Apex Legends Pathfinder: Everything You Need To Know

August 4 2022

Apex Legends Pathfinder: Everything You Need To Know
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Pathfinder is a Recon Legend from the Apex Legends game. When you start playing Apex Legends, you’re automatically going to find Pathfinder since he’s one of the characters that were available the earliest. Pathfinder is quite useful in a lot of areas, especially thanks to his movements and rotation.

Overview of Pathfinder

By using his Grappling Hook, Pathfinder's main ability is to reach the heights no other agent can reach. He can easily reposition in battle without much trouble, which gives him a lot of advantages.

Moreover, he has other abilities like Insider Knowledge and Zipline Gun that are awesome skills for supporting the squad. So, let’s talk about Pathfinder’s abilities in detail. 

Pathfinder’s Abilities

Like other legends from Apex Legends, Pathfinder has a total of three abilities. While his main and passive abilities are very straightforward, so much so that most people don’t even prioritize using them, they can make quite a difference, and we’ll talk about it in a bit. Pathfinder’s tactical ability is probably the most fun to use, and combining it with the ultimate, he becomes a beast of an agent. Let's cut to the chase and talk more in-depth about how Pathfinder’s abilities work.

Pathfinder League Of Legends

Insider Knowledge - Passive Ability

Considered one of the most boring and straightforward abilities in the game, Insider Knowledge is really quite simple. It permanently reduces the cooldown of Pathfinder’s ultimate ability by a total of 10 seconds every time you scan the Survey Beacon. That’s precisely why people think this skill is useless; however, amidst fighting, every second can change the tide of the battle. That’s why this skill is a gem for people who want to take advantage of reducing the ultimate’s cooldown time. 

Pathfinder insider knowledge

Grappling Hook - Tactical Ability

One of the trickiest abilities in the game, Grappling Hook requires next level of self-control and precision. The hook attaches to the nearest object or even a piece of terrain. It then pulls your character towards the target in the fastest way possible. Momentum plays a huge role in the pulling speed, and that’s why this ability is ideal for bailing out from situations that you think will give you a bruising.

You can change the grappling angle a little bit, rather than going into a straight line, which allows a greater level of flexibility. Grappling Hook permits you to travel at a rather faster speed. Now, let’s talk about some of the most helpful tips for Grappling Hook that you can use for Pathfinder.

Grappling Hook Tips & Tricks

  1. By using the grappling hook on your enemies, you can pull yourself towards them and rush to dominate the game. And if you move backward while using Grappling Hook, the enemies will be pulled towards you. Either way, if you catch your enemies by surprise, the Apex Legends world is going to favor you.

  2. If you jump at the end of your grappling, you’re going to save momentum and ultimately cover more ground.

  3. The cooldown depends on the area you’ve traveled to. However, it is a maximum of 30 seconds in the game.

  4. If you want to travel at the highest speed and reach most distant places quicker, you should aim for the farthest area to pull you towards it.

Pathfinder Grappling Hook

Zipline Gun - Ultimate Ability

This ultimate ability is much needed for a character like Pathfinder. It provides a lot of mobility to yourself and your team. Using the ultimate will allow you and your team to fire the Zipline Gun at greater distances as long as the zipline is connected to a building or  some other high target. This is a great way to assert dominance and destroy your opponents; and since there are a lot of buildings and terrains all around the Apex Legends maps, this ability can be used almost everywhere.

Zipline Gun Tips & Tricks

  1. The Zipline will be there for the rest of the match and can be used by everyone in it, whether it’s your friend or the enemy. So you have to be careful and mindful about it!

  2. Using the Zipline Gun will trigger a specific sound that can be recognized by the enemies if they’re close to you.

  3. Before using your ult, always look at your surroundings and reposition yourself in a way where you would still have an escape strategy. This will catch your enemies by surprise and it will cover both your attacking and defense strategy.

  4. Finding the best moment for using Zipline Gun helps your whole team, but it is hard to perfectly time this. You have to be smarter in finding the right time of execution according to  each given scenario.

  5. Don’t use the zipline in a plain area as you will be instantly killed without second thoughts. This is because you and your whole team are rather vulnerable on the Zipline.

Pathfinder Zipline Gun

Tips To Play With Pathfinder - Strategies

  1. Try To always Be Ahead of Your Teammates: Being supportive means that you always have to think one step ahead of your teammates and provide them with whatever they need. Pathfinder needs to be the first between his teammates to set out strategies, grappling ropes, and use the recon abilities. So be a little ahead but, at the same time, don’t go too far!

  2. Mobility is the Key: Pathfinder is all about mobility. Learning how to strafe while shooting and using your abilities to keep up with the momentum makes Pathfinder a powerful enemy to face.

  3. Flanks and Repositions: When it comes to using Pathfinder, you have a lot of mobility and flexibility. So in other words, always be open to reposition if things get hard. This way, you and your team won’t have to suffer while being jumped by 6 different guys. 

Final Verdict

While Pathfinder is misunderstood to be a rather mediocre character, if you’re a little bit strategic and technical, you can master the complex abilities that come with this legend. This was everything you need to know about Pathfinder and how to make the best use of his abilities, we hope that you learned something new! Now that you’ve got all this new knowledge, try it out for yourself. Track your stats and compete with G-Loot while you play to see your progress and earn rewards!



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