Apex Legends Season 12: free Legends, new Legends, nerfed Legends, and more!

February 11 2022

Apex Legends Season 12: free Legends, new Legends, nerfed Legends, and more!
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Greetings, Legends! ‘Tis the season of the warlord! Season 12, Defiance, is finally here to bring all sorts of madness to Apex Legends.

As always, a new season means lots of new content, events, game modes, at least one destroyed map, and of course, a new Legend. So let’s dive in and see what waits for us in Season 12 of Apex Legends!

Madness takes control

“Tick-tock, here we go, son." - Mad Maggie

Alright, lads and laddies, Maggie’s here to end your little game of tag. Margaret Kōhere, also known as Mad Maggie, is joining the Apex Legends roster in Season 12. She’s from Salvo, a chaotic planet run by warlords. Salvonians are very fond of their planetary values, such as violence, freedom and the freedom to cause violence. Salvo is also famous for its resistance movement, mostly because the Salvonians don’t want to be regulated by any power groups other than the warlords who fight their way to the top.

Maggie is one of those warlords, as Fuse mentions in his own article. She and her best friend Wally grew up together in the heart of the battle on Salvo, always watching each other’s backs. She’s incredibly proud of being a Salvonian and considers Salvo’s freedom to be a life or death situation. So when the current leader of Salvo, Sandringham Kelly, decides to have Salvo join the Syndicate, Maggie is quite… mad about it. To top it all off, before she could even complain about the decision, Wally tells her that he decided to leave their gang—the Cracked Talon—to go fight in the Apex Games under the callsign Fuse, now that Salvo is a part of the Syndicate.

Apex Legends Fuse Maggie

Fuse delivers the news to Maggie, she’s not a fan of it. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Maggie considers Wally’s decision a treason of the highest order and in a fit of rage, throws their prized grenade from their childhood at him. The explosion causes Fuse to lose his arm, an event that puts the final nail in the coffin of their friendship. Fuse leaves, thinking he’s leaving all the gang, warlording, and Maggie stuff behind, but there’s a reason she’s called Mad Maggie and not Mentally-Stable-Maggie. She shows up to Fuse’s introduction ceremony by hacking the Syndicate systems to cause massive explosions and taking over the Apex Games for a while, creating the Themed Event called War Games.

During War Games, Mad Maggie modified the rules of the Apex Games to her liking and took over the role of the announcer to personally make fun of the Legends. Fuse already knew what they were up against, but this was every other Legends’ introduction to Mad Maggie and her way of doing things. Now that she shows up as a Legend herself, most of the Legends already have an idea about her. That idea, though, is that she’s a lunatic hellbent on spreading violence and killing innocent people. It’s not wildly inaccurate but doesn’t really reflect Maggie’s inner turmoil.

What does Mad Maggie do?

"I'm gonna make this world bleed." - Mad Maggie, the terrorist who attacked Olympus

Grass grows, birds fly, the sun shines, and brother, Mad Maggie hurts people. She brings the ultimate form of destruction to the Apex Games, madness. Mad Maggie is an offensive Legend—both figuratively and literally—but she’s also a movement Legend, and she’s also a scan Legend. Basically, if Mad Maggie decides to kill you, running won’t help. Maybe try out-insane-ing her. As the leader of the Cracked Talon and an old pal of Fuse’s, she uses explosives to nobody’s surprise. She’s also very angry all the time.

Mad Maggie’s passive is Warlord’s Ire. It removes the movement speed penalty when she’s using a shotgun, which means she can run at top speed with a shotgun as if she’s not holding any weapons. She can also scan the enemies she damaged for a short time. So when playing as Maggie, try to cause as much mayhem as you can to have a constant flow of information on your opponents.

Maggie child Apex Legends

Despite her methods, Maggie is not the monster people say she is. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Her tactical ability is straight out of Gibraltar’s worst nightmare. Named Riot Drill, Mad Maggie’s tactical ability launches a drill that burns everything behind the surface it hits. These include walls, Rampart’s Amped Cover, and Gibraltar’s Dome Shield. Nowhere is safe with Mad Maggie around.

Her ultimate ability is called Wrecking Ball. She launches a huge, explosive ball that bounces forward, leaving speed-boosting pads every time it bounces. It also bounces back from walls, making indoor fights against Maggie very, very dangerous. The Wrecking Ball explodes when it comes near an opponent, preventing them from making any Miley Cyrus jokes.

