Apex Legends: Everything you need to know about Bangalore

January 14 2022

Apex Legends: Everything you need to know about Bangalore
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“Oscar Mike, ladies. It’s a Bangalore guide. Helps with lore, play styles, strategy, and abilities. Level 4.”

Greetings, Legends! We’re entering 2022 with a Bang…alore. Everyone’s favorite ex-IMC grunt, Anita Williams, turns the battlefield into her own personal playground. In this article, we’ll talk about Bangalore’s abilities and how to utilize her to control a huge portion of the playing field, alongside her story that concerns many other Legends.

Bangalore’s abilities

Passive: Double Time

"Spotted. Double Timing it."

Bangalore’s Passive Ability is Double Time. As an IMC soldier, she’s fast on her foot and even faster when she’s in danger. Double Time activates when you are hit, or bullets and/or explosives barely miss you, increasing your movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds.

While it can always help you run to safety, a 30% increase in movement speed can also become a huge advantage when rushing opponents. Being fast is never a bad thing in Apex Legends, so make sure you’re running in the right direction. Also, keep in mind that Bangalore’s passive can be triggered inside Gibraltar’s Dome Shield. 

Tactical: Smoke Launcher

"Givin' 'em the chimney."

Cooldown: 33 Seconds

Bangalore’s Tactical Ability launches a smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact. Bangalore uses the contraption on her shoulder to launch these canisters, so she can launch them farther than she can throw a grenade. At the point of impact, the canister explodes for 10 damage and divides into 3 smoke bombs in a line perpendicular to its launch angle. The smoke lasts for 23 seconds.

While Bangalore seems to be using the smoke launcher with her left hand, you can still perform two-handed interactions such as reloading and shielding up, creating hilarious animations.

Bangalore Apex Legends Shoot

You can always trust Bangalore to watch your back. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

“Heads up. Dropping the pain.”

Cooldown: 3 Minutes

Bangalore throws a flare for her ship, IMS Hestia II—which she and Jackson commandeered from the IMC Pilot they took down—to rain down artillery on that spot. The artillery comes in the form of multiple rockets, moving forward from the flare in the direction you threw it. After landing, each rocket arms for 6 seconds before exploding for 40 damage and slows everyone around. It does not deal damage to squadmates, but the slow effect still applies.

The rockets drop in a 6x6 shape, going in a snake-like motion starting from the left of the flare. They also explode in the order in which they drop, so if you’re bombarded by Bangalore, you at least have an idea of where to run to minimize damage.

Rolling Thunder is usually called Creeping Barrage in in-game text, referring to the namesake of Bangalore. The Bangalore Brigade was an infantry brigade of the British Indian Army formed in 1904 and was mobilized during the First World War. They used creeping barrages to move forward on the battlefield.

While they seem quite similar, there’s a key difference between Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimates. Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder covers a distance of 70 meters and has a delayed explosion, while Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment hits a much smaller area but explodes on impact.

Bangalore charge Apex Legends

Bangalore has no time for your games, clowns. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

How to play Bangalore

"If you can't keep up, you're straight out of luck."

As the developers at Respawn describe it, Bangalore is the beginner-friendly, default soldier character. She’s also considered to be one of the most balanced Legends.

Bangalore’s abilities work both in offensive and defensive strategies, which gives you multiple options during each fight. You can utilize the movement speed of Double Time to aggressively push and perform maneuvers to dodge bullets, use the Smoke Launcher to obscure the opponent’s vision, and zone them with Rolling Thunder to own the battlefield.

Meanwhile, you can also use Double Time to double-time it out of the danger zone, disappointing Kenny Loggins in the process. Smoke Launcher can help you hide during chaotic engagements, allowing you to pop an extra consumable (shields & health) or revive a downed squadmate.

Bangalore’s favorite weapon attachment is the Digital Threat. Since you can use it to see where the opponents are through the smoke, Smoke Launcher’s offensive capabilities are maximized when using one. As always, since the smoke canister that you launch is an item that’s been thrown, Wattson’s Interception Pylon can shoot it down.

Apex Legends Bangalore Rocket

No, Anita, that’s not how you deliver an artillery strike! (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Bangalore pairings

"Let's push this thing to high speed. Buckle up."

Before going into detail on Bangalore’s abilities, let’s talk about her best friends on the battlefield. Putting the lore aside -believe me, no easy feat- Bangalore has some great pairings with certain Legends in terms of gameplay.

As you can guess, Bloodhound is by far the best squadmate for Bangalore. Smoking a squad and then scanning their location is the bread and butter of a Bangalore-Bloodhound duo, taking their vision away while enhancing yours. Bloodhound can also see through Bangalore’s smoke with their ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, which makes them very dangerous. If a Bangalore smokes you and you hear a muffled “I BATHE IN THE BLOTH” in the distance, it’s time to defend yourself and pray to Lady Luck.

