Community Newsletter #2 - February 2022

February 8 2022

Community Newsletter #2 - February 2022
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Hey Gang, From updates on the website to the monthly outlook for tournaments-something pretty huge, here is the February edition of the Community Newsletter.

 Also, as promised, there is a little less (a little🤏) waffle from me, so, Enjoy!

🔧 Product Updates

🏡 Updated home page

We have made some visual and navigational improvements to, most notably:

  • A new game picker will allow you to add your favorite games to the left-hand side menu.

  • Once you've chosen a game, you will find all the game-related features collected in one place as a dropdown menu, i.e., Brawls, Tournaments, and Showdowns for that game.

Hopefully, this will improve navigation on the site and make finding the information you need easier. If you have feedback for us, be sure to leave a post on the community page!

🏆 Tournament history

By popular request, we have added a way for users to view the history of all tournament leaderboards on G-Loot, which allows you to keep track of your and other teams' progress from tournament to tournament.

🛒 New shop item

We've added a new gift card to the G-Loot shop, the gaming clothing brand, DRKN. Vouchers are available for the EU and the rest of the World at various values. As this gift card is used to purchase physical goods, please keep in mind that delivery fees and import taxes may apply.

🤖 Incoming Discord features

Me and Adam, our QA wizard, want to add some more value to the Discord. So we (mostly Adam) have been developing some nice little features for our Discord bot. The initial plan is for these to be available to those of you subscribed to our Premium service on G-Loot. 

  • Premium role. Our bot will run a check to see if you have a Premium on your G-Loot profile and assign you the role. This will allow us to add a Premium chat room that only those with that role can access. Exclusive!

  • Player Profiles. Looking for teams and sharing information about what you’re looking for from other teammates is super important in our server. We wanted to make that process a little easier by developing a way for you to fill out a profile in Discord via our bot that you can easily pull up when looking for a team to join. This includes answering some prompts to introduce yourself and what you can provide to or need from a team. What’s cool is that it will also populate the embed sent into the chat with some of your stats from G-Loot.

Coming to a Discord near you soon™. We hope to keep adding more to the bot that synergizes the G-Loot platform and community further!

📅 Events


PUBG Season 5 with 50K prize pool!

If you did not see the announcement on Twitter last week, then I am happy to announce that we will be hosting PUBG Season 5 on G-Loot between February and March. 

Some of you may remember this from 2020, as GLL Season 4. Don’t fret!, this is the same tournament you all know and love, just with a new look and name.

Some important info:

  • All participants will have the chance to win a share of the $50,000 prize pool! 🤯

  • Earn PGC qualification points. PGC points can be earned at PCS and G-Loot events throughout the year, and teams with the most points by the end of the year will be awarded places at the PUBG Global Championship.

  • For Season 5, we'll be inviting winners from the December, January, and February Monthly Showdowns directly to the PUBG Super Weekend.

Qualifiers are open right now, so check out the Season 5 site here for more information and how to sign up, so you too can take a shot at the $50,000 prize pool.


  • Registration to qualifiers open: 3rd February 2022

  • Qualifiers:16th-20th February 2022

  • Super Week: 4-6th 2022

  • Grand Finals: 11-13th 2022

We will keep you updated via our social channels with more news like which pro teams will be competing, broadcasts, and more! Keep those eyes peeled! 👀

📃 Blog Post of the Month

Did you know we have a blog? With amazing guides and thought pieces about the games we support on G-Loot, and well, just gaming in general. This is put together with love by our content team and many other writers. 

Here’s our top pick for this month, written by Barış.

Check it out: Fan theories that will change how you see your favorite games part 1

❓ Question of the Month

Here is where we’ll try to answer some of the recent concerns or questions from the community. Sometimes, we may have a question that we would like you to answer too, or we may do both!

This time we’re looking at a topic that’s been brought up a fair amount this last month. The G-Loot Store.

We have been receiving questions like, “Where are items for X region?” or “Can I purchase Valorant points/Skins?” or “Why do you only have EU or NA Gift cards?”.

Given that the store is an important part of G-Loot we understand that you are keen to see gift cards that you can use- along with earning tickets for the Monthly Showdowns, earning coins is what should make competing in the Brawls extra exciting, knowing that you can get some sweet rewards for your efforts.

We want to let you know- the team responsible for maintaining the store is working on adding additional items that cater to a wider variety of regions for our users. The store you see right now is only the very beginning of what we hope to do with it, and with the release of the new G-Loot service back in November, it was always meant to be a first iteration rather than the final version. More is coming.

However, it’s good to be aware that sourcing items can be difficult. Unfortunately, some digital gift card services have regional restrictions or don’t support certain countries at all. So there is not a one size fits all solution for the countries we support on G-Loot. That means it’s up to the team to find the most suitable solutions, which requires time to research and develop, including adding them to the storefront and working with external partners.

Not to fear! The team is most definitely aware of your concerns and hopes for the store (I make sure of it!), and they doing all they can to add more value to all regions.

We have an open thread on our community page, where we invite you to leave your input about the store and our premium subscription service- head on over to add your voice to the conversation.

👋 Until next time! That covers everything for this edition; some months, we might have more or less to share with you, but we will always do our best to share something! In the meantime,

  • You can keep up to date by following us on social media or joining the Discord community here.

  • Make sure to stop by our community page to leave your suggestions and feedback for G-Loot.

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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager


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