Characters we'd love to see in Apex Legends

October 23 2021

Characters we'd love to see in Apex Legends
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When Apex Legends got released out of nowhere back in 2019, nobody expected it to be a successor to the Titanfall games.

Unknown to the Titanfall fans, sans a minority who believed the leaks were real, Respawn has decided to expand the Titanfall Universe by making a battle royale game.

Apex Legends quickly became a sensation, reaching a great number of players and taking the world of esports by storm. This success made Titanfall fans wary because it could mean that EA and Respawn would abandon the Titanfall series and focus their resources on expanding Apex Legends. While Apex Legends definitely did not walk away from Titanfall, it also only acknowledged the Titanfall Universe in the backstories of the characters. The more depth Apex Legends’ own lore got, the more Titanfall seemed to have been left out.

This suddenly changed when Apex Legends released a playable story called The Broken Ghost during Season 5. In it, we were recruited by the then-new character Loba Andrade to collect pieces of a mysterious device. This “device” turned out to be the head of Ash, arguably the most popular Titanfall character after Pilot Jack Cooper and BT-7274. Sadly, after we put together Ash’s head and installed it back to her body, this plot was seemingly dropped.

Ash Titanfall

Ash keeps being a Ronin main even without her Titan. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Then in season 9, Valkyrie was announced. Daughter of another fan-favorite Titanfall 2 antagonist Viper, Valkyrie was definitely holding on tight to her father’s legacy. It was revealed that Valkyrie would use a modified version of her father’s Northstar-type Titan—another fan-favorite—including its rocket barrage. While this helped, the absolutely huge and deep lore and the world of Titanfall still seemed to be underutilized.

And now, in Season 11, for the first time in Apex Legends history, we get an established Titanfall character as a playable Legend. Ash arrives in the Apex Games to show everyone what it’s like to go against a real Pilot on the battlefield. Now that Ash is joining Apex Legends, this calls for a question that’s been asked since the game first came out: what other characters could join Apex Legends? Here’s a list of the characters we’d love to see in the Apex Games.

Pilot Jack Cooper

Voiced by the amazing Matthew Mercer, Pilot Jack Cooper is everyone’s favorite human in the Titanfall Universe. Mentored and secretly trained to be a Pilot by the legendary Tai Lastimosa, Jack Cooper began his career as a Rifleman in the Frontier Militia, fighting against the IMC forces. After Lastimosa is severely wounded by Kuben Blisk’s Apex Predators, he transfers control of his Titan, BT-7274, to Cooper. Cooper, after properly burying Lastimosa, takes his equipment and is acknowledged by BT as its new Pilot.

Titanfall Cooper BT

One of the best buddy cop stories you’ll ever play. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Cooper and BT go through many challenging scenarios, making the bond between them stronger in time. During this time, thanks to the battlefield experience he earned, Cooper becomes a full-fledged Pilot, strong enough to take on other Pilots and decimate an entire battlefield of grunts by himself. I’m intentionally keeping the story details vague because Titanfall 2 is an incredible game, and you should definitely experience it for yourself. After thwarting IMC’s plans to utilize the Fold Weapon almost single-handedly, Jack is hailed as a hero. What he does after the Frontier War ends is unknown. But we know for a fact that Blisk was impressed by Cooper’s skills to the point of inviting him to join the Apex Predators back when they met on the battlefield. Now that Ash is joining the Apex Games, we know that Pilots and Legends can fight on the same level. So it’s possible for Pilot Jack Cooper to be invited by Blisk to join the Games at some point.

If Cooper does join the Games, his potential skill set would involve wall-running, Smart Pistol, and maybe calling down a Titan or a Reaper for a limited time. Cooper’s presence should affect the battlefield immensely, so having abilities that will change the meta would fit his character. The man changed the fate of a galaxy.

Kuben Blisk

Voiced by J.B. Blanc, who also voices Caustic, Kuben Blisk was a legend based on his reputation from the Thunderdome Games alone. Before it was renewed as the Apex Games, IMC soldiers were holding gladiator-like tournaments in Kings Canyon, called the Thunderdome Games. Blisk made himself a name there and, in time, became a commander in the IMC army. But he found its politics didn’t really suit him, which made him turn into a mercenary. He founded the Apex Predators and did contract work for years. 

