Apex Legends skins: The stories behind the façade

January 31 2022

Apex Legends skins: The stories behind the façade
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Winning is cool and all, but have you tried winning while looking cool as hell? From the simplest color swaps to the fabulous banana pattern, skins bring an extra layer of swag to Apex Legends. But the exaggerated swagger of a modified MRVN unit is not the only thing skins bring into the game, a good number of skins also have stories behind them.

Greetings, Legends! In this article, we’re taking a look at Apex Legends skins, how to get them, and the stories behind them. Let’s start with the basics.

What’s a skin?

Skins are cosmetic items that change the way a weapon or a character looks. In Apex Legends, skins have no effect on the gameplay and are there just for the looks. But boy, do they bring the looks. Apex Legends has an amazing variety of skins for you to choose from, which will make your Legend and/or weapon of choice look super cool. If you’re playing as a squad, you can even get matching skins to increase the sense of solidarity. Squad goals!

The rarities for skins and weapons work the same with in-game items you loot. They go from common (white), rare (blue), epic (purple), to legendary (gold). The rarities also affect how much crafting material you need to craft them; we’ll talk about that later in this article.

Apex Legends characters in a line

Everyone dressed up in harmony! Stonks. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

How to get skins in Apex Legends

There are a lot of ways to get skins in Apex Legends. Opening an Apex pack is the simplest way to acquire new cosmetics, but you can also get skins from the battle pass. While the free pass also gives skins at times, the premium battle pass has multiple skin rewards. Buying the premium pass immediately gives epic thematic skins according to the theme of that season, and you can receive multiple legendary thematic skins for your Legends along with reactive weapon skins as you progress through the pass.

You can also craft skins with crafting materials. Crafting materials are awarded through the battle pass and getting a duplicate item drop from the Apex packs. When you get a duplicate drop, you get half of the crafting materials required to craft that cosmetic instead. If you’re patient enough, crafting materials add up rather quickly.

There are craftable and non-craftable skins in the game. Some of the non-craftable skins are sold exclusively in the in-game store, and some are exclusive event skins. These event skins can only be acquired if or when that event gets a re-run. At times, Respawn announces an event to include craftable skins, which cost more to craft than their usual rarity counterparts. These skins also remain in the drop pool of Apex packs, and they stay craftable after the event ends, so you don’t need to rush if you lack the currency to get them. The crafting costs of craftable event skins are announced to be lowered after a certain number of seasons have passed.

Apex Legends

Everyone in their default skins. Not stonks. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The stories behind Apex Legends skins

Okay, now to the juicy part. As you know, Apex Legends has a big, overarching story that progresses very slowly through multiple layers. As lore-related events happen, corresponding skins are usually added to the game. Here are some story-related skins and what they mean in the Apex lore. In alphabetical order, because why not.


Decorated Line 

Sgt. Anita Williams, callsign Bangalore, comes from a military family of Titan Wars veterans. The Williams family is proud to serve the IMC for generations, and this skin is Bangalore’s first uniform after officially becoming an IMC soldier. It’s not just an IMC uniform to her; it’s also proof that the family tradition lives on.


After Bangalore and her brother Jackson were stranded on Storm Point, Bangalore learned that they were there because Jackson disobeyed a direct order. This made Bangalore very angry, so she tried to communicate with any IMC connections to call for an evacuation. An IMC Pilot, Commander Scryer, answered the call and seemingly agreed to provide leniency towards Jackson.

Bangalore MilSpec

Bangalore’s gun is filled with bullets and she’s filled with regret. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

After he arrived, though, he revealed that he merely lied to learn Jackson’s location so he can personally execute the deserter for disobeying the IMC. In a split second, Bangalore had to make a decision: family or IMC. She decided to protect Jackson, which ended up with the Pilot dead and the Williams siblings as fugitives. This skin is the heavily modified version of Bangalore’s IMC soldier uniform and is what she wears during the incident with the IMC Pilot.

MIL-SPEC skin comes with a special Legend pick animation where Bangalore takes down a Cloak Pilot similar to how she took down Scryer in the cinematic.


