Apex Legends maps: the ultimate guide to Olympus

March 21 2022

Apex Legends maps: the ultimate guide to Olympus
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After Eduardo Silva sabotaged it and framed Mad Maggie as the culprit, Lillian Peck's magnum opus Olympus has fallen even closer towards Psamathe. Now looming over the city of Malta, Olympus is once again the ranked play map for Season 12.

Greetings, Legends!

Since its introduction, Olympus has been a fan favorite among Apex Legends maps. It also had the title of "least altered/destroyed map by the developers" until Season 12. Respawn developers are known to release a map and proceed to dramatically alter or destroy parts of it through in-game events. Olympus was the apparent exception to this. Until now.

So what's new? What's good? And how did we get here? Let's explore it all in this ultimate guide to Olympus.

What is Olympus?

Olympus was the dream of a billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck. Peck was determined to create a safe space for scientists, artists, and all the brilliant minds of the Outlands. A place to get together and work on projects that would carry our civilization into the future.

When it was first established, Olympus actually served its purpose. A hovering city above Psamathe, Olympus indeed became a sanctuary for the best minds in the Outlands. However, among incredible breakthroughs and projects, events that would remind everyone that all dreams come to an end were happening.

The creation of Phase Runner technology on Olympus was a significant breakthrough in terms of logistics. However, the energy crisis of the Outlands happened soon after, and the Phase Runner became a tool for the IMC to distribute weapons. The members of the Project IRIS managed to stop Dr. Ashleigh Reid—who would later become Ash—from commandeering the Phase Runner for her own agenda. Pathfinder heroically used the Phase Runner to distribute the new energy source called Branthium all over the Outlands, ending the energy crisis. To prevent the Phase Runner and Branthium from falling into the wrong hands, Project IRIS members decided to trigger the self-destruct sequence causing "the Event," sacrificing themselves in the process. Their legacy lives on in Pathfinder, their greatest creation.

Apex Legends Olympus Fight Night

Fight Night is where the fists do the talking. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Sometime after the Event, the place somehow became a tourist attraction, bringing in lots of curious people. Perhaps because of this, Hammond Robotics and the Syndicate joined forces to make Olympus the new arena for the Apex Games. Their exact reasoning behind this is a mystery, but Olympus once again quickly became an important place in the Outlands.

What happened to Lillian Peck is also a mystery. When Dr. Mary Somers—AKA Horizon—came back 87 years after her apparent death, she firmly believed that Ash was her old friend, Lillian. It is safe to assume that Lillian Peck is dead, both because Horizon had reason to believe she was dead and because it's unlikely for Peck to live to the age of 130. Of course, in an attempt to "wake up" her friend Lillian, Horizon accidentally woke up Dr. Ashleigh Reid's personality inside Ash, leading to the events of Season 11.

What's going on in Olympus?

Season 12 introduced Octane's father, Eduardo Silva's plot to take over the Syndicate. He planned to weaken it from the inside, using media channels under his control to make sure the public knew about Syndicate's "failures." While what Silva has done behind the scenes is yet to be revealed, we have seen that he tried to hack into the system that kept Olympus afloat above Psamathe. He intended to force the Phase Driver (installed by the Syndicate) to malfunction and have Olympus crash into Psamathe, specifically into the city of Malta. He would use this crisis to take over the Syndicate, citing this catastrophe as a fault of the current management and pushing the narrative that "new leadership was needed."

However, as Lillian Peck was a genius and a visionary, her brilliant city had emergency systems in case of total systemic failure. So when the city teleported right above Malta and started plunging towards the city at an alarming speed, the emergency systems kicked in. The turbine systems stabilized Olympus once again and kept it afloat.

Apex Legends Horizon

Horizon turning her behind on the most dangerous spot in the entire map. A terrible idea. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Failing to cause the devastation he planned, Eduardo Silva made sure to frame Margaret Kōhere—callsign Mad Maggie—for this event. He began pushing the "Syndicate is bringing this terrorist into the Apex Games, endangering our lives" narrative. We might see some very big changes in the Apex Legends lore if this plan works. Both Lifeline and Octane's parents would be in very powerful positions to decide the fate of the Outlands.

As a side note, Psamathe is the home planet of LifelineOctane, Horizon, and—technically—Pathfinder since it's where he was first created.

That's the current situation on Olympus. Now let's take a turbine-controlled dive into what you need to know about the new Olympus and how to use your knowledge of the map to secure the win.

Points of interest in Olympus

Autumn Estates

Shown just as "Estates" on the map, Autumn Estates is on the left side of the map, right next to Turbine, Oasis, and Hammond Labs. It's a High-Tier Loot zone. While this list is in alphabetical order, Estates would still be the first entry if it was ranked by importance or popularity. In short, Estates is one of the top spots you need to know in Olympus.

