Community Newsletter-April 2022

May 2 2022

Community Newsletter-April 2022
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Hey Gang, As we say goodbye to April πŸ‘‹ let's take a look at what's been happening on G-Loot this last month. We continue to add more to the store, along with some quality of life features for Brawls and some new perks for G-Loot premium subscribers on our Discord server. Check it out!Β 

πŸ”§ Product Updates

πŸ›’G-Loot Shop updates

In our ongoing efforts to add more options to the store, we have now added the following gift cards to redeem for your hard-earned coins:

  • Steam gift cards for Brazil and the Philippines

  • ifood gift cards for Brazil

πŸ₯ drum roll….

ALSO, as requested by a large number of you, we are adding:

Riot gift cards for Europe and North America.

As always, we will do our best to provide support for more options and regions in the future!

πŸ‘Š Weekly Brawl Updates

You can now find a scorecard for all users placed on a Brawl leaderboard. This card lets you see a breakdown of the best rounds used for that Brawl, the total score, and tiebreakers. You can see these by hovering over the details column on the leaderboard, found on the Brawl page.

This feature was requested by members of the community a little while ago and its great that we were able to implement something based on user feedback. If you have any feedback or suggestions send them here.

πŸ’šDiscord updates

Back in February, we spoke about adding some perks to our Discord server for our premium subscribers on G-Loot. These are now live on the server.

If you have a premium subscription on G-Loot you get access to a couple of perks on the server. You need to connect your Discord ID to your G-Loot profile and join our server to access these.

The first perk is a premium user role that allows you to enter our premium chat channel, and the second is being able to use our unique profile feature. The profile feature allows you to share information about yourselves, what you are looking for or what you can bring to a team. It will also display some of your G-Loot stats for the games you play on G-Loot.

You will be able to access this profile feature with some simple bot commands and you can call in an embed to a chat channel to display it when looking for a group or team to join. You can read more about it on this channel.

These are the first of many features we would like to add to the server for a premium subscriber. We will keep you posted as more becomes available.

πŸ“ƒBlog Post of the Month

Here at G-Loot, we believe diversity in gaming is super important, and we were happy to chat with the President of Femail Legends, Mags. Female Legends is a community for women and non-binary people in esports and gaming. We got to hear a little about what Female Legends gets up to as well as the challenges they have faced, and what they are doing to make gaming a more inclusive environment.

Check out the full article

❓ Question of the Month

Have a question for us? Let us know on Twitter by answering this tweet with some feedback or a question. We will collect these over the course of next month and try to answer some of them for you in the next issue.


That's all for April!. We hope to bring you more news and updates soon!

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Marcus β€œMEH”
Community Manager