Seer also makes a good combination with Bangalore, for similar reasons as Bloodhound. Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit, lasts for 30 seconds which makes a good combo with the 23-second duration of Bangalore’s smoke.

Along with Legends that can scan and reveal opponents, Bangalore makes a great team with Legends that can suppress a certain area such as Fuse, Gibraltar, and Caustic. You can always combine ultimates with these big fellas to create maximum chaos on the battlefield. Fuse can also throw lots of explosives alongside his Knuckle Cluster to a zone smoked by Bangalore, damaging and completely disorienting anyone inside.

Apex Legends Bangalore

No military rules against looking cool while winning. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Bangalore tips & tricks

"No such thing as auto-aim, ladies."

Alright, here are the things you should know and be mindful of while playing Bangalore.

First of all, using smoke in tight spaces is almost always a bad idea if you don’t know the exact layout of the building you’re in. Your Smoke Launcher can always be a problem for you as much as it can be of help. So make sure to use it to manipulate other squads to position themselves to your advantage. Remember, when you smoke a squad, you know where they are but they don’t know your position. So make sure to time your explosives and bombardments with the initial smoke to create maximum confusion on the opponent squad. If they fight back, you can always utilize Double Time to go in and clean up quickly.

The smoke screen is very big and can be seen even from space, probably. So use it to misdirect other squads in situations where you’re not able to fight back instantly. People will usually assume you’re using the smoke to hide your escape, which will cause them to attack the smoke and the path beyond it. Smoking your own position is usually a gamble since you’re also obscuring your own vision for little gain.

On the other hand, Rolling Thunder can become the perfect trump card if used at the right moment. Especially if you’re in a building and have confirmed that there’s another squad on the roof. You can throw the Flare anywhere to start the bombardment, so just throw the Flare on the ground and watch them scurry off the roof while you’re picking them off one by one. Rolling Thunder can also be used to close off narrow passages during the later stages of the game where the Ring deals lots of damage. Under the right circumstances, you can force other squads to choose between walking into your ultimate or getting fried by the Ring.

Bangalore Apex Legends Colorful

Always prepared. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

As well as having her best friends on the hunting grounds, Bangalore also has a worst enemy in the shape of Wattson. My dear Wattson’s Interception Pylon can basically zap everything Bangalore throws near it mid-air. The smoke canister? Zapped. The flare to call down the artillery? Zapped. Flare thrown at a safe distance and the bombardment begins, the rockets that would fall near the Pylon? Zapped again. The Pylon cannot zap and destroy rockets that have already touched the ground, though, so try to make sure Wattson is not prepared for you. Keep in mind that Wattson’s Pylon can deploy quickly enough to stop the rockets if she sees the Flare in time.

Rolling Thunder is not an ability that you should use for damage but to suppress the opponents, forcing them to retreat or disperse. For example, if you manage to take down one of the opponents in a 3v3 situation, sending the Rolling Thunder their way will force them to leave their downed squadmate, or they will have to fight under heavy artillery, which does not damage your squadmates. Your squadmates might need time to adjust to fighting inside the disorienting artillery barrage, though. Rolling Thunder can also help your squad escape when you’re third-partied or under heavy fire.

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Now that we've talked about the basics of Bangalore’s gameplay, it’s time to take a deep dive into her personality and background. Bangalore’s story is like a nice rug; it ties a lot of the storylines together.

Who is Bangalore?

"Get ready for a light show."

A grunt to the IMC Military

Anita Williams, callsign Bangalore, is an IMC soldier at heart. She comes from a family that served under the IMC flag for generations. She’s the youngest of five siblings with four older brothers. Having four older brothers and being born into a military family shaped Anita’s personality very early in her life. She has nerves of steel, unbreakable composure, and is 100% fluent in sarcasm.

She believed in the IMC cause and dedicated her life to it. Her dedication made her top of her class at the IMC Military Academy. Later she served on the battlefield, ranked as Sergeant First Class. But her service at the IMC Military was cut short after the only thing more important than IMC in her life got in the way, her family.

Bangalore Jackson Apex Legends

Bangalore tells Jackson to relax because nothing bad’s going to happen, right before it does. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

One of Anita’s older brothers, Jackson, was only a year older than her. Everyone thought they were twins at first sight. From the moment they were able to walk, Anita felt this incredible sense of competitiveness against Jackson. She was always trying to be better than him, regardless of subject, and Jackson was not one to shy away from a challenge. Thus started the rivalry between Anita and Jackson. They even raced to see who would finish eating their vegetables first. Since the Williams family was a military family, this soon became a competition for the siblings’ military careers. Anita joined the same boot camp as Jackson just to keep track of his stats so she could beat him. In time, they started to make a bet on everything and kept a scorecard. The first sibling to reach a hundred points would win.

