Apex Legends: Who the hell is Mad Maggie?

February 17 2022

Apex Legends: Who the hell is Mad Maggie?
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“Greetings, citizens of the Outlands. Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest Legend! As you know, the war criminal named Margaret Kōhere was apprehended to answer for her crimes against the Syndicate and our freedom. She was quickly and very fairly tried and sentenced to die in the Apex Games. Welcome, Mad Maggie, you heartless monster!”

Greetings, Legends! After disrupting Fuse’s grand entrance and making everyone’s lives more difficult in various ways, Mad Maggie finally arrives to fight in the Apex Games herself. Not really by her own volition, though. Let’s take a deep dive into the story behind Mad Maggie’s arrival and how it will impact Apex Legends in general.

Who is Mad Maggie?

Mad Maggie is a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will. She’s what Salvo offers in a nutshell. A strong, resolute, and slightly insane survivor. Oh, and a warlord. Margaret Kōhere’s path to becoming Mad Maggie began when she was a child. She met a young boy named Walter Fitzroy, and they immediately hit it off. Having no family, Margaret considered Walter—who she called Wally—to be her best friend and the only person she could trust in the world. Of course, this trust was not one-sided: Wally also trusted Maggie with his life.

Since they lived in one of the worse parts of a planet that’s already known to be a terrible place, Maggie and Wally quickly became a dynamic duo of scrappers. One day, they found a golden grenade at the hands of a dead man, and the golden grenade became the subject of their friendly rivalry for years. Every adventure had a side quest for them, to steal the grenade from the other. This went on until they were adults, at which point Maggie and Wally had different expectations from life and from Salvo. Their clashing personalities also didn’t help.

Apex Legends Fuse Maggie Grenade

Instead of accepting the truce, Maggie pulls the pin of the golden grenade. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Being an intense person, Maggie was drawn to power and aimed to become a warlord herself. Wally—the most laid-back person in the entire solar system—wanted to enjoy fighting and winning in Salvo’s very own arena, the Bonecage. After a couple of on-stage personas such as Walt'titude, Mr. Biffo, and Timebomb, he ended up just being himself and adopted the callsign Fuse. As Fuse made himself a household name in the Bonecage and became a Salvo-wide celebrity, Maggie started to get annoyed by the fact that her best friend was going his own way. Maggie was a bit possessive towards the only person in her life she trusted, so she was eagerly awaiting Fuse to lose at some point and come back to her with his tail between his legs. However, Fuse was too great to lose, and this created hostility between the two. Maggie wanted Fuse next to her on her warlording, while Fuse wanted none of that.

As if all of this was not enough, Salvo’s current administration decided to join the Syndicate. This decision drove Maggie, well, mad. She believed Salvo’s freedom was of utmost priority, and joining an organization would just put shackles on Salvonians. Before she could even take any action to channel her anger, Fuse showed up and told her that he’d be leaving. Now that Salvo was a part of the Syndicate, he would join the Syndicate’s Apex Games. When Fuse offered the golden grenade as an olive branch, Maggie lost it, and a fight broke out between the two. It was mostly Maggie taking out all her rage on Fuse while he tried to—pardon the pun—defuse the situation. After things seemed to have calmed down, Maggie had a moment of pure rage. She threw the grenade at Fuse, not caring about the consequences. The grenade which symbolized their lifelong rivalry based on friendship and trust. 

The explosion tore off Fuse’s right arm, but it hurt him much more than that. He saw his best friend Margaret for what she is: Mad Maggie the Warlord. This erased the last bit of doubt about his decision, and he left, calling his arm—and their friendship—“a lost cause.” As her anger and desperation pushed away the last person she loved, Mad Maggie justified her actions by calling Fuse a traitor.

This, of course, was not taken well by the Syndicate. Mad Maggie instigated riots and stole Syndicate goods to distribute them to the poor Salvonians. She was helping people, but her methods were questionable at best. Eduardo Silva, CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and Octane’s dad, used his information network in the Syndicate to locate and apprehend Mad Maggie. The Syndicate was eager to get rid of this thorn at their side immediately, so she was quickly judged and sentenced to death. In the course of her arrest, trial, and execution, Mad Maggie managed to take out a lot of Syndicate soldiers and even maimed the judge in his eye. Even being chained couldn’t stop her from carrying out her violent ways against her enemies.