As Mad Maggie, launching a Wrecking Ball towards an opponent while using a shotgun will be your bread and butter combo. You can almost hear Octane in the distance, running and crying.

Mad Maggie also seems to enjoy weaponizing her shackles, the ones from her canceled execution at the hands of the Syndicate. She also practices the ancient martial art called get rekt mate by punching her fallen opponents to death.

So, what else does Season 12 of Apex Legends bring?

New map: Sabotaged Olympus

"My sticky fingers are lookin' for loot here." - A certain Legend that rhymes with Sad Saggie

The company tradition at Respawn to destroy the maps they create for Apex Legends continues with the destruction of Olympus. A sabotage instigated by Octane’s dad, Eduardo Silva, changes the face of Olympus significantly. Thankfully, as the passion project of the tech genius Lillian Peck, Olympus has a modular structure. While it has some very weird occurrences throughout the map, most changes on Olympus are just points of interest switching places instead of getting completely destroyed.

As a part of papa Silva’s plan, the sabotage on Olympus is believed to be done by Maggie. So let’s take a look at how Maggie ruined things. Again.

First of all, the new Olympus is bigger. Some of the points of interest are expanded and some of them are moved to new locations. This should help reduce the amount of third parties happening, at least that’s the plan.

Another important change is the new Phase Driver location. It’s the giant device that teleported Olympus in its entirety, but since this teleportation was the result of a sabotage, it also caused a malfunction. You will see the results of this malfunction all around the map, in the shape of structures that are perpetually frozen in phase-state.

Apex Legends Phase Driver

The new Phase Driver also brings a lot of open space around it. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

When you arrive at the Phaser Driver, you’ll see three consoles that look toward the center of the Driver. Each of these consoles can be activated once to summon three loot roller—like the ones in Fight Night—per activation. This summoning function has a 45-second cooldown and drops at least 1 gold-tier loot ball per activation. Of course, all that free loot is not really free. The Phase Driver makes an incredibly loud noise when activated, alerting everyone in the vicinity to your Phase-related shenanigans. So be careful when using it.

Another important new location is Terminal, connecting Phase Driver to Hammond Labs. While a lot of the changes made in Olympus aim to move the fights away from focusing around Labs and Estates, this new location will help you navigate through the Phase Runner when fighting your way towards the center of the map.

There’s also a loot-related change that will affect your choice while picking your drop zone. That is the removal of the loot containers at the waterfall zone, near the Labs. The waterfall is one of the hottest drop zones on Olympus, and this is mostly because of the high-tier loot there. The loot containers under the waterfall have moved to their new location, the outer ring of Docks. You can still get some high-quality loot in the early game, but you will have to drop at the Docks for that.

As you can see, most of the changes in Olympus were made with spreading the fight in mind. The developers are obviously not happy with the map being divided into hot zones and desolate zones. Spreading the loot, expanding some POIs and completely switching places of some locations will surely bring a new dynamic to how players approach the early game, as well as the endgame.

New limited-time mode: Control

“Wally? Come on, ya egg. Do Salvo proud." - A Fuse hater

With Season 12, a new LTM called Control is released. In Control, two teams of 9 face each other in a relatively small map with 3 control points. The maps are Hammond Labs on Olympus and Barometer on Storm Point. Both teams try to reach a certain rating point, which you can earn in multiple ways. These include—but are not limited to—killing opponents and capturing and defending control points.

Control Mode is organized and presented by Silva Pharmaceuticals and marketed as “fun for the whole family,” so it’s basically a ratings-based TV show. In Control, you kill opponents and capture points to increase your team’s rating. The first team to reach the target rating wins.

As far as ratings go, Silva Pharmaceuticals is willing to compensate the Legends for their efforts. If you manage to bring in high ratings—meaning you’re generating lots of points for your team—you’re instantly rewarded with gear upgrades. Your weapons will increase in rarity, and your ultimate will instantly become ready, for example.