An unexpected graduation gift

On their graduation day from the IMC Military Academy, the score was 99-99, and their next bet was already decided. The person who gets their marching orders first would win the best and complete their scorecard to claim the “better Williams sibling” title. Much to Anita’s disappointment, Jackson’s orders were first. But before Jackson was able to celebrate his victory over his beloved sister, the graduation ceremony was interrupted with horrific news from the IMC-controlled planet of Typhon. A huge raid by the Frontier Militia destroyed the entire planet, killing everyone on it. This included Anita and Jackson’s eldest brother, Zeke Williams.

Typhon was the planet where IMC conducted the research on the Fold Weapon: a cosmic weapon crafted with alien technology. It held planet-destroying power, so IMC had its best scientists work on how to use it to win the war. Zeke was one of them.

He was the only one who didn’t sign up to be a soldier on the battlefield. He even decided not to attend his own sending-off party, a Williams family tradition. Anita was already mad at Zeke for turning away from their family values, but losing Zeke in the war was not something she was ready for. As a family of soldiers, they were prepared to lose each other on the battlefield. Zeke was a scientist, so he wasn’t supposed to be killed according to Anita.

Always Sunny Murder

Pictured: Me while trying to put together Bangalore’s lore. (Image: FX)

IMC was also working with a mercenary group called Apex Predators, led by Kuben Blisk, to protect the Fold Weapon and stop the Militia from further gaining footing on Typhon. Despite their best efforts, Pilot Jack Cooper and his Titan BT-7274 managed to trigger the weapon before it was ready, which caused the weapon to destroy itself along with the entire planet.

This filled Anita with incredible anger towards the Militia, and she took to the battlefield as quickly as she could. Jackson followed her to make sure she didn’t go rogue, blinded by revenge. During the battle of Gridiron, Bangalore was severely injured by a Pilot of the Militia and was saved by Jackson. The IMC command issued an all-out attack while they were in a dire situation, but Jackson, who was the ranking officer of IMS Hestia, elected to ignore this order and called for an individual retreat of his own ship. After treating her wounds, Jackson put Anita in a stasis chamber, and IMS Hestia retreated.

Arriving in the Outlands

The siblings used an unknown alien technology salvaged from the Typhon wreckage to boost their hyperdrive, which caused them to travel to the Outlands in a year instead of twenty. Unbeknownst to them, this little maneuver cost the entire galaxy a years-long energy crisis. Named “the Blackout,” the huge energy crisis took years to reach the Outlands and the Williams siblings. To solve this energy crisis, a group of scientists was gathered by Lillian Peck. This group included Dr. Mary Somers, Dr. Ashleigh Reed, and Aleki Gibraltar, among other brilliant scientists. The Group went on to create Pathfinder, tying it all together.

After waking up from the stasis, Anita rushed to find Jackson (probably to punch him for deserting battle and their homeworld of Gridiron) and learned that they were stranded on a planet in the Outlands. This later turned out to be Storm Point on Gaea. Anita tried to alert the IMC for an evacuation, but a single IMC Pilot showed up instead. The Pilot promised leniency on the comms but revealed that he had come to execute Jackson for defying orders and deserting. Anita, realizing her mistake and disappointed by how IMC treated them, attacked the Pilot to save her brother. The Pilot managed to hold the siblings off despite fighting 1v2.

Apex Legends Olympus Autumn Estates

With just one artillery barrage, you too can turn this beautiful estate into hell! (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

At this point, Jackson was already a Pilot, and Anita had been about to get her Pilot license just prior to the battle of Gridiron. What evened the odds was the fact that they lacked their Pilot gear. In the end, Anita utilized her experience in fighting inside smoke and against unseen opponents, managed to take down the IMC Pilot, and killed him with Jackson’s help with the Pilot’s own Data Knife, which she later kept as her Heirloom.

IMS Hestia II

After killing the Pilot, the Williams siblings commandeered his ship, named it IMS Hestia II, and left Gaea. Some time later, Jackson learned that IMC was planning to use the Fold Weapon to kill billions, and the Militia Raid that killed their older brother was trying to stop that from happening. It took some time to admit it, but both Williams siblings were able to conclude that IMC and their ARES Division (who employed none other than Dr. Renee Blasey, callsign Wraith) was in the wrong, and the destruction of Typhon was, in the end, for the greater good.