Apex Legends Olympus Autumn Estates

Estates is beautiful to look at, but don't forget to watch your back. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Estates is an oval-shaped area with buildings around its edges. There's a 3-story building in the center and another 3-story building just north of it. These buildings serve as the high ground in this local arena. Having the high ground in Estates will give you the edge against your opponents. Due to its central position in the map and High-Tier loots, Estates is a hot drop zone. Even when lots of people don't rush it during the landing phase, a good number of teams will move there for loot and to find opponents to eliminate, which fulfills its own prophecy and helps you find people to eliminate.

Due to being right next to one of the exit points of the Phase Runner, you have a constant chance of running into opponents in Estates. If you are confident in your early game fighting skills, you can choose Estates as your drop zone. Otherwise, make sure you have good enough gear to survive fights in tight spaces and try to gain the highest ground you can to avoid becoming easy prey.

Bonsai Plaza

Despite having Mid-Tier loot on ground level, Bonsai Plaza is one of the most popular zones players pick to drop into. This is mainly because the roof parts of the skyscrapers are High-Tier loot zones. The dropship routes in Olympus frequently go right above this zone, and Bonsai Plaza is a giant skyscraper with two massive terraces and a room between them. This fact usually encourages players to pick Bonsai Plaza as a drop zone because you can reach "ground" early and have a bit of a head start.

When in Bonsai Plaza, you should be aware of the fact that the middle room will make you a sitting duck for opponents from both sides. Even if you decide to go there first thing after landing, make sure to loot quickly and leave. Because the longer you stay there, the harder it will become to defend yourself against at least two different squads approaching from both ends who somehow never shoot each other, but only you. This section is definitely not based on my personal experience and is entirely made up...

Arcadia Supercarrier

Shown as "Carrier" on the map, Arcadia is a ship built by Hammond Robotics on World's Edge. It was created to carry equipment and supplies to Olympus, and is now docked there. Carrier is a High-Tier loot zone with lots of tight spaces where you should expect close-range fights unless you're very unlucky.

Apex Legends Olympis Supercarrier

The Arcadia when it was being built in World's Edge. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

There's not much to do above or around the ship: the inside is where the real action is. Carrier is placed in a spot that connects Oasis, Docks, and Fight Night, which are all popular drop zones. There's a high chance that you'll run into opponents in the ship, looking for better loot or just moving to the other popular zones.

Central Turbine

Shown as "Turbine" on the map, Central Turbine is the midpoint of Olympus. Fittingly, it's a Mid-Tier loot zone. It basically connects every big drop zone to each other and is one of the worst zones to find yourself in before acquiring good gear. Anyone who just survived a hot drop zone fight is quite likely to move through the Turbine to advance to the next hot zone, which means they will have good gear and EVO shields thanks to the fights they've just won.

Since the inside of the Turbine is round, peeking and employing the ancient martial art of shoot-n-scoot become very difficult. However, this also gives you a chance to run to safety if you find yourself in a bad situation, such as multiple squads entering the Turbine from multiple sides. Again, those teams are likely to all focus on shooting you down before turning on each other. For some reason.


Another High-Tier loot zone, but this one also got buffed in Season 12. The three loot containers that consistently had amazing loot near the waterfall between Turbine and Hammond Labs were moved to Docks to help spread the hot drop zones. While having good early loot is excellent, Docks is located too far to the Northwest of the map. It hasn't been the most popular drop zone for 11 seasons, so this change might not help as much as the developers intended. In any case, Docks now have great early loot for your squad, should you choose to drop there.


Elysium is a prime example of a good zone being in a bad location. It's a High-Tier loot zone, but it's placed in an area where you wouldn't have many options after dropping. Even after looting the great gear it offers, you'd be far away from the action. Running around and looting for 15 minutes without fighting anyone in Apex Legends is not a fun experience for most players, putting Elysium in a tough spot as a drop zone.

Energy Depot

Alright, welcome to the hottest zone in the game. While Estates is where you'll find most mid or endgame combat, Energy Depot is where you'll drop with 12 other squads and probably be forced to punch your way towards a good loot. A High-Tier loot zone, Energy Depot usually welcomes half of the lobby in the early game. Even after most teams are eliminated, it's still a central spot in the map if you want to move quickly and safely.

