Apex Legends: Break your chains in the Unshackled event

April 20 2022

Apex Legends: Break your chains in the Unshackled event
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During Season 6 of Apex Legends, something happened. Something that everyone remembers fondly. An event. It was called the Aftermarket. It introduced cross-platform play, Caustic’s Heirloom, a new limited-time mode called Flashpoint, and some fan-favorite skins to the game. Today, Flashpoint returns to remind you that survival instincts are your best friend in a battle royale.

Greetings, Legends! As you know, Apex Legends has a variety of events throughout every season. Some bring a lot of content, balance changes, and an Heirloom, while some bring limited-time modes and cool skins. From April 19th to May 3rd, the Unshackled event brings the latter: cool skins, the return of an LTM, and quite possibly the best Holospray ever!

While I will complain about the lack of patch notes, let’s dive into the cosmetics part of this event first. 

What’s new?

To be completely honest, not much. This is entirely a cosmetic event, which means new skins along with other cosmetics, and that’s pretty much it. However, some of those cosmetics will surely become fan favorites really quickly. For example, to nobody’s surprise, we’re getting a new and super cool Wraith skin!

In the Unshackled event, there are 40 event-themed cosmetics such as “Machine Language” skin for Crypto, “Bad Bot” skin for Pathfinder, “Quantum Collision” skin for Wraith, “Slingshot” skin for Valkyrie; along with weapon skins such as “Prison Pacifier” for CAR, “Terminated” for Hemlok, “Digging the Grave” for Peacekeeper and “Pyromania” for Rampage. For the duration of the event, you can buy Unshackled Packs to receive at least one event-themed cosmetic from a pool of cosmetics, including trackers, weapon charms, and more.

Apex Legends Wraith Quantum Collision

New hairstyle unlocked for Wraith. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

As always, there’s a new reward tracker for the Unshackled event where you can complete daily challenges to earn points. In this event, there will be 2 trackers that will be released back to back. From April 19th to April 26th, the first reward tracker will be active, and you can get a unique badge, an epic charm, an epic RE-45 skin, and an epic Seer skin. From April 26th to May 3rd, the second reward tracker will replace the first one and will offer rewards such as another unique Badge, a rare Apex Pack, an epic Boxing Nessie Holospray, and an Unshackled Pack. I don’t know about you, but I’ll do whatever it takes to get the epic Boxing Nessie Holospray.

One of the great things about cosmetic events is the fact that some of the older fan favorite skins make a return in the Apex store. This event’s returning skins are “A Gaze Eternal” for Revenant, “Ring Leader” for Gibraltar, “XL-R8” (reads Accelerate) for Octane, and “Gasbuster” for Caustic. These four skins return in bundles, each partnered with a weapon skin.

Meanwhile, two of the Iron Crown Event skins also return in the shape of Wattson’s “The Warrior Empress” and Bloodhound’s “The Centurion.” Both of these skins will surely make you feel like an unstoppable warrior in the arena.

Another great news about this event is that the cosmetics will remain in the pool after the event ends. So if you can’t manage to get the cosmetic you wanted during the event, you can always come back for it later!

What is Flashpoint?

You see, when you have the ability to travel in time, it’s tough to resist the urge. Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, was not stronger than the next man when it came to fixing his past traumas. So he travels back in time to bring this Apex Legends event back to the present.

First introduced in the Aftermarket event, Flashpoint is a limited-time mode where you won’t have any healing items. Instead, there are Flashpoint zones across the map of Olympus where you get automatically healed upon entering it. Taking damage will halt the healing, though. So beware.

Apex Legends Pathfinder Chappie

“I look like my fellow robot, Chappie! Woohoo!” (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

In Flashpoint mode, the Ring never stops moving and always deals final Ring damage, but it also always ends up in a Flashpoint zone. Use this info to your advantage and lure your opponents to their death while healing yourself with the Flashpoint zones. Remember, Flashpoint zones heal everyone in them unless they’ve taken damage recently. So make sure to keep the pressure on your opponents to prevent them from healing. Legends such as FuseMad Maggie, and Caustic should make life very difficult for other players in the Flashpoint zones.

Patch Notes

No Patch Notes

Nope, no patch notes. Well, there is one. The thematic event tab is going to be updated for better navigation. But that’s all. Mentions of ongoing problems or future balance changes are nowhere to be found, which is sad, but the players have been noticing small teasers around Kings Canyon that point towards a great danger approaching. So there’s that. There seems to be a giant creature moving towards Kings Canyon. Who knows? Maybe it’s bringing the patch notes.


This event is an excellent opportunity to catch some of the older skins you missed and get the best Holospray in the game, the Boxing Nessie, of course. Other than that, you could say this event is somewhat… uneventful. Flashpoint is not a name you’ll see mentioned when the Apex community talks about limited-time modes but constantly having alternative ways to play the game keeps things fresh in a way.

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See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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