Community Newsletter December 30 2021

December 30 2021

Community Newsletter December 30 2021
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How we communicate as a community

Hey, Gang!

What you are reading now is the first in what I hope to be many Community Newsletters to come. With all the changes that have been happening at G-Loot over the last few months, now feels like the right time to start improving how we communicate with you and each other.

Let's take a look at that!

Discord is the heart of our community. It's the place to relax and hang out with other players. Here you can socialize, talk about gaming in general, gaming on G-Loot, and share gaming content, like your streams or clips and highlights. With the addition of tournaments, the conversation has broadened. You are using the "looking for group" channels to recruit or look for teams to join, as well as seeking information about tournament schedules. Since merging the G-Loot and GLL communities, communication in Discord around tournaments has not been 100% (though you can find all the info you need on the website).

However, based on the feedback we have gotten from you, we are now scheduling Tournaments as Discord Events, so you know when registrations are open, and with the help of our Quality Assurance hero Adam, we have been looking at ways we can enhance this with bots. We're already deploying notifications in tournament-specific channels, and I hope this makes it easier for you and your team to register and play in tournaments.

We will be looking at more ways to work with bots in the future to help you with things like team recruitment. We'll also introduce tools for mixed-party tournaments soon, but more information on that in Discord when the time comes.

Discord is a melting pot of people, ideas, feedback, as well as fun and laughter. It's great to see you all helping each other with questions and solving basic issues. But one thing has become clear: Discord is not the best environment to handle crunchy, technical, or customer support-related issues.

If you have an account issue, you've discovered a bug, G-Loot is not tracking your stats/results properly, something does not make sense on the website, you suspect someone is breaking the rules, you have a few options to better let us know about them:

  1. You can report potential bugs and confusion about the different areas of G-Loot on our "bug reporting" form. This is a great resource, as your submissions are passed on to the relevant teams at G-Loot to investigate - this won't result in an immediate fix (unless it's critical), but the teams will take your reports onboard for future developments.

  2. If you need more immediate help with account/payment/purchasing issues, G-Loot tracking issues, or wish to report a player, you can visit our dedicated support site, where you'll find answers to most questions. If the articles don't help, you can make a ticket on the site to reach out to our support team, who will be able to help you further.  Unlike Discord, the customer support team has access to all the account information and tools to help you best.

  3. I also don't think that Discord is the most effective place to handle your amazing feedback about G-Loot as a product. There are bots we could utilize, for sure, but there are simply better tools for the job out there. Your feedback is always welcome on the server, and it will never be turned away (so long as it's constructive). However, the closed environment of Discord does not allow it to be shared with the people it matters most to: our development teams at G-Loot. So if you do want to share anything, send it over to what I believe is your most valuable and currently underutilized resource—the Community Page.

The Community Page is essentially a forum but has the potential to be an amazing place for you and your fellow community members to create posts with constructive(!) feedback and suggestions about all the different areas of G-Loot. What games you would like to see supported, or changes you would like to see to Missions, Brawls, Tournaments, or Premium subscriptions, for example. You can have conversations with other users, vote up posts that you agree with, or downvote posts that you don't.

Combined, this, becomes extremely valuable to us, as, unlike Discord, we can track how many people are viewing, commenting on, and voting for a post. We get much more insight into what the community is thinking and feeling and will allow us to make more informed and data-driven decisions about the product. This is better than me saying to the teams, "uh we had maybe...5 or 6 people in Discord give this feedback."

Numbers matter, and it's much harder to track with Discord. With the community page, I can tell developers exactly how many agreed with something or if a certain post is getting a lot of attention, and they can look at the feedback directly. That is much more empowering for us as a community.

Realistically, not all feedback is created equal, and what some think would be the next best thing since sliced bread could be poison to another person. So it's a balancing act for us to see where most people are on the same page. Also, not everything we receive on the community page can be acted upon immediately, especially if it does not make sense from a business or development perspective. Over time as you keep lending us your voice, I hope to discover golden nuggets of feedback that could lead to great improvements for G-Loot, and so, once again (because I go on about this a lot), I ask you to please utilize the community page for your feedback and suggestions!

So those are just some of the ways in which your voices can reach us better. I hope that we see more of you utilizing these resources more in the future.

Speaking of which:

What can you expect from the Community Newsletter in the future?

Firstly, don't expect the above to be the standard for this newsletter; I just wanted to let you know how you can better communicate with us. By trying to better communicate it to you… Makes sense?

Going forward I expect to give you a brief overview of happenings in the community. Things like product updates, pressing questions answered by our devs, cool gaming clips or news shared by our community, and information on big events that you should know about, like our Monthly Showdown Tournaments (with cash prize pools).

To wrap things up for this edition, I would like to hear what you would like to see from a community newsletter and generally get feedback on what else you think we can do to improve how we interact with each other as a community.

I have made a post on the community page - where we can get the conversation started, or feel free to let me know in Discord (JOIN NOW!)

Until next time!


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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager


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