When his Apex Predators were working for the IMC to get the Ark for the Fold Weapon, Pilot Jack Cooper took out his lieutenants one by one, including Ash and Viper. When Cooper defeated Slone, the last living lieutenant of Apex Predators, Blisk congratulated him on his victory and extended an invitation to his crew. Blisk is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. His focus is on money, and his commitment is to the victory that brings in that money. “You kill me; you’re better. I kill you, I’m better.” is his motto. If a victory doesn’t earn him anything, he’s not interested. This was proven when he decided to recruit Cooper instead of killing him for taking out his entire crew. What he saw in Cooper’s exploits was the fact that he was better than all of them.

Titanfall Blisk

Blisk, in his modified Legion-type Titan. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Since Blisk is the commissioner for Apex Games, he’s widely believed to be unable to participate himself. But the same thing was believed to be true for Ash, who now joins the battle. This means all bets are off, and Blisk can one day join the Apex Games to demonstrate what made him a legend in the previous iteration of the Games.

If he joined the Games, Blisk’s abilities would probably be based around being a Scout. He already knows how the Games work, and as the commissioner, I’m pretty sure he also knows how to track the Legends. A lot of them were personally invited by Blisk, so he’d also have a file on them, listing their weaknesses, etc. This would make Blisk a force to be reckoned with and, well, yet another recon class character in the roster.

James “Forge” McCormick

Voiced by Darin De Paul, who also voices Revenant, Forge was set to join the Apex Games right before meeting his demise at the blade-hand of Revenant on live TV. Forge was actually a fake character, created to misdirect the players from the release of the actual new Legend, Revenant. He became a meme very quickly, and like many other memes, he meme’d himself into becoming an actual thing. The fans have been asking for him to make a return at every Legends announcement since and the developers always keep the door slightly open for Forge.

Forge was repeatedly winning tournaments outside of Apex Games, which caused Hammond Robotics to sponsor him to join the Games. He was known for being overconfident, talking down to opponents, and barely self-aware. He also apparently overstepped a lot of boundaries, which Bangalore explicitly states disliking. 

Titanfall Forge

Forge claiming to be the people’s champion on live TV, right before his free trial of living expires. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

To make the ultimate bait and switch, Respawn also added fake abilities to Forge’s files so that the data miners would find them. So, while fake, he already has a set of abilities involving melee combat, such ones that mean getting melee kills heals him and increases his movement speed.

His name might be a reference to the South Park character Kenny McCormick, famous for dying in every episode he’s in during the first 5 seasons of the show. Just like Kenny, “Forge” McCormick seemingly died on his first official Apex Legends appearance. Unless…?

Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams is one of the four older brothers of Anita Williams, callsign Bangalore. Jackson was an IMC Pilot who went missing in action on a mission over Solace. He apparently fell to his death, but Bangalore—perhaps out of desperation—is convinced he is alive. After a long period of searching, Bangalore found evidence pointing towards Jackson being alive, only to have it stolen by Voidwalker Wraith. Bangalore, unable to tell the Wraiths apart, believed the Wraith we’re familiar with did it, which was why she hated Wraith to the latter’s confusion. After Bangalore and Wraith had a heart-to-heart, Bangalore learned of the true nature of Wraith and her other versions, once again becoming partners with her to help each other find their own loved ones.

Bangalore Jackson Apex Legends

Seconds after Bangalore tells her big brother not to worry. She immediately regrets her words. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Jackson seems to be a laid-back type of person, with skills good enough to become a Pilot for the IMC. Despite his relaxed personality, Bangalore states he was always very strict with following protocol, which is why she believes Jackson had the proper equipment to survive when he fell from the ship. He’s recently revealed to be considered AWOL instead of dead, and Bangalore’s entire plot revolves around finding him. This makes an excellent opportunity for Jackson to join the games and become a Legend in the future. I hope that he will bring some of his Pilot abilities if or when he does.

Jackson appears to be a weapon expert, just like his little sister, Anita. So his abilities would be more in the tactical warfare area. Considering he was also a Pilot, he could utilize battle turrets or an equivalent tech to support his squad in battle.