Apex Legends control

We’re no strangers to Control mode. You know the rules, and so do I. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

If a team manages to take control of all three Control Points during the match, the other team is forced into a Lockout. When Lockout happens, a timer starts, and the other team needs to capture a point before the timer ends. Otherwise, the team that has total control of the battlefield wins immediately. So when it comes to Control Points, defending them is just as crucial as capturing them. If you manage to complete the difficult task of holding all three points for a certain time, you’re rewarded with a win.

Control Mode also has constant Care Package drops where you can get better gear and weapons. When a Legend dies, they drop their gear and weapons as ground loot, so make sure to take out valuable targets to steal the advantage from them.

In Control, the Ring does not exist, and you respawn after you die. It’s basically the Control Mode from any other online shooter you’ve played. In Apex terms, though, there’s no ground loot, and you pick your loadout before spawning. Five random loadouts will be presented for that match. You can switch Legends and loadouts when you’re dead and waiting to respawn.

While Control brings a whole new approach to Apex Legends, it also has some downsides. Here’s the thing. Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game. While Arena mod also exists, at its core, Apex Legends brings the permanent death experience as its main attraction. Being able to respawn almost instantly takes away the tension and doesn’t really replace it with anything else. When a team reaches a certain rating, the match is suddenly over. In most cases, you don’t get to fight that last fight or make that last stand to win. The Legends and the weapons are designed around the Battle Royale mindset, so it can become quite frustrating in an “everyone respawns all the time” scenario. But fear not, Battle Royale mode is always there for you to fight your way to the top.

Apex Legends Select Loadout

Make sure to pick a loadout that suits your style. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

What else is new in Apex Legends Season 12?

“Let's keep the good times rolling, shall we?" - The almost-executed-by-Syndicate Person

Season 12 marks the 3rd anniversary of Apex Legends and its Beyoncé-inspired release. For the 3rd anniversary, Apex Legends is giving away 3 Legends for free! You can claim your free Legends weekly—Octane, Wattson, and Valkyrie respectively—by logging in to the game during the 3-week anniversary event. The first week’s free Legend is Octane and he comes with 3 Thematic Octane Packs. The second week’s free Legend is Wattson and she also comes with 3 Thematic Wattson Packs, for free. The third week’s free Legend is Valkyrie and she brings an additional gift in addition to 3 Thematic Valkyrie Packs, a Legendary Apex Pack. So during the third week of the anniversary event, you’ll have acquired 9 Thematic Packs and a Legendary Apex Pack. All for free. Opening Thematic Packs is a great way of acquiring skins for your favorite Legend. You can get some amazing new skins for Octane, Wattson and Valkyrie from those Thematic Packs among other cosmetics or you can finally get that one skin you’ve been trying to get. You can also get weapon skins, charms, banners, and other cosmetics related to that particular Legend.

Apex Legends Free Legends Event

Even if you have all these Legends, 10 Packs sounds great. (Image: Respawn Entertainment) 

Storm Point updates

"Champion's dead. R.I.P mate." - You know who says this, I’m running out of ideas

As you know, Season 11 arrived with a new map -Storm Point- to expand the game even further. As the season progressed, the developers watched stats closely and decided to optimize the map based on their observations.

Probably the biggest change in Storm Point is the Prowler AI. If you’ve ever taken a single breath on Storm Point, you’ve probably met the Prowlers who are very eager to attack you ten at a time. They jump long distances, climb tall buildings and break down doors just to ruin your day. Well, they used to.

Apex Legends Maggie Trial

Maggie receives a “fair” and “humane” trial at the hands of the Syndicate. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The Prowlers in Storm Point have received a massive overhaul. First of all, their damage is reduced from 30 to 20. The reward for clearing a Prowler Nest is increased from 90 to 150. They will now prioritize attacking the Legends that damage them, making their attacks less random. Prowlers that are outside of the Ring will now stay neutral unless you engage them. This will save you some time while trying to get back into the Ring.

These are some important changes, but we haven’t talked about the real bangers yet. For example, Prowler Nest spawns are now disabled if there are two teams inside of the Nest. The big Prowler Nest at the center of the map is an exception to this rule. But it’s still a huge change to Nest fights. Prowlers made fighting around the Nests very difficult, and now they won’t be a problem until you defeat the other squad. Once again, the only thing that will ruin your day will be a third party.