One day, while they were having a casual conversation, there was an explosion in the ship’s outer hull, and Jackson was pulled out into the vacuum of space, seemingly causing him to fall to his death. This broke Anita’s will, and it took a long time for her to function again. After six months, Anita found the strength to go through Jackson’s things in the hopes of finding something comforting. What she found was Jackson’s graduation gift to her from years ago. Because of the terrible news about Zeke, Jackson never got to give the gift to his sister, but he always kept it with him.

Apex Legends Bangalore Data Knife

A Pilot’s Data Knife is no toy. It should only be handled by the pros. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The gift turned out to be their scorecard, revealing a bet that Bangalore won before the marching orders bet. It was to see who would graduate from the IMC Military Academy first, and since A is before J in the alphabet, “Williams, Anita” graduated seven seconds before “Williams, Jackson” to win the final bet. Jackson decided to gift his beloved sister the winning bet of their lifelong rivalry, showing her that they were adults now, and he trusted her to be the best without competing against him. Anita believed Jackson was still alive, so she began looking for her brother. She joined the Apex Games under the callsign Bangalore to raise money to make the twenty-year journey back home once she finds Jackson.

Relationships with other Legends

"No Cluster Foxtrots in my unit, let's run this."

Bangalore’s strict and super-serious personality usually clashes with the more cheerful and “weird” Legends. For example, while they don’t necessarily hate each other, Bangalore often finds herself arguing against Octane’s remarks. Mostly about being called a “lady” and Octane’s persistence in using the military alphabet despite having no idea how it works.

Through comics and in-game dialogue, it’s implied that Bangalore has romantic feelings towards Loba. This causes frequent clashes with Valkyrie—who is pretty candid about her sexuality—for Loba’s affection. Where this love triangle will lead is yet to be revealed. Valkyrie and Bangalore share a common IMC history, while Loba is a master of finding what’s lost. Bangalore might end up enlisting both of their help in her quest to find Jackson.

Bangalore Crimson Queen Apex Legends

Okay, that’s just a bad idea in terms of camouflage. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

One very interesting relationship Bangalore has is with Wraith. When Bangalore first found potential proof of Jackson being alive, Wraith stole it. Later, when Wraith saw Bangalore’s Data Knife, she expressed a keen interest in its contents, which prompted Bangalore to explode with anger towards Wraith, much to the latter’s confusion. Later Wraith figured out that the one who took away the data chip with Jackson’s message in it was the version of Wraith named the Voidwalker. Having never heard of the parallel dimensions before, Bangalore had a tough time coming to terms with the fact that there is more than one Wraith, and the one she hates is not the one standing next to her. After that, Wraith and Bangalore made peace and together started looking for clues that would reveal Jackson’s fate.

On a fateful day, right after Wraith visited Bangalore to inform her about a new possible contact in Solace City and left, Revenant suddenly appeared in Bangalore’s quarters. He strongly implies he’s there to talk about Jackson. Sadly, that’s the latest update on Bangalore’s story for now.

Bangalore’s Heirloom

"Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty."

Bangalore’s Heirloom weapon is the Pilot’s Data Knife she took from the IMC Pilot who tried to execute Jackson. After holding off the siblings, the IMC Pilot decides to boast his abilities by becoming invisible and talking down to Jackson and Anita before killing them. However, Anita had been stabbed by an invisible Pilot before and saw this one coming. The siblings killed the Pilot, and Bangalore kept his Data Knife as a trophy. You can also see a bracelet made of bottle caps on the sheath of the knife. The bracelet is another Williams family tradition. After the send-off party ends, all the members of the Williams family gather around for one last beer together. The caps of those beer bottles are made into a bracelet so the leaving Williams can always carry a part of their family with them. The one on Bangalore’s Heirloom is the one Jackson gave her.

Apex Legends Bangalore Heirloom Knife

Bangalore’s Heirloom, Cold Steel, with the bracelet Jackson made for Anita. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Since the Data Knife once belonged to an IMC Pilot, it’s safe to assume it contains a lot of sensitive info on IMC. This is why Wraith is interested in the Knife. Being an ex-Pilot herself, she believes she might be able to access the data within the Knife and learn about her own past in addition to any clues about Jackson.


"We'll win this thing together. Semper Fi or die."

Having Bangalore on your squad means you’ll have the chance to claim absolute control of the battlefield, which means everyone needs to work together towards victory. This is a theme that’s been in Bangalore’s life recently. 

Even for a member of the Williams Family, Bangalore has come a long way as a person since the Frontier War. She has lost family and friends, but in turn, she also learned to trust others again and made new friends who would help her stay on track.

Bangalore is a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will. She plays no games and aims straight at the objective. She started as a Grunt and climbed the ranks to almost become a Pilot. Now it’s your turn to join the brawls, climb the ranks, and become an Apex Predator yourself. You can also join the conversation on our Discord to talk about how to play Bangalore.

See you (through the smoke) on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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