Apex Legends 101 Chapter 8: Mobility is everything

November 8 2021

Apex Legends 101 Chapter 8: Mobility is everything
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Hello there, Legends! Welcome to chapter eight of the Apex Legends 101 series, where we talk about how to physically and mentally improve ourselves, climb the ranks, and become the Apex Predator.

Mobility in Apex Legends

"You need to move a little faster than that, son. Speed is Life." - Viper

In this chapter, we’re talking about mobility. Titanfall, and later Apex Legends, brought an incredible amount of mobility to shooters, which resonated with the players so well that it quickly spread to other shooter games. Wall-running and double-jumping, all while using grappling hooks and several other movement abilities such as phasing, made Titanfall an instant classic in the “movement shooter” genre. You could even argue it helped create that genre.

Valkyrie Apex Legends closeup

“The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.” - Valkyrie, quoting her dad (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Of course, in Titanfall, we’re Pilots who can decimate entire battlefields (with the help of Nuclear Ejection, probably) in the blink of an eye. In Apex Legends, we’re Legends who made it to the Apex Games by being very good at surviving the odds. Lore-wise, we could just say the Legends don’t have access to top-tier Frontier War-era Pilot gear, but gameplay-wise it’s a balance decision. Apex Legends is already a very vertical game, so it was decided that adding double-jump at will and wall-running would break the game’s balance a bit too much. This, of course, doesn’t stop us from hoping to see a Legend that can wall-run. As a Pilot, Ash was expected to have such abilities but turns out she was designed with a different idea in mind.

“Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast!” - Octane

Apex Legends is a very fast-paced game. As I mentioned in Octane’s personal article, being fast in Apex Legends is a must, and most of the time, especially if you’re an Octane main, it’s a state of mind. Apex Legends can satisfy your need for speed in a plethora of ways. Let’s take a look at how you can move fast and hit your opponents before they even have a chance to see you coming. Full disclosure, it is very tough to write this article without quoting Octane every 2 minutes.

Ziplines and Other Rope-Related Movement

“Who’s ready to fly on a zipline? I am!” - Pathfinder

Using ziplines is your main rope-related movement option in Apex Legends. Since you can see where it leads before taking it and calculate risks accordingly, ziplines are usually safer to use than jump or flight-related movement options. Currently, Pathfinder is the only Legend to create new ziplines at will, thanks to his ultimate ability Zipline Gun. His ultimate ability becomes fully charged every time he scans a survey beacon, so keep that in mind before scanning beacons.

While using ziplines, you can jump and use that zipline again. This will help you avoid being a sitting (or, in this case, ziplining) duck for your opponents while still moving forward. Players’ ability to jump and use the zipline repeatedly was nerfed due to not having a counterplay and for generally being against the balance of the game. You can still jump and use the zipline again, but a soft cooldown applies. So make sure not to overdo it unless you want to get friendly with the ground real fast.

Pathfinder Apex Legends thumb up

"It's fun to zipline. You should try it." (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Another important thing with ziplines is the audio cues. As you know, audio cues are arguably your biggest help in Apex Legends. Anyone who uses a zipline makes a lot of noise, and someone who listens carefully can literally pinpoint your location, such as your angle and distance. So be careful not to give away your position while using ziplines, and always listen carefully to locate opponents.

Vertical ziplines, or just ropes really, have the same audio cues, but they bring one more very important function. If you jump while using a vertical rope, you’ll jump forward quite some distance. You can utilize this function to propel yourself in a certain direction quickly or just to juke your opponents in the middle of a fight. You might not be able to teleport behind them, but you can rope-jump behind them. No cool one-liners apply to rope-jumping, though. Your best bet is finding some lines from Worms Armageddon.

Jump and Launch Pad-based Movement

"There's a beautiful Jump Pad just sitting here..." - Octane

Jump and launch-based movement options come in two categories: Ones that make you jump and ones that act like you just jumped from the Dropship. The ones that make you jump are the Jump Pads and Gravity Cannons, and the ones that help you re-deploy are the Jump Towers.

While the new map, Storm Point, doesn’t have Jump Towers, other maps still have it. Jump towers are these huge, very high balloons that you zipline towards to re-deploy. It’s a vertical climb and will expose you to every nearby opponent. Using them will make the zipline/rope sound, so not only will you be exposed, but you’ll also alert everyone to your vertical death stunt. Due to their hazardous nature, Jump Towers should only be used when no one seems to be around to see you and most of the time only to escape the imminent Ring.

Just like Pathfinder’s ability to create ziplines, Valkyrie can use her ultimate ability, Skyward Dive, to take herself and teammates to the skies, re-deploying just like using a Jump Tower. Of course, Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive makes an insane amount of noise because of the modified Northstar jetpack she’s using, practically announcing her team’s arrival to everyone. That’s the price of being able to re-deploy at will. While in flight, Valkyrie will make announcements to her teammates as if she’s a hostess on a flight, which literally took away my chances of making any departure or arrival jokes.

Valkyrie drop laid back Apex Legends

Having the ability to fly brings certain comforts with it. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Jump Pads, on the other hand, are the ground-based equivalent of launch-based movement in Apex Legends. While you can usually only find them on Octane’s Gauntlet in Kings Canyon, Octane’s ultimate ability, Launch Pad, can also deploy one. Jump Pads work in a very specific way that you can utilize for your needs. After using a Jump Pad, you can hit the jump button mid-air to make a double-jump, which you can also choose the direction of. While this will not help you make physics-defying moves mid-air, it will help you dodge imminent threats when utilized well. Unlike Pathfinder’s ziplines, Octane’s Jump Pad can be destroyed by dealing damage to it. You can prevent opponents from escaping or following you by destroying the Jump Pad they intend to use. The sound the Jump Pad makes when used was tuned up in Season 11, making it much easier to hear and locate. This is mainly to prevent Revenant-Octane combos from being overpowered due to its lack of counterplay.

Last but not least, Gravity Cannon is the latest addition to the things that will launch you far away. The Gravity Cannon is a giant launch pad, which will launch you towards a fixed position far away on the map. You’re free to act mid-air, so take that time to heal and shield up or reload your weapons if necessary. You can find more information on the Gravity Cannon in our Apex Legends Season 11 guide.


"Ay no! My abilities don't work. I'm... slow!" - Octane

Just kidding. What we talked about in this article is just a small part of the mobility options in Apex Legends. Apex Legends 101 is the series where we talk about every small detail that would increase your win rate, so keep an eye on the G-Loot blog to find more tips, tricks, and great information about Apex Legends and esports in general.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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