Another huge change is that no more than 3 Prowlers will attack the same target. This will also increase Legend survival out in the wilds because Prowlers used to have no regard for Legend life. They seem to have some now. The high-tier consumable drops from Prowlers have also seen a slight increase.

Another big change to Storm Point is the Dropship Pathing. Storm Point is huge and has lots of hot zones to drop into, but the Dropship Paths set during Season 11 apparently forced players to pick certain zones more than others. In season 12, the Dropship Pathing for Storm Point is updated to help you pick your drop zone more easily.

Ranked Play updates

"Kia maia, kia manawanui! (Be brave, be unwavering!)" - A Salvonian ex-warlord

There were some big changes to ranked play in Season 11, but apparently that led to some unintended player behavior. Since Apex Legends is a battle royale game, being the last one standing should be more important than how many kills you got. Season 11’s changes encouraged players to get more kills instead of aiming to be the last one alive. Respawn is dialing those changes back a little bit with Season 12, again making winning a match the best option to collect Ranked Points.

Apex Legends Maggie ready

Mad Maggie is ready to take on the new Ranked Season. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The maximum RP you can get from kills is reduced from 175 to 125. Also, the RP rewarded for placement is overhauled so that the winning squad can earn the RP they deserve by surviving everyone else. Namely, winning a match will now reward 125 RP instead of 100. This change is done in the hopes of encouraging players to play into the survival aspect of the battle royale, instead of chasing as many kills as they can. 

Don’t be too disappointed if you’re a lean, mean, killing machine, though. Getting kills is still a great way to complete Missions and Brawls on G-Loot. 

Communication filter

"Attention. Your kill leader's kicked the bucket." - The War Games announcer

Hey, this one’s for us! We always talk about the importance of communication here on the G-Loot Blog. Apex Legends adds a new communication filter to help you filter who you will receive voice and text chat from. You can set it to everyone, friends only or off. Picking the “off” setting will turn off all voice and text chat from reaching you. While not arguing with random strangers over a video game is a good thing, make sure you at least have a stable communication with your friends. That’s important both for Apex Legends and well, your friendship. I’ll move on before things get too real here, as they always do.

Legend balance changes

"Ring's closing. Let's see some movement, shall we?" - A childhood friend of Fuse’s

And here we are, finally! The hottest part of the news. For the release of Season 12, the step-brothers Crypto and Caustic are the Legends who receive balance changes. Crypto receives a big overhaul and Causic is just nerfed.


Apex Legends is a super-fast game where standing still makes you a sitting duck for those Kraber-wielding movement masters who are also probably Titanfall veterans. This fact caused Crypto to be off the grid in terms of pick rates, because he had to stand still while operating his drone. All that changes with Season 12.

Crypto can now use his tactical ability to throw his drone at the spot he’s aiming at and the drone will either stick to a surface it touches or will hang mid-air when it reaches its maximum range. The drone then will start scanning as you would normally do with Crypto’s tactical. Crypto can now decide to take full control of the drone or call it back without going into controller mode. Crypto is finally free to keep fighting while scanning for opponents!

Crypto Apex Legends headset

Crypto receives the news of his rework. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

If you press and hold the tactical button, Crypto will launch the drone again but this time you’ll be in control immediately. Just like how it was before. This gives Crypto players a chance to keep up with fast-paced fights while still utilizing his abilities. You can also immediately trigger Crypto’s ultimate -the EMP- right after launching the drone.

The Neurolink detection FOV is increased from 160 to 240 degrees. Now the drone will only fail to see what’s immediately behind it. You can throw your drone towards walls for it to stick there and constantly scan the whole room for you. Drone AI is also tweaked to make it turn around before sticking to a surface, preventing scenarios where your drone is just staring at a wall.

Drone health is reduced from 60 to 50, and its HUD has been reworked to give you more information while you’re in drone mode. 

These changes should help Crypto players take a breath from constantly having to juggle their drone abilities and the actual fights. If you’re a Crypto main, join us on Discord to share your thoughts on these changes.


Ah, Caustic. Somehow he always draws the shortest straw. Despite Caustic mains’ requests for certain buffs, Caustic receives a nerf in Season 12. A nerf that will basically take away his ability to deny opponents entry to rooms and buildings.

Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps are now destructible after they are triggered. These traps have 150 HP, and their duration is shortened to 11 seconds from 12.5 seconds after being triggered. To compensate, the gas effects linger for an additional 2 seconds after the barrel is gone. If the barrel survives its full duration, this makes a 13-second Nox Gas Trap which you could consider a buff in itself. But now that the traps can be destroyed, that scenario is highly unlikely. 

Apex Legends Caustic and Gibraltar

Me and the boys running away from Mad Maggie. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

This nerf will take away from Caustic’s ability of area denial and, with the arrival of Maggie, will probably cause a drop in both Caustic’s and Gibraltar’s pick rates. Those two have been dominating tournament pick rates due to having very little counterplay. Now Maggie’s Fire Drill alone can negate both Gibby and Caustic’s main functions: safe zones and area denial.

Weapons and equipment balance changes

"Care Package being delivered. Should I send bottles and nappies next?" - A mean lady

Supply Drop rotation

Alternator fans rejoice! Your favorite SMG is back as ground loot. Volt fans, a sad day is upon us. Our baby, our little energy-propelled death machine, is going into the Care Package. Hopefully to return in Season 13. But since all other Care Package weapons stay the same, Volt could be gone for a long period, just like Alternator’s time in the Care Package.

Alternator returns, of course, without its Disruptor Rounds hop-up. It’s a regular SMG now, but as I mentioned in the Weapons article, Alternator makes a great starter until you can find a weapon that’s more suitable for you.

Meanwhile, Volt receives a damage buff, increasing its damage from 15 to 17 and its max mag size from 26 to 28. Volt is still a deadly little gun, probably even deadlier with the buffs, but it won’t be as accessible as it used to for a while.

Hop-up changes

Hammerpoint Rounds are back! Sorry, I’m too excited to give this news in the regular format. Everyone’s favorite hop-up returns with a great twist, it can now be attached to RE-45! Which means you can once again start shredding with RE-45, just like the olden times!

Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up is also available for its regular customers: P2020 and Mozambique. For P2020, it adds +50% unshielded damage and for Mozambique & RE-45 it adds +35% unshielded damage. Even at 35%, Hammerpoint Rounds is going to make RE-45 an early game beast.

Apex Legends Loot Bins

Docks are the new Labs, apparently. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

A new hop-up, Kinetic Feeder, is making its debut in Season 12. Kinetic Feeder can be attached to Peacekeeper and Triple Take and will significantly speed up the choke time. It will also reload ammo to your weapon while you’re sliding, indirectly buffing Mad Maggie.

Shatter Caps is also receiving a change. You no longer can turn it on and off. Instead, Shatter Caps hop-up is active when you’re hip firing and it’s disabled when you're aiming down sights. Both 30-30 and Bocek are receiving pellet damage nerfs. 30-30 Repeater’s pellet damage goes down from 8 to 7 and Bocek’s pellet damage goes from 12 to 11.

Weapon changes

Triple Take receives a damage nerf, going down from 23 to 21 damage per bullet. It also receives a functional nerf where the projectile growth is removed. In case you didn’t know, in Apex Legends, bullets fired from sniper rifles have a mechanic called projectile growth. The bullets become bigger as they travel the distance, which helps you land far away shots without having to actually have pinpoint accuracy. Since Triple Take shoots three bullets in a horizontal shape and has a built-in choke function, the developers decided to balance this weapon by taking away its super-long distance shooting ability.

Flatline receives a damage nerf, going down from 19 to 18 damage per bullet. Flatline is also removed from ground loot to make space for the newer weapons. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to craft Flatline at crafting stations for 30 crafting materials.

Longbow DMR is sharing the same fate with Flatline and is no longer a ground loot. You can craft both weapons for 30 materials each. Crafted weapons come with no attachments and two boxes of ammo.

Rampage’s damage is reduced from 28 to 26 and the number of shots it can take while Revved up is reduced from ~40 to ~34.

VK-47 Flatline Apex Legends

Crafting just doesn’t feel the same as finding this guy on the ground. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Fully Kitted rotation

Added: RE-45, Triple Take, Peacekeeper, Prowler, Havoc 

Removed: Mastiff, 30-30 Repeater, R-301, CAR, Longbow

This means a gold RE-45 can be found in the early game, which will help you deal massive damage thanks to the Hammerpoint Rounds. Also, a gold Havoc is definitely a force to be reckoned with since it comes with a built-in Turbocharger.

