Apex Legends: How to play Vantage

September 8 2022

Apex Legends: How to play Vantage
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Vantage is the newest Legend from Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. She is a recon class Legend, providing all sorts of information to her team about the opponents and the Ring. Vantage can also mark the opponents, causing them to take more damage from all sources.

Vantage is the newest Legend from Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted. She is a recon class Legend, providing all sorts of information to her team about the opponents and the Ring. Vantage can also mark the opponents, causing them to take more damage from all sources. 

You can memorize the Encyclopedia Outlandica, but it won’t help you survive if you lack the instincts. When life hits you, it hits you hard. Xiomara “Vantage” Contreras is learning this lesson the hard way.

Greetings, Legends! Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted is finally here, and with it, we welcome its newest Legend, Vantage. With her kit, Vantage brings a new type of utility to Apex Legends. You can unlock Vantage by spending 750 Apex Coins or 12,000 Legend Tokens. So place your trusty bat pal in the skies, and let’s jump right into it.

Who is Vantage, the newest addition from Apex Legends Season 14?

“Civilization’s built to make you soft”

Xiomara “Vantage” Contreras (voiced by Natalie Cañizares) was born on the wild ice planet of Págos. Raised by her single mother, Xenia, Vantage learned all about survival starting at a very early age. They were the only people living on the planet, so it was them against the harsh wilderness of Págos. Xenia was not the talkative type during Vantage’s childhood, so she tried to curb her daughter's intelligent curiosity with books about wildlife and survival lessons.

As soon as she was able to use one, Vantage was given a sniper rifle by her mother so she could start her training in hunting. When she was old enough, using her knowledge from her books and her training, Vantage started going on hunting expeditions on her own. In one of those expeditions, she discovered a derelict shipwrecked on the surface of Págos. The ship was named G.D.S. Vantage. Against her mom’s wishes, Xiomara entered the shipwreck, and inside, she found two things: a scared baby bat and the fact that her mom had been lying to her about everything.

She learned that G.D.S. stood for Gaean Detention Ship, and her mother was identified as Prisoner T-0323. Turns out Xenia wasn’t born on Págos after all, but brought there as a prisoner. Vantage also found some sniper rifles on board that were identical to the one she was given by Xenia, which was just further confirmation of her mother’s past. How Xenia had a child while completely alone on a deserted planet is currently unknown. However, the ship scanning Vantage’s face and identifying her as Xenia points toward a possible cloning situation. But that’s just a fan theory at this point, so let’s move on.

After Xiomara was identified as her mother, the ship’s emergency detention systems activated and tried to apprehend “the escaped prisoner.” Vantage then fought her way through the ship’s defenses but ended up terribly wounded after the ship’s body collapsed due to years of being neglected.

When she discovered her daughter’s unconscious body, Xenia realized that she did not have the abilities to save her on her own and  had to make the difficult choice of alerting the Syndicate distress signal, calling in authorities. This ended with Vantage being saved and Xenia behind bars, again. While visiting her in prison, Xiomara hated the situation and wanted to get her mom out of there, but Xenia was adamant that her daughter shouldn’t do anything that would make her look like she was her partner in crime. So she firmly asked her to stand down and be free. Strongly disliking this decision, Vantage decided to still look for ways to get her mom out of prison, legally or otherwise. Just as she was being escorted out of the compound, she noticed the Apex Games being displayed on a nearby screen: it was a game of survival, something Xiomara was an expert at.

So she decided to join the Games with the intention of using her abilities and success to draw attention to her mother’s “wrongful imprisonment.” As a callback to where her life turned upside down, Xiomara took on the callsign Vantage.

Vantage will quickly take you out if you’re careless. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Vantage’s Abilities:  Spotter’s Lens, Echo relocation, and Snipers’ Mark

“There’s only one rule: Survive.”

Vantage brings a lot of utility to her team, along with movement options. Her mobility can almost match Valkyrie’s ability to fly in terms of reaching hard-to-reach spots and repositioning during fights without the use of an ultimate ability.

Passive: Spotter’s Lens

“The only difference between predator and prey is who sees who first.”

Vantage can use her spotter’s lens device to instantly scan and analyze targets she’s aiming at. Spotter’s Lens ability is activated by aiming down sights and displays the name, distance, and the shield type of the Legend Vantage is looking at. The interface also shows the shield types of the target’s teammates. Vantage can ping the scanned target to report that opponent’s shield type and how many teammates they have alive.

Spotter’s Lens only works with weapon optics that are 2x or greater, with the exception of 1-2x Variable Holo. Vantage can also activate Spotter’s Lens while not holding any weapons, which will also provide a 3x zoom.

Spotter’s Lens also produces a visual indicator that shows where your bullets will land after calculating the bullet drop. The indicator can be a little tough to spot, but it’s a little blue circle by default, around the middle of your scope.

Spotter’s Lens can provide insight into one opponent at a time but will work through Bangalore’s smoke and other similar vision-blocking elements as long as they are not solid objects. You can even spot opponents hiding in bushes or behind tree leaves if you aim down sights towards their general location. However, you won’t be able to spot opponents behind the tree’s trunk, for example.

Tactical: Echo Relocation

“Current angle sucks, switching it up!”

When you hit the tactical ability button, Vantage will send her pet bat Echo to the pointed location and can be ordered to move up to 40 meters away. Sending out and relocating Echo is not bound to a cooldown—you can hit the tactical button again to relocate Echo as many times as you want.

