Apex Legends: Fade, the Phasing Punisher

May 25 2022

Apex Legends: Fade, the Phasing Punisher
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Apex Legends Mobile is finally here, and it brings a new, mobile-exclusive Legend to the fold. The newest addition to the Apex Legends roster has his own reasons to be here, and hopefully he has his own reasons to be mobile-exclusive. Folks, let’s all say a very concerned welcome to Fade, the Phasing Punisher!

Greetings, Apex Legends and Mortal Kombat fans! Welcome to the first Apex Legends Mobile guide on G-Loot’s Blog! In this article, we’ll go over what you need to know before you hit the Play Store or App Store and download the game. First of all is the newest Legend, and to make sure that Fade isn’t Sektor from Mortal Kombat in an ineffective disguise, we’re taking a closer look at him to learn about his backstory and abilities before we figure out how to play as him.

Who is Fade?

Voiced by Josh Keaton, Fade is Ignacio Huamaní. Born into a tech-hunter family, Fade (not yet called Fade at this point) was the youngest of his brothers, and working with their ex-mercenary father he was always left with the role of lookout. As time passed, Fade wanted to prove his worth to the family by taking on a big job in secret.

The job was to find a lost prototype tech suit, which was not easy to find since it was in a crashed IMC cargo ship. Ignacio was talented enough to locate it and proudly brought his family along for the ride. However, the job turned out to be a trap, and Fade’s family found themselves walking right into an ambush. Panicked, Fade put on the prototype suit and activated it. The suit phased Fade into another dimension, just like Wraith’s portals.

Apex Legends Mobile Fade

Are you really a Legend if you can’t pull off a cool pose? (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Desperate to return to save his family, Fade worked day and night on mastering how to navigate the Void to go back to his home dimension. When he succeeded, though, all he found was the decrepit remains of his dead family. Burning with the desire for revenge, Ignacio joined the Apex Games under the callsign Fade. He’s not in it for the money. Fade is trying to draw as much attention to himself as he can, demonstrating his high-tech suit to bait the client who deceived him into showing themselves. He’s waiting to exact his revenge on the killers of his family. But the flames of revenge often burn everyone involved. Let’s see how strong Fade’s will is.

How to unlock Fade

While you can always unlock Fade by paying with real money, the method of gathering in-game currency to unlock Legends works a bit differently in Apex Legends Mobile. Gathering “pieces” of a character to unlock them is a mobile gaming staple mechanic, and it once again appears in Apex Legends Mobile. You can collect Fade pieces to unlock him, and you can earn Fade pieces by progressing in the Battle Pass, which basically requires you to play the game more.

Fade’s abilities

Passive: Slipstream

Fade’s passive ability is to make Octane eat his heart out. Figuratively, of course. Fade gains a short movement speed boost after sliding. Slide-jumping is already one of the most common and important movement combos in the game, so Fade’s passive adds even more importance to sliding in Apex Legends Mobile.

Tactical: Flash Back

Fade’s tactical ability is Flash Back. When activated, his prototype suit takes him through the Void to a spot he was previously located. It’s essentially a rewind ability, but it only rewinds Fade–like Tracer from Overwatch. You can exit the Void at any time you want, making this a great positioning ability if you can time it right. Since it will phase you to a previous position, Flash Back is also a great way to ambush your chasers by literally teleporting behind them. Make sure they know it’s nothing personal.

While the name is Flash Back, this ability involves no time travel, so don’t try to use this ability to go back in time and play Johnny B. Goode to a bunch of confused teenagers. They are not ready for that yet.

Apex Legends Mobile Fade pieces

You can gather Fade pieces by playing the game. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Ultimate: Phase Chamber

Fade’s prototype suit involves all sorts of Void abilities, which includes the Phase Chamber. Upon activation, Fade throws a disc-like explosive towards the target zone. The disc explodes after 2 seconds, sending everyone in its range to the Void for 4 seconds. Fade can track the phased-out opponents by watching for their highlighted silhouettes to easily take them down when they come back.

How to play Fade

While Apex Legends generally has a “get the opponents where you want them” approach to combat, Fade takes it to another level by forcing everyone to positions that he wants. In addition to that, he’s good at positioning himself quickly, thanks to his passive.

To succeed as Fade, make sure you constantly use his passive ability to make yourself a harder target to pin down. Just like Fade’s initial reason to join the Apex Games, bait your opponents into chasing after you and use your Flash Back ability to ambush them. His ultimate ability creates a unique opportunity for your team to both trap opponents and earn yourself a couple of very valuable seconds to heal/shield up in battle.

Some of the best uses of Fade’s tactical are around movement mechanics such as ziplines. If you manage to get your opponents to commit to chasing you, you can bait them to move away from you to get yourself into a safe spot before combat begins again.

Apex Legends Mobile Fade winner

“Congratulations, you’re the first mobile-exclusive Legend!” (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

In general, Fade requires great positioning and timing of his abilities. With more practice, you’ll be able to master Fade’s phasing abilities and become a dangerous, invisible force on the battlefield.


Fade is a mobile-exclusive Legend with a personal vendetta against an unknown party, so he doesn’t have a deep and complex relationship with other Legends. At least for now. While the events of Apex Legends Mobile are considered canon, Respawn has confirmed that Apex Legend Mobile will mostly have self-contained stories that won’t really step into the non-mobile Apex zone. So we’ll see where Fade’s story goes through Apex Legends Mobile.

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See you on the mobile hunting grounds, Legends.

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