Broken moon guide: the new map of Apex Legends Season 15

November 16 2022

Broken moon guide: the new map of Apex Legends Season 15
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Broken Moon is the latest map to be added to Respawn Entertainment's hero-based battle royale Apex Legends in Season 15. In this guide, you will find the top 3 landing spots of Broken Moon, tips, and OIs.

After our recent guide on the new Season 15 of Apex Legends, we are now ready to give you a full picture of Broken Moon. This new map has elements that are significantly influenced by the concepts of heaven and hell, which causes some areas of the map to be very colorful and other places to be quite dark. 

Broken Moon gives players the ability to take a more adaptable and dynamic approach to combat, which makes them better overall. 

The most intriguing aspects of the map include a number of points of interest (POI) and a new mechanic that let players traverse the area more quickly than ever. Learning the new map can seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand rotations, positioning, drop locations, and other crucial aspects, you will quickly start earning those ranked points. We have everything you need to know right here to familiarise yourself with Broken Moon POI and its special features. 

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Top 3 Landing Spots On Broken Moon

Breaker Wharf (solo player) 

Despite the game's emphasis on cooperation and teamwork across various Legends, a solo queue for Apex Legends is undoubtedly overdue, and many players still choose to enter the Apex Games alone. Massive locales in Broken Moon make it an especially difficult setting for solo gamers. However, Breaker Wharf, which is located northwest of the map is perfect for these players and anyone who likes a quieter drop away from the action.

Image credit: EA

Two substantial multistory buildings dominate the area, and a chasm between them is traversed by a bridge and a brand-new Zip Rail for this year. By using the bridge or the variety of Ziplines and Zip Rails, users can navigate the area's key structures. Since it is surrounded by other Zip Rails that can take you away in no time, it's a perfect area to drop if you want a quiet pace to drop that can connect you to the rest of the map quickly.

Terraformer (aggressive players)

The Terraformer, which is located in the middle of the map, is currently the hot spot in Broken Moon. Up to four teams can drop within the region of Terraformer, a huge zone that resembles Storm Point's Barometer POI in some ways. Players use their weapons, equipment, and even their fists to dominate the location as multiple squads engage in chaotic combat early on. 

Image credit: EA

While defensive Legends like Newcastle can establish impressive defenses, they can be overcome by teams that utilize different Legends efficiently. Similar to Kings Canyon's The Cage, a squad can seize control of the central section and stave off rivals with its height advantage, but it is not a safe position in itself. There isn't really a better landing location on Broken Moon for those that prefer to go all in or nothing at all.

Cultivation (defensive players)

The region of Cultivation, which consists of multiple greenhouses filled with a good selection of starting loot, appears to be rather standard. Players typically won't experience the kinds of firefights that make Apex Legends the most stressful FPS out there because of how remote it is. According to lore, all of Broken Moon's food is produced by cultivation, similar to hydroponics on Olympus

Image credit: EA

A defense-focused squad can hide out in the central structure and guard all of its angles since it has multiple small buildings that branch out from its core. Meanwhile, the aggressive team that wants to seize control can sneak through Cultivation thanks to a number of low-set streams. There is also a cavernous tunnel in the North of Cultivation, which leads toward the map's center. Although the terrain could be challenging to maneuver, it is a great place for players to ambush enemy squads and trap their adversaries.

Tips to master Broken Moon

Learn to rotate carefully

If you wish to move to a particular POI, you must understand which Zip Rails to take because they connect you from one POI to another on the map. Promenades and cultivation are good places to start since they won't likely be contested and you can rotate to fights with ease.

Get used to the terrain

Depending on the team composition, the cover and shelter can be the team's best friend. While using a cover is vital, switching between covers is much more crucial. By using the terrain strategically, you can constrain the enemy to a limited area, making them an easy target for your team and any other teams nearby.

Valkyrie is your best friend

Despite the addition of Zip Rails for transportation, Valkyrie is still very helpful in the new terrain. There is only one Jump Tower, and if you wish to travel to a specific destination, Valkyrie can let you soar without jeopardizing your life.