Droz Witt

While not a prominent character, Droz helped Pilot Jack Cooper defeat Viper during the Frontier War. It was later revealed that Droz, a member of the 6-4 mercenary group, was Evelyn Witt’s brother. This means Droz is Mirage’s uncle. Droz later left the 6-4 with his pal Davis, and together they founded another mercenary group named the Last Resort. While the reason why they left the 6-4 is unknown, the dialogue between Droz and Davis implies that they left on good terms and still respect 6-4.

While Davis has an upbeat, high-spirited personality, Droz is more grounded and usually reminds Davis to get a grip on things. This alone makes Droz a great potential Legend because he’s a straight man to Davis’ comic relief, which would make Droz a great Legend to pair with Mirage, his own nephew. Coupled with Roger Craig Smith’s perfect delivery, Droz and Mirage could go on excellent adventures.

Titanfall Droz and Davis

The Witt family can’t get enough of those selfies. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Due to his connection to the Witt family, I’d expect Droz to have some illusion or cloaking-related ability. Cloaking tech was already established in the Titanfall Universe, created by none other than Droz’s sister, Evelyn Witt. Droz and Mirage would make the ultimate bamboozling duo while making silly banter amongst themselves.

Newton Somers

Newton Somers is Horizon’s son. Horizon promised him that she’d come back from the fateful mission she went on with Dr. Ashleigh Reid. After Dr. Reid came back alone, bringing the terrible news of Horizon’s “accidental” death, Newton decided to join Project Iris as an intern. In time, Newton and Dr. Reid grew closer to the point of a romance blossoming between them. But Dr. Reid was already following her own agenda, so this romance might just be her manipulating Newton.

One thing is for sure, though, Dr. Reid really cared for Newton. She insists that he should leave the labs right before the IMC raid begins. She gives them the clear to start the raid after Newton leaves. What happened next led to Newton’s disappearance and Dr. Ashleigh Reid becoming the Simulacrum known as Ash. Now that Horizon unknowingly unlocked her memories, Dr. Reid’s consciousness woke up inside the Simulacrum and told Horizon that she knows what happened to Newton. Newton, a character closely tied to two of the Legends at their very core, could make a great new character. A missing character coming back is a great—and a bit common—way to have new Legends join the Games, so Newton resurfacing at some point to join the Games would create very interesting scenarios. A trio with Newton, Ash, and Horizon would be the most awkward game of trios ever.

Newton and MRVN 2.0

Newton, seen on the back row to the left, is unaware of the plan Dr. Reid is about to execute. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

While Newton also seems to be the scientist type, he also came up with the idea of creating Pathfinder out of a regular MRVN. So he might have some innate talents that would make him a great Legend. He might’ve also spent the time he was missing getting better at survival. He might even resent his mother for not coming back or Ash for betraying him. Newton might just become a character like Crypto. I feel like I’m stepping into the Void of infinite possibilities with this one.

During the raid, Dr. Ashleigh Reid says, “perhaps if there was more of me in you” to Pathfinder, implying Pathfinder’s personality was shaped around the members of Project Iris. Dr. Reid implies that Pathfinder’s personality made him weak. This also could mean Pathfinder is carrying Newton’s kindness and sincerity in him. This would also explain why Pathfinder fell in love with Ash after finding her in a dumpster. He even introduces Ash as his girlfriend to his friends.

Newton’s abilities could be gravity or energy-based to show his growth as a scientist, coupled with a story Respawn will give him for his time missing. A scrapper scientist, for example, would be a great way to introduce Newton to the fold.


These are the characters we’d love to see in Apex Legends in the future. Respawn developers mention that they are planning way ahead. For example, during Season 9 reveal, one of the developers mentioned that Season 14 was already being developed. So it’s safe to assume there will be at least 3 other new Legends, and with Ash joining the battle, almost anyone from the Titanfall Universe can make a comeback and help you climb the G-Loot Leaderboards

Apex Legends takes bigger steps with each new season, expanding its lore and gameplay. Respawn Entertainment repeatedly states Titanfall is the core of their being, and Ash joining Apex Legends shows that. Here’s to hoping some of our favorites make it to Apex Legends!

Until next time, see you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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