Community newsletter - March 2022

March 24 2022

Community newsletter - March 2022
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Hey Gang! Spring is almost in the air and we have some more G-Loot updates to share with you! In this issue, you'll find more updates to our UI and navigation, updates to our customer support, and the G-loot shop!

🔧 Product Updates

🏠Mission and Brawl pages We’ve made some adjustments to our navigation and added Daily Mission and Brawl pages to all games on G-Loot. These spaces are your one-stop shop to find out everything you need to know to get started participating in these activities on G-Loot.

For the Mission and Rewards page, we have added a tab explaining how Daily Missions work. You can also keep better track of your Daily Mission progress and see exactly what rewards you will unlock as you earn XP for the Weekly Mission rewards.

The Brawl page brings the information you need to get started front and center. You can see the objective, required game modes, and more, along with additional tabs for how it works, rules for playing on G-Loot, and your Brawl history.

🤗Customer Support widget We’ve made some improvements to our customer support services and have now added support directly onto our website. You will find the support widget in the bottom right wherever you are on the G-Loot website.

This will help you find answers to your questions about G-Loot and get in touch with customer support more smoothly.

For the time being that the community page, our forum feature, will be removed, but we will be looking to find a new solution for this. More news on that to follow.

🛒G-Loot Shop updates We get a lot of feedback regarding the store, especially what gift cards are available. Based on that feedback, you will be happy to hear we have added Steam gift cards for Brazil. We are also working on adding cards for the UK and Turkey in the near future.

📅 Event

PUBG Season 5 updates There is a lot going on in the world! The war in Ukraine has impacted the PUBG Season 5 event, meaning we've had to reschedule the Super Weekend and Grand Finals. This was covered in this previous tweet. Here are the following dates: Super Weekend- 25-27 March 2022 Grand Finals- 1-3 April 2022

The Super Weekend and Finals will be broadcasted, so join us on Twitch to watch all the action live!

📃 Blog Post of the Month

This month's blog post is brought to you by Yannis, who takes us through the best settings in CS:GO in 2022:

“CS:GO is a highly competitive game. Even the most minute settings can give you a slight edge that boosts your performance. While there are no black-and-white choices, there are specific settings most high-performing players use that enable them to unleash their full potential. Let's dive into those choices”

Check out the full article

❓ Question of the Month

With a competitive platform such as ours, there is always the risk of foul play either from people finding ways to abuse the system or, quite commonly, smurfing.

Rightly so, we receive a bunch of questions about what we are doing to prevent these people from ruining everyone else’s fun?

Simply, we are banning people all the time.

This February, we banned over 200 accounts from our platform for smurfing alone.

This topic usually comes with questions on how we can identify smurfing and other abuses on our platform. Well, as some of you might know, last year we partnered with Anybrain, an anti-cheat platform provider, to help improve our protection.

Anybrain has created what it calls a ‘unique anti-cheat behavioral analysis.’ It monitors players by their gamer signature, a fingerprint created by collecting interaction data, and behavioral biometrics.

An article was recently released, covering the success of our partnership with them and offering more insight into the steps we take to prevent platform abuse, and how Anybrain helps us with that. Read the Anybrain article here.

As well as Anybrain, we have our own automation in place to monitor the leaderboards. We also regularly check them manually and investigate any suspicious activity we see.

BONUS: If you are reading this newsletter and have participated in one of our monthly Showdowns, we have some questions for you. We’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this survey!

👋 Until next time!

That's all for March. We hope to bring you more news and updates soon!

You can keep up to date by following us on social media or joining the discord community.

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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager


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