Apex Legends Horizon Dr Somers

Dr. Somers returned right around the time of Olympus' revival. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Dropping at Energy Depot—assuming you survive the initial combat—will provide you with many options to choose from. You can move towards the heart of the battle in Turbine or Hammond Labs to find more opponents, take the Phase Runner to zap yourself to Estates, or head for the Gardens (basically a discount Estates). You can even defensively occupy the zone if the Ring is closing towards it.

Energy Depot has great level design, providing both indoors and outdoors combat with lots of loot and cover options. Again, if you're confident in your early game combat abilities, Energy Depot is an excellent drop zone to start eliminating opponents quickly.

Grow Towers

Another popular spot despite having Mid-Tier loot. It's three rotating towers that constantly switch between providing cover for you and exposing your back to the opponents. The way the towers are designed helps keep you on the move but also makes aiming and placing yourself in a safe spot more difficult.

In addition to what I just described, don't forget that these are three tall towers. That means—you guessed it—high ground! If you're geared for long-range combat, the towers provide a great opportunity to literally become the king of the hill. But make sure you leave that hill before you die on it because the rotating towers will expose you to third parties.

Golden Gardens

Shown as "Gardens" on the map, this Mid-Tier loot zone is next to Energy Depot and Grow Towers. The Gardens is like Estates, but with a lower quality of loot and fewer opportunities to gain the upper hand against your opponents. For these reasons, it's usually a location that you loot while passing by on your way to or from Energy Depot.

Hammond Labs

Dubbed the "Playstation" by the players due to the similarities between its design and the Playstation 5, the Hammond Labs building is one of the most interesting places you can visit on Olympus. It's a Mid-Tier loot zone, but the excellent level design and central location make the Hammond Labs a crucial place, especially during mid-game.

Hammond Labs is one of the hot zones connected to others by Turbine. You can see people move towards it from Energy Depot, Fight Night, Oasis, or Estates. This makes it a… warzone. Oops, wrong game.


Hydroponics is located in the Southwest part of Olympus, right next to Elysium. Another area that players don't wander around unless the Ring closes on it, despite being a High-Tier loot zone. Hydroponics suffers the same fate as Elysium, being far away from the "main attractions" and a zone less likely to have players drop in. The main difference is Hydroponics has a Trident ready, which means you can at least join the fray at the Estates quickly after the initial looting phase.

Hydroponics has multiple one-room buildings that are pretty short and have a curved design, so you can just run above them without having to climb. This creates a layered combat scenario where you have to make quick decisions regarding indoors, outdoors, high and low ground fighting.

Orbital Cannon Test Site

Shown as "Orbital Cannon" on the map, the Orbital Cannon Test Site is a High-Tier loot zone. It's on the far East side of Olympus and is located near Grow Towers, Icarus, and Solar Array. Sadly, Orbital Cannon is yet another place that's far from being a hot drop zone.

Regardless, its unique design makes it an exciting endgame zone as the squad holding the Orbital Cannon zone will be forced to defend their spot against other squads with their backs to the wall. Multiple levels again give this place a layered combat scenario, with high ground being the most important thing as always.

Pathfinder's Fight Night

"Hey, it's Fight Night, friends! Let's fight!" Okay, Pathfinder doesn't really say that in the game. But you still read it in his voice.

Fight Night is a Town Takeover, similar to Rampart's Big Maude in World's Edge and Octane's Gauntlet in Kings Canyon. A giant boxing ring right between Turbine and Docks, Fight Night is a High-Tier loot zone. In fact, it's one of the best places on Olympus to find good loot. However, Fight Night comes with a caveat. All ye who enter Fight Night shall use nothing but fisticuffs.

Apex Legends Arena

Truly a work of art. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

In the boxing ring of Fight Night, your weapons are disabled, and you can only use melee attacks. All around the ring, you'll find loot balls that can be broken for loot. These balls will contain incredibly high-tier loot and a guaranteed golden item most of the time. Like all loot balls, you can see the highest tier of loot in it from its outer glow. It will glow blue, purple, or yellow depending on the highest tier of loot inside.

Pathfinder's Fight Night is based on the Fight Night short video. The video tells the story of Pathfinder crossing paths with one Victor Maldera and both of them learning about their pasts.

Phase Driver

Phase Driver is a new zone, right between the Bonsai Plaza and Hydroponics. It utilizes the Phase tech to summon loot balls for you. There are 3 control panels you can activate, with a shared cooldown, that will summon 3 loot balls each. Of course, starting this giant machine will make a lot of noise and visual cues for your opponents, alarming them to the shenanigans you're up to. This fact makes Phase Driver a not-so-hot drop zone because you'll have to wait for the loot to be summoned, not to mention anyone can pick it up before you do. But during mid-game, Phase Driver becomes a vital spot to upgrade your gear.