Young Blood

Bloodhound was raised by their uncle Artur in a village that shunned any modern technology and lived by the old ways. As they grew up, the child who would take on the mantle of Bloodhound was too curious to stay away from technology, and on the day of their rite of passage, they picked up an abandoned Charge Rifle. This decision changed their life forever. They lost their uncle Artur in a battle against a Goliath but earned the mantle Bloodhound to lead their people and become the best tracker in the Outlands. This skin is the outfit Bloodhound wears during and after their uncle Artur’s Viking funeral.

The Young Blood skin comes with a special Legend pick animation where Bloodhound is seen sporting and then firing the Charge Rifle.

Apex Legends Bloodhound ax

A young Bloodhound was still very resourceful and deadly. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Wise Warrior

Bloodhound’s uncle, Artur, believed that technology would just draw people away from their natural instincts, and that would make them weak. He believed that a strong tracker and a strong warrior must be able to stand on their own without relying on tech that could fail at any time. The Wise Warrior skin is Artur’s battle armor. Its helmet resembles an owl, which is known to be a dangerous predator. The skin also includes the shield Artur was sent off with during his funeral.

Bloodhound Owl Skin

A terrifying sight, indeed. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)



Dr. Alexander Nox, callsign Caustic, is a mysterious man, to say the least. He faked his own death after murdering Dr. Franklin Humbert, who discovered that Alexander was testing his Nox Gas on humans in secret. After faking his own death, he established himself a new identity under the name of Dr. Mikhail Caustic.

During a prison break that happened on planet Gaea, someone who looked exactly like him was seen as the culprit, but Caustic merely brushed off the accusations. He claimed that someone was trying to imitate his work to gain notoriety, but they were terrible at copying his work. Blackheart skin is how this “someone” looked during the prison break.

Caustic robot skin Apex Legends

You could’ve stopped this. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)


As someone obsessed with death, Caustic also knew death was very close to him at all times. Even before learning he had terminal cancer, he knew his “experiments” would be his death at some point. So, he applied for a program to be turned into a Simulacrum after he died. This skin represents what his Simulacrum version would look like.

His application, however, was declined on the grounds that his mental examination yielded troubling results. Even the people who create Simulacrums are aware that maybe you shouldn’t turn a walking war crime into an immortal robot.



Tae Joon Park was an amazing programmer and engineer before being a wanted man. He even designed the drones that broadcast the Apex Games. He could’ve been a rockstar programmer in another life, but you don’t easily get happy endings in Apex Legends. This skin is basically how he looked before becoming the Legend known as Crypto.


Real Steel

Back when Fuse was on Salvo, fighting in the Bonecage, he treated it as his own path towards fame. So he came up with on-stage personas to see which would stick. There was Walt'titude, Mr. Biffo, and the fan-favorite Timebomb. Eventually, Fuse decided just to be himself, which also resonated with the audience. The Real Steel skin is Fuse in his Timebomb persona.

Apex Legends Broseidon

From the dropship, he will land and see his way to victory. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

As a side note, I know for a fact that Fuse would 100% participate in the Apex Games as the Broseidon if given the chance.


Millennium Tusk

Makoa Gibraltar was attending a Chevrex benefit dinner when a group of mobsters attacked. He, as Gibraltars do, heroically saved the day by stealing one of the mobsters’ uniforms and blending in with them. When did he find the time to apply warpaint to his face, though, we will never know.

Gibraltar  Millenium Tusk Apex Legends

This man will kick your ass… and take your clothes, apparently. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Gentle Giant

SARAS, The Search and Rescue Association of Solace, was founded hundreds of years before Makoa Gibraltar’s time by his ancestors. He still works as a part-time volunteer there, which he prioritizes over participating in the Apex Games. 


London Calling

Being from Psamathe and living under her parents’ shadow all her life, Ajay Che took a trip to Solace one day and met a touring punk band there. The Flyer Liars were the breath of fresh air Ajay was looking for to step away from her parents’ rich world, so she joined the band as their drummer. Something she keeps reminding everyone on the hunting grounds by bashing their heads in with drumsticks. This skin is a throwback to Ajay’s band days before she became a Legend called Lifeline.