Apex Legends Maggie Trial

Maggie’s trial didn’t exactly go as the judge expected. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Just as she was facing the firing squad, Eduardo Silva stepped in and ordered the execution to stop. Instead, he insisted that Mad Maggie should forcibly join the Apex Games, where she would definitely die. In truth, Silva was planning to blame Mad Maggie for his own agenda. Mr. Silva was planning to take over the Syndicate, and he needed the current Syndicate administration to be seen as unstable and unreliable by the public. He planned a public sabotage of Olympus, which he used Mad Maggie as a scapegoat for. What he plans to do after that is currently unknown. Still, Eduardo Silva controls the mainstream media and constantly pushes the narrative of Mad Maggie sabotaging Olympus and attacking the people’s freedom, which also implies the current administration is not competent enough to stop one person. 

On the other hand, Mad Maggie considers this another chance to get back at the Syndicate and her old pal Fuse. She believes being in the Apex Games will help her damage the Syndicate from the inside, and if she manages to “solve” things with Fuse in the meantime, even better.

Mad Maggie’s abilities

Mad Maggie’s Passive Ability is Warlord’s Ire. It has two different functions. First, it grants you the vision of any opponent you damage. It’s like Bloodhound’s scan, but for a shorter duration. You can keep damaging them to prolong the vision and shorten their life. The second function of Warlord’s Ire is that it removes the movement speed penalty of having a gun in your hand from shotguns. You can run as fast as if you’re not carrying any weapons while holding a shotgun. Coupled with your ability to scan targets you damaged instantly, this makes Mad Maggie a great pusher and a frontline fighter.

Mad Maggie’s Tactical Ability is Riot Drill. Probably what she used to break through police barricades and such, this tactical ability damages what’s behind the surface it hits. When used, Mad Maggie aims the Riot Drill and fires when you release the button. The drill attaches to the first surface it hits and spits fire behind it. It’s great to smoke out opponents behind covers, and it’s basically a hard counter for Gibraltar’s Dome Shield and Rampart’s Amped Wall. Note that this ability will not stick to any opponents on contact and will simply bounce back off to stick to a surface. The Riot Drill can be used vertically. It can also damage opponents on the same level of elevation as you are, but you need to aim it right next to their feet and hope that the Riot Drill will spray some of its fire towards them. It’s not worth the hassle, but it can save you in dire situations. Also, do not expect to catch your opponents off-guard by using it on the outer barrier of the Fight Night arena; it won’t penetrate it. Fisticuffs is the only way to win there, no cheating.

Apex Legends Maggie ready

“If a blood sport is what they want, then they will bloody get that!” (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Mad Maggie’s Ultimate Ability is called Wrecking Ball. When activated, Mad Maggie launches a big explosive ball forward that bounces and detonates when near enemies. With each bounce, the Wrecking Ball leaves speed-boosting nodes on the ground, which you can walk over to receive a 30% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. The nodes disappear 60 seconds after the ball detonates.

A great way to utilize the Wrecking Ball is to quickly push opponents that try to play defensively. With Mad Maggie’s built-in speed bonus, a shotgun will be your best friend when using the Wrecking Ball. You can also launch one inside Gibraltar’s Dome Shield to cause ultimate mayhem while Gibraltar is screaming in horror. The Wrecking Ball will bounce off Gibby’s shield dome, forcing the opponents to either get out themselves or it will push them out of the shield when it detonates. She might have an in-lore beef with Fuse, but she’s definitely an in-game hard counter to Gibraltar.

How to play Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is a hard pusher and bunker buster. Make sure to utilize her movement speed bonus from shotguns and be ready to blow up everything in sight. When fighting against opponents that use cover, try to position and time your Riot Drill carefully to force them to flee towards where you want them to. Since Riot Drill can’t be damaged or turned off after it’s triggered, you can throw additional explosives around it to corner your opponents. 

Mad Maggie’s ultimate ability Wrecking Ball is also great for pushing or retreating. Although it’s a bit like Octane’s Jump Pad in terms of retreat, an ability that also helps your opponents to chase you and Maggie’s speed nodes are indestructible so you can’t take precautions. However, it’s a great tool to move from cover to cover in emergency situations. Of course, the best use of the Wrecking Ball is to aim it directly at your opponents to disrupt their positioning and rush them using the speed nodes.

Mad Maggie’s skins

Mad Maggie arrives, just like any other Legend, with her own unique legendary skins and a launch bundle skin. The launch bundle for Mad Maggie is the Māori Warrior skin, which showcases her cultural roots. She’s also shown to perform the Haka during her Stories From the Outlands cinematic.

While she doesn’t have any story-related skins yet, Mad Maggie’s legendary skins allude to her heyday as a warlord. Mob Boss and Above the Law seem to portray her Cracked Talon days as a stylish but fear-inducing gang leader. They also fit with Fuse’s “too cool for you” style. On the other hand, Steamed and Mad Metal skins seem to depict a “what if” scenario where she looks a bit like a certain ideological military force during World War II. A risky design move, that.