When you hold the tactical ability button, after a one-second delay, Vantage launches herself to Echo’s location, even if it’s high up in the air. Vantage doesn’t have to see Echo during the charge-up delay, but she needs to see Echo at the moment of the launch. Otherwise, the launch will fail.

After reaching Echo’s location, you can hit the jump button to perform an additional jump in the air, which enables you to switch directions or dodge incoming danger. This double jump is functionally the same as Octane’s Launch Pad, but the additional jump isn’t as strong. So don’t expect the results to be the same. Also, Vantage can only perform the additional jump during a brief window when she reaches Echo’s location. After that, her ability to jump again is gone.

Echo cannot be harmed by any means and will remain in the same spot until ordered to move or completely return to Vantage. The maximum distance Echo can stay away from Vantage is 55 meters, and if you move further away from that, Echo will automatically follow you to keep the 55-meter distance.

Ultimate: Sniper’s Mark

“My ultimate is ready. They’ll never see it coming.”

When using her ultimate ability, Vantage will bring out the A-13 Sentry sniper rifle gifted to her by her mother. Sniper’s Mark is a unique ultimate ability where, instead of waiting for it to fully charge, you can use the already charged stacks (in this case, bullets).

The A-13 Sentry can hold up to 5 bullets, and it takes 40 seconds for a bullet to recharge. After 1 bullet is ready, you can immediately use the ability. An ultimate accelerator will load 2 bullets to Vantage’s ultimate ability. You can also decide not to shoot and just switch to your regular weapons without wasting any of the bullets of your ultimate.

The A-13 Sentry comes with a 3x-8x variable scope and utilizes Vantage’s passive, Spotter’s Lens. The rifle deals 50 base damage with a 1.5x headshot multiplier. When you hit an opponent with the Sentry, they are marked for 10 seconds.

Marked opponents take 15% more damage from all sources, including melee attacks. To a marked and non-fortified opponent, a melee attack will deal 34 damage, for example. If Vantage takes another shot with her ultimate ability and hits a marked target, the shot deals 2x damage. This damage bonus can make Vantage very deadly in the early game, where even two back-to-back body shots can deal 150 damage in quick succession. In the same vein, back-to-back headshots from the Sentry will deal 75 + 150 damage, which will take down most players you encounter unless they have a red shield and a high-tier helmet.

The A-13 Sentry uses a long-range laser sight that can be spotted by your opponents from far away. So make sure to bring it out only when you need it.

I wonder how Bloodhound would rate Vantage’s hunting skills. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

How to play Vantage: tips and tricks

“A planet couldn’t kill me. What hope do you have?”

Vantage is a Legend that stands pretty much in the middle of the board. She has high and effective mobility, the Recon perk that allows her to scan the Survey Beacon to locate the position of the next Ring, her ultimate deals focused, and high damage. She can also get instant and unlimited information about opponents, their shield situation, and how many people on their team are alive (as long as she aims at them). Coupled with her abilities to quickly move on the battlefield, Vantage makes a very dangerous hunter.

Vantage may very well be the most all-around new Legend since Valkyrie. Her kit does everything and here’s how to utilize, well, everything.

First thing you need to know as Vantage is that while you’re the predator, you can also be located more easily than most other Legends. To be able to quickly relocate yourself, you need to deploy Echo, who has a 55-meter maximum range from you, which means your opponents can tell you’re close just by seeing him. Also, don’t forget that Vantage’s ultimate ability brings out the A-13 Sentry with the long-range laser sight, which also makes it very easy to pinpoint her position. So make sure to deploy your abilities only when you need to use them and not before.

Holding down the tactical button without Echo deployed will send the little bat to where you’re pointing and immediately begin the launch sequence. This is the quickest intended way to Echo-jump as Vantage. Similarly, if you want to use Echo as a safety net to go back to, you’ll need to turn your back on your opponents since you have to be directly seeing Echo at the time of the launch.

Vantage’s ultimate, Sniper’s Mark, is a great way to initiate fights. The mark will give you the upper hand in prolonged skirmishes by increasing the damage taken by your opponents. If you’re confident in your sniping skills, the Sentry rifle is also a great follow-up to keep opponents pinned down and deal high damage to them.

One very important thing to consider is to make sure you don’t have any obstacles between you and Echo when launching. Even if you see Echo clearly, the jump has a certain arc and will get you stuck on the obstacles in the way. Even after you hit the obstacle, Vantage’s jump kit will keep boosting you, which can become a problem if you’re stuck out in the open during a fight.

Similarly, don’t forget to call Echo back as soon as you’re done with him. Not only will he give your position away, but you’ll have to waste precious time relocating him, say, from max range to max range during an emergency. So either move Echo around constantly while rotating from zone to zone, or just call him back to be deployed again.

An interesting counter to Vantage, by the way, is Wraith’s passive ability to sense when someone is aiming at her. So be careful when trying to gather intel on a Wraith, they and their Wingman will know you’re coming quicker than anyone else.

“They’ll never see it coming” says the girl with the laser pointer in her hand. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

My final thoughts about the new Legend, Vantage

“Now we all know where you fit in the food chain.”

Vantage is probably one of the stronger Legends released in the later seasons of Apex Legends. Providing utility to your teammates without having to give up the offensive power? Now that’s a Gibraltar-level threat. Along with her ability to quickly move on the battlefield, Vantage is dangerous as both a stationary and a mobile hunter.

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Until next time, remember: the only rule is to survive.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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