Petty Theft

Loba Andrade was the daughter of a couple known for being talented grifters, so when they died, Loba was alone and had nothing. She swore to rise back up to a rich and luxury-filled life by any means necessary, those means being the tools she got from her parents. This skin is a throwback to Loba’s petty thievery days.


Angel City Hustler

As the name suggests, Mirage thought his costume needed more bling and swag (his words, not mine), so he came up with an outfit that had them. His mother, on the other hand, tried her best to convince Elliott that he didn’t need to look a certain way to be heroic. This skin is, well, whatever Mirage thought would look cool on him. He’s not famous for his smarts.

Mirage Apex Legends

Manners maketh man. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)


Victory Lap

Is there any other term that would describe Octane better than Victory Lap? It means he’s so far ahead of the competition and not in a figurative way. He’s too fast for you. He’ll be taking multiple victory laps around you before you realize what you’re up against. I would normally say that this skin is a throwback to Octane’s dare-deviling, high-adrenaline days, but those days have never ended. Octane’s still going strong. And fast.



Pathfinder once attended a high society charity event. As usual, Pathfinder brought his bad luck with him there, and the party blew up before anyone was able to enjoy ziplining.

Memoir Noir

When Pathfinder was working as a waiter at a restaurant, some mob-type guy decided to bully him. But since Pathfinder was a heavily modified MRVN, the bullet he fired just ricocheted back at himself, which caused a ruckus. The restaurant's security officer Victor Maldera, an ex-detective who used to chase Dr. Alexander Nox, takes him in for interrogation.

Pathfinder Apex Legends thumb up

“Just you and me, friend.” (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Maldera, thinking Pathfinder is an assassin, attempts to reach Pathfinder’s memory core to learn who hired him. There he finds out Pathfinder has worked many jobs in the past, all somehow ending in a catastrophe. One of those seems to include an appearance by Dr. Nox himself, so Maldera decides to take Pathfinder with him while the mobsters chase them for their own reasons. During the chase, Pathfinder somehow finds an old-time detective’s suit with a fedora and wears it.

This skin comes with a special Legend pick animation where Pathfinder reenacts the scene where he and Maldera take down some mobsters.



As the name implies, the Birthright skin includes Valkyrie’s father’s Pilot helmet. Valkyrie’s father went by the callsign Viper and was a member of Blisk’s Apex Predators during the Frontier War. After Pilot Jack Cooper killed Viper, his daughter Kairi found his remains and decided to bring her father’s legacy to the Apex Games. She enlisted Rampart’s help to tear apart his father’s Northstar type Titan to make a personal jetpack for her, which she uses to fly. She picked the callsign Valkyrie and joined the Apex Games.

This skin comes with a special Legend pick animation where Valkyrie launches her missile barrage.

Valkyrie Apex Legends Missile Swarm

You know I wouldn’t miss any chance to use this picture. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)


The Liberator

After senior science Pilot Dr. Renee Blasey volunteered to try her own experimental phase tech on herself, she paid the price by losing all her memories after an unexplained accident. However, IMC’s ARES division, which she also was a member of, had no intention of letting her go. Having their perfect lab rat, they kept experimenting on her until one day a savior miraculously appeared in her cell, helping her escape to a new reality. This skin is who Wraith was after losing her memories, but before meeting the mysterious stranger.

Apex Legends Wraith Voidwalker

She’s just standing there. Menacingly! (Image: Respawn Entertainment)


The mysterious stranger who helped Dr. Blasey's escape was none other than herself from another dimension. This person, who was later called Voidwalker, saw Renee’s hopeless situation and helped her alternate self to stand on her own feet. Voidwalker is known to use ruthless methods and is the one who stole the memory disc that had information on Bangalore’s brother, Jackson. 


As we always do here on the G-Loot Blog, we talk about things, and then we take a look at what’s behind them. We try to see what moves these pieces forward by taking a peek behind the scenes. Similar to how you can use the G-Loot app to take a look at the stats behind your gameplay and see how you can improve yourself. As the Legends join the Games for glory and rewards, you can join the Weekly Brawls and Monthly Showdowns. Turn the Coins you win on G-Loot into Origin gift cards to spend on Apex Legends skins!

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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