The loot balls it summons will always have at least one ball with a golden loot. However, these drops—as always—can be very niche attachments that you won't have any use for. Still, it's a good zone to pass by as a second or third zone after landing.

Rift Aftermath

Shown as Rift on the map, Rift Aftermath is a High-Tier loot zone. It's where the members of Project IRIS made the ultimate sacrifice to save the Outlands and the lives of the innocent people in it. Project IRIS members—including Wattson's grandmother Amélie and Gibraltar's grandfather Aleki—instructed Pathfinder to set the Phase Runner to self-destruct to prevent the Branthium from falling into the wrong hands. By which they meant Ash's. The explosion left a massive area of devastation, and one end of the current Phase Runner on Olympus is right in the middle of it. Because of the blast, the Rift Aftermath is a crater. This means you'll be dealing with slopes, and high ground again becomes crucial for your survival.

Apex Legends Olympus Rift Aftermath

A huge crater with a black hole in the middle. Best be careful. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

If you go near the center of the Rift Aftermath, a black hole-like entity will pull you in, sending you through the Phase Runner to the other end of it. This can become a niche tactic to eliminate opponents when fighting around the black hole, especially during the last part of a match. Removing opponents by pushing them towards the Rift's black hole will let you take a short break to shield and heal up even if they manage to return through the Phase Runner.

Research Basin

I know I already said the same about Estates and Energy Depot, but the Research Basin is the hunting ground in Olympus. That only goes to show that Olympus is a great map with a lot of hot zones instead of having everyone just cluster up around a couple of places.

Research Basin is the famous waterfall zone right across the Hammond Labs. It's a High-Tier loot zone with a great overlook of the zone below it. Squads coming in from the Turbine or Hammond Labs—even those that emerge from the Energy Depot—need to keep their eyes on this zone. Research Basin sees everything, and if you're geared for long-range combat, you can very quickly become an Apex Predator there.

However, it's also an open zone that can be raided from three sides and bombarded by Gibraltar and Bangalore. So use the Research Basin to your advantage but don't stay there too long for your own good. Playing king of the hill means everyone will focus on taking you down first.

Solar Array

Solar Array stands right in the middle of Hammond Labs, Bonsai Plaza, and Orbital Cannon. It has Mid-Tier loot and is generally a dangerous zone to stay in because it has very few entrance and exit options. You can easily be trapped by multiple squads in cases of a third party, which always happens in Apex Legends. Teams without Legends who can literally fly away—such as Valkyrie—will have a tough time navigating Solar Array in a defending position.

The Icarus

The ICS Icarus is the ship used by scavengers to sift through the wreckage of Typhon after the Fold Weapon destroyed the planet: an event caused by Pilot Jack Cooper and his Titan BT-7274.

The Icarus is a High-Tier loot zone with a vault inside. You can find the vault key by searching the bodies of the dead crew members in the back of the ship. The crew died when they contacted a bioweapon made by IMC's ARES Division called "Project Legacy," a virus that kills the infected person within 72 hours of infection.

Of course, Eduardo Silva saw this as another opportunity to strengthen his hand against the Syndicate. So he secretly acquired ownership of the Icarus and ordered it to dock on Olympus. He planned to have people infected by the deadly virus and then cure them with a vaccine developed by Silva Pharmaceuticals, making a huge profit while making the Syndicate look bad. Win-win for him. 

The threat was averted by the collective work of the Legends. Still, the Medusa Vines around the ship were too stubborn to be destroyed. The virus is no longer a danger, but the Vines remain as a reminder of what could have happened.

Velvet Oasis

Shown as "Oasis" on the map, Velvet Oasis is another super popular drop zone among Apex Legends players. Two very high skyscrapers, Oasis makes a great landing zone for people who want to engage in combat immediately upon landing. The ground level is a Mid-Tier loot zone, but there's a level below the surface where you can almost always find High-Tier loot.

Apex Legends Olympus Oasis Towers

The Oasis Towers immediately draw the attention of the Legends as a great drop zone. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The towers and the small room next to them have multiple entrances and are pretty tricky zones to defend from attackers, so make sure to be on the move at all times. Meanwhile, the basement part of the map is where the real fight happens. It spawns golden loot quite frequently, and the two basement platforms are connected with a small bridge that can be overseen by a balcony from above. Big loot, too many angles, and plenty of squads will be there. Again, this is an area where you should be very quick with looting and fighting; otherwise, you'll get third, fourth, and even fifth-partied under certain circumstances.

What to look for in Olympus

Just like the other maps, Olympus has unique features that will help you move around and get better loot, among other things.