Apex Legends Valkyrie

Play the new map with the new Legend

The new legend Catalyst can deflect enemy scans with her ferrofluid making her a perfect choice to overcome other popular Legends, that are currently ruling the Apex legends meta. We are working on our Catalyst how-to-play guide, so watch this space… 👀

Get a grip on the POIs

During the first few days with the new map, you should experiment and determine which POIs you feel comfortable using. Once you're familiar with them, you can use your increased mobility to your advantage and quickly flee or switch positions during a team fight.

Everything you need to know about Broken Moon map POIs

Image credit: EA

The Zip Rails are without a doubt the most significant addition to the Broken Moon map in Apex Legends. Similar to the Ziplines in this battle royale, Broken Moon's Zip Rails are a brand-new movement map mechanic that enables players to move fast from one POI to another. Similar to zip lines, you can use firearms while cruising the zip rails, though you'll go considerably quicker. If you are being attacked, even if this won't be very accurate, it will still give you some time to counterattack. There are 16 different points of interest in Broken Moon, some of which are considerably bigger than others and could draw a lot of attention in the early stages of a match. Here is a list of all the POIs present in the Broken Moon map:


The Terraformer is a massive structure near the middle of the map with tonnes of loot and given its ability to provide an early fight it is the hottest drop location on the map right now. 

Atmostation and Backup Atmo

Backup Atmo, a POI located on the outside of the map, is packed with loot, making it a fantastic place for players who wish to build up their strength before going for a fight.

Stasis Net Array

This asymmetrical location is highly popular among aggressive players. It gives teams access to a great amount of loot, which allows them to take full control of the gunfight.

Perpetual Core

This major POI was created to reduce the chaos of hot drops. It provides lots of space for multiple teams to loot without engaging in early gunfights. In addition to offering long-range sniper opportunities, it provides cover to push your opponents.

Eternal Gardens

Eternal Gardens is without a doubt the most stunning POI on Broken Moon and its vast open area necessitates long-range gunfights. Additionally, it is home to the sole jump tower on the Broken Moon map, giving players a handy escape route in the event of an unwanted gunfight.

Breaker Wharf

Breaker Wharf is designed for medium and long-range gunfights given that it is divided into two platforms and offers nothing in the way of cover. While primary basic zip lines enable teams to easily move between sides, other ziplines grant access to different POIs.


It consists of circular buildings with accessible rooftops and flanking pathways that enable players to escape early combat by ducking into the buildings themselves.

The Divide

The Divide is the POI packed with small buildings that are connected by two substantial bridges that cross a waterfall and a chasm. It's crucial to consider your position and ring when looting or fighting in this region because it's tucked away in a map corner.

Dry Gulch

Dry Gulch is an asymmetrical location divided by two bridges, which is perfect for fast-paced fighting in close-quarters areas. Since the zip rails allow for quick pushing or retreating from fights, it is the preferred landing spot for both offensive and defensive players.


This region, which consists of a number of smaller structures connected to a larger one in the middle, is the origin of all items and products on Cleo. It also has waterways that are lined with loot and can be used to enter the main building covertly.

Production Yard

The Production Yard, a POI tucked into the side of the map, has a landing platform resembling the Airbase on King's Canyon. It also contains a sizable core structure with a tonne of loot and a direct path to adjacent POIs.


The Promenades feature a huge area with numerous zip lines and a sizable entrance, which is situated between the North and South sides of the map and encircled by rocky outcrops and lush plains.

Alpha Base

Alpha Base is a POI situated inside a massive lunar crater that is consist of tightly packed buildings. If you're trying to rack up quick kills, you should definitely think about landing here.

The Foundry

The Foundry POI appears to be a large indoor area that features high-tier loot and a space big enough to accommodate four teams. The POI's vertical and horizontal areas offer a variety of covers, which makes it easier to play strategically.

Ready to explore Broken Moon?

That concludes our breakdown of every feature of the brand-new Broken Moon map of Apex Legends Season 15.  Hopefully, the information in this article will help you improve so you can enjoy ziplining across the Broken Moon without being concerned about your ranking. Additionally, you can check out our guide if you need help choosing your main in the game, and our guide on the top 10 weapons in Apex Legends for picking the best gun for you. 

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