tools to communicate. I don’t think it would be inaccurate to say it revolutionized the in-game ping systems of esports. All you have to do is to learn and utilize this great and easy-to-use tool. Along with the ping system, if you’re using the voice chat, make sure to be kind to your teammates, and instead of pulling them down, try to support each other so you can rise together.

Sincerely, your concerned teammate.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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