The exclusive feature of Olympus is the Loot MRVN. You can find Loot MRVNs around the map, which will give you three drops when activated. You'll find that the MRVN's chest screen keeps switching between different smiley faces, colored after the loot rarity it can drop. You will need to time your activation accordingly to get the rarity you want. A sad, white smiley face will drop common loot, a neutral blue smiley face will drop rare loot, and a happy purple face will drop epic loot. 

When you interact with a Loot MRVN, make sure to check out its arms to see if there's a sparking effect. If the MRVN's arm has sparks on it, it will drop a MRVN Arm upon being destroyed. Also, yes, you can destroy the Loot MRVNs to prevent other teams from using them in the future.

If you do get a Loot MRVN Arm, the location of another Loot MRVN will automatically be pinged for your character. Your squadmates won't see that ping, so make sure to inform them of the location so you can move there together. When the person who carries the Loot MRVN Arm in their bag activates the other Loot MRVN, all three drops will be golden.

Apex Legends Tridents

Tridents are surprisingly balanced. They move fast but make a lot of noise. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Olympus also has some map mechanics that it shares with other maps, such as the Tridents and the Vault. The Tridents function as you'd expect, but the Vaults work a bit differently from World's Edge. You can still steal from the Vault with Loba's ultimate, Black Market Boutique, but the Vault key is hidden around the back area of the ship the Vault is in. You'll need to look for it, searching through the dead bodies of the crew.

The Phase Runner and the Phase Driver are also present in Olympus. As mentioned, the Phase Driver is a zone where you can get golden loot at the risk of alerting everyone near you to your presence (and the presence of good loot, for that matter.) On the other hand, the Phase Runner is a transportation device powered by Phase tech. It will carry you harmlessly around the map, allowing you to cover huge distances at the cost of once again alerting everyone to your arrival. Unlike Wraith's personal Phase tech, though, using the Phaser Runner will not protect you from the Ring's damage.

Some fun trivia about Olympus

Olympus was—and still is—the least destroyed Apex Legends map, primarily thanks to its modular design. Some zones just switched places instead of being dramatically altered for gameplay purposes. It's also been confirmed by the developers that Olympus can indeed transform. While it's not explained how exactly, we know that they can just change Olympus without destroying it. Which is nice.

The restaurant where Revenant killed Loba's parents, Tenmei, is located on Olympus. Okay, that wasn't really a fun fact. Maybe for Revenant. Moving on.

The Arcadia Supercarrier was the rocket being built on World's Edge during Season 6. It was later launched and docked on Olympus. 

The Phase Runner incident I mentioned is connected to the personal history of quite a few Legends. For example, the self-destruct initiated by Pathfinder at the instruction of Project IRIS members was to help the Outlands receive Branthium and prevent Dr. Ashleigh Reid from acquiring it for her own agenda. Branthium was synthesized near a black hole by Dr. Ashleigh Reid and Dr. Mary Somers, where Dr. Reid intentionally cut off Dr. Somers' safety cord, leading to her apparent death.

Apex Legends Horizon Newt

Horizon is about to catch herself a new Pokémon. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

However, the news about Dr. Somers' death was greatly exaggerated. She came back 87 years later under the callsign of Horizon, joining the Apex Games. In the meantime, Dr. Ashleigh Reid managed to get herself a Simulacrum body and survive being impaled at the hands of Dr. Amelié Paquette, Wattson's grandmother. After becoming a Simulacrum, she went by the name Ash and joined Apex Predators only to die at the hands of Pilot Jack Cooper during the Frontier War. She once again came back to join the Apex Games after her Simulacrum body was recovered and reinstated by Kuben Blisk himself.

The energy crisis in the Outlands, which was the reason for Project IRIS and what happened afterward, was apparently caused by Bangalore and her brother Jackson. They attempted to escape the battle of Gridiron by using an experimental device they found on the wreckage of Typhon. The device helped them cover twenty years of distance in only a year but caused "the Blackout," leading to the energy crisis in the Outlands.

Pathfinder was also created by the members of Project ISIS to help synthesize Branthium, which led to their deaths and Pathfinder ending up having his memories deleted. His post-amnesia adventures led to Victor Maldera finding out Caustic is alive and Ash's malfunctioning Simulacrum body being found in later years, causing her comeback.


Olympus is like a good rug; it ties the whole story together. It's constantly praised by the fans and repeatedly leads the "best map" surveys. And for good reason. Olympus is great to look at, great to navigate, great to move around, and has lots of hot drop zones. Being able to choose more than a few hot zones is a great thing when dropping in Apex Legends, and Olympus offers lots of great scenarios. Olympus is a great map to increase your stats and gain experience fighting on high and low ground.

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See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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