Apex Legends Maggie Above the Law

Above the Law skin is too cool. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Mad Maggie’s finishers and emotes

Mad Maggie’s finishers and emotes reflect her personality almost as perfectly as her voice lines. Her attitude and methods are very clear in those animations. Let’s take a look at them.

Mad Maggie’s default finisher is where she repeatedly punches the downed opponent before spitting on them. Brutal. Savage. Rekt.

In her unlockable finisher, Mad Maggie makes sure you remember not to chain her ever again by using her chains to take down opponents before brutally smacking them in the face with its cuffs.

Apex Legends Mad Maggie Release Bundle

The Māori Warrior skin brings vibrant colors. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Mad Maggie’s legendary emotes also help highlight her clashing personality with Fuse’s. In Guitar Tuner, Maggie takes out a guitar quite similar to the one Fuse uses in his Encore emote, then proceeds to smash it to bits. Fuse is known to value and take care of his guitar; he even asks Lifeline, a drummer, to form a band. Meanwhile, Mad Maggie just destroys hers. Damaging or destroying instruments is not cool, Maggie. Never has been.

But wait, Maggie’s madness doesn’t end there. In her Firestarter emote, she pulls up what seems to be a bottle of lighter fluid and a lighter. You know where this is going. She takes a big sip of the fluid and starts breathing fire all around her. I’m not even going to analyze this one. She’s breathing fire.

Mad Maggie’s relationships with other Legends

The Legends’ first impression of Mad Maggie was… not great. Apart from her lifelong friendship/rivalry with Fuse, she had no relations with any other Legend until she decided to sabotage Fuse’s introduction ceremony to the Apex Games. To ruin Fuse’s life and damage the relationship between Salvo and the Syndicate, Mad Maggie thought attacking civilian bystanders would be a good idea. Seriously, Maggie, maybe (and that’s a huge maybe) good intentions but terrible methods.

Mad Maggie attacking Kings Canyon to kill or maim everyone there indiscriminately caused two things: hostility towards her from all Legends and, well, hostility towards Fuse from all Legends. It took some time for Fuse to convince other Legends that he was not in cahoots with this crazed terrorist. After a brief altercation between two parties where Fuse and Mad Maggie were on the opposite sides, most Legends were convinced enough to help Fuse take Maggie down. As Lifeline put it, they didn’t trust Fuse yet, but they did trust in the fact that Maggie and Fuse were enemies.

Apex Legends Maggie Rush

She’s probably not coming to hug you. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Mad Maggie kindly requested Fuse’s other arm in turn for leaving this whole thing behind. This was a gambit pulled by Maggie, expecting Fuse wouldn’t be able to give up his remaining real arm, and instead, he would come back to Salvo to fight for “the cause.” However, Fuse picked up a marker and drew a line on his arm, asking Lifeline to surgically cut his arm off from there. The Legends were pretty much on board with this plan until Bloodhound stepped forward and claimed that this was not the honorable thing to do. Bloodhound thought bringing the fight to Maggie would be better than just giving up. Fuse and Bloodhound built their friendship on this interaction where “Houndy” tried to protect their new friend, mostly because he reminded him of someone they loved.

With help from other Legends, Fuse executed Bloodhound’s plan and pulled a raid on Maggie’s base. A huge explosion caused both Fuse and Maggie to fly off a cliff during the fight. Both managed to hold on to something, with Maggie barely making it alive. Fuse extended his good arm to Maggie to save her, but Maggie claimed she didn’t want his arm anymore. After uttering “Ka kite anō (I’ll see you again), Walter,” Maggie let go and apparently fell to her death. It turns out she meant what she said, and she survived the fall, only to end up getting arrested by the Syndicate.

These events cemented Mad Maggie in the eyes of the Legends as this insane terrorist who would kill innocent people just to get what she wants and Fuse as a guy who considers the Legends “his people.” So when Mad Maggie suddenly appeared in the Apex Games, the Legends were quite apprehensive at the thought of being in the same squad as her. As luck has it, she ended up with Lifeline and Octane on her squad and brought in proof with her that showed Eduardo Silva’s involvement in this whole ordeal. We’ll see where things will go from there.


Mad Maggie enters the Games making everyone think twice before they take a step. Because while most of the Legends get along, Mad Maggie’s the type that will kill you in your sleep, and that makes Mirage very uncomfortable.

Mad Maggie’s arrival will surely change the meta again, but no worries. You’ll always have G-Loot to help you track your stats and improve your performance. You can also challenge yourself and other players of different skill levels in the Weekly Brawl and Monthly Showdowns

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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