Bug fixes and quality of life

"Go here - we've got violence to do" - Octane and Lifeline’s reluctant squadmate

This part might sound boring, but it has some very important information especially if you’re one of the players who immediately quit when knocked down to keep your stats. Let’s dive in.

  • Fixed an error that would tell players to come back in a decade when matchmaking.

In my experience, this is still happening, but at least the developers are aware of this issue. It doesn’t really prevent you from playing; it’s just hilarious to see “you’ll be placed in a game in 103546 hours” while waiting.

  • Fix for cases where Mirage Ultimate Decoys could get stuck on surfaces raised slightly off the ground.

Players are reporting that this issue is also still going on. Mirage could really use some help out there.

  • Fix for cases where players were able to use melee on incline surfaces to get a speed boost while sliding.

Punch-boosting is no more. It was such an easy movement trick to do and a lot of players already trained it into a reflex when on an inclined surface. It will take some time to remember not to use punch-boosting in Apex. While there are reports that say it can still be performed, the regular way of doing it is indeed fixed.

  • Fixed a bug where Charging up the Sentinel required 2 cells instead of 1 when wearing golden armor.

A hilarious bug that’s hopefully not been going on for 3 years. Gold Armor makes Shield Cells go brrrrr, apparently.

  • Fixed a bug for cases where players could get a jump boost from deathboxes that are in the vicinity of Horizon’s Gravity Lift after it’s been used.

Another movement trick removed, albeit this one was more on the bug abuse end of the spectrum. Unintended ways of movement such as being able to jump 25-30 meters high take away from the Apex experience (Apexperience, if you will) and removing them will hopefully encourage players to improve themselves to solve problems without just relying on bugs. 

Apex Legends Mad Maggie Release Bundle

Mad Maggie’s release bundle. It’s super cool. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

  • Reticle Color Customization - Limiting values to 0-255 to avoid exploits.

Reticle Customization in Apex Legends is a recent and very important change, so the developers are constantly keeping an eye on it.

  • Storm Point: Fixed cases where players were unable to shoot through the chain-link fences at Antenna. 

Wait, we were supposed to be able to shoot through them? As a frequent picker of Antenna as a drop zone, I’m baffled by this revelation. So many people are going to be confused in the first weeks of this patch. Now that you’re reading this, wield this information wisely.

  • Storm Point: Based feedback we’ve adjusted Final Round Rings so they don’t end in areas with no cover or populated by Prowler Dens.

While the developers very much intend to keep the wildlife as a big part of Storm Point (especially our lobby mate Tyler, who is a good boy), the players are obviously very tired of having to deal with the Prowlers during endgame engagements. This change will help make the final confrontations more Legends vs Legends and less players vs AI.

  • World’s Edge: Changed Fragment from high-tier to mid-tier loot. This happened in the 11.1 update, but was inadvertently omitted from those patch notes.

Another baffling revelation. We’ve been dropping at Fragment for nothing? I’m just kidding, everyone drops at Fragment for the early action and great level design. If you can survive the Fragment, you can play the rest of the game with high confidence.

  • Fixed issue where sometimes Wattson's Interceptor Pylon would heal for less than intended.

My dear Wattson is once again having functionality troubles with her ultimate ability, hopefully fixed this time.

  • Quitting players can no longer deny kills & assists.

This is the big one, actually. This change means you can no longer just quit the moment you’re knocked down to protect your stats or deny opponents their stats. This is a change aimed at player behavior, and I hope it works, because it will create an environment where you can trust your random squadmates a little bit more.


"Look at you. All Apex Champions." - A true enemy of the Syndicate

As a new season begins, we’re once again ready to challenge and improve ourselves. In order to do that, you can always rely on G-Loot to provide you with great insight into your performance. You can also join the Weekly Brawls and Monthly Showdowns for a true test of your skills and to win real prizes!

Season 12 is a big one, I have to say. Mad Maggie is an expected but amazing addition to the Legends roster. Respawn is taking some interesting steps towards changing how Apex Legends plays without actually changing the feeling of the game. Keeping its core DNA while constantly shifting and changing is a dangerous game, but Respawn has been walking this line masterfully so far. It’s been 3 years since Apex Legends came out, here’s to many more!

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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