Everything we know so far about PUBG: New State

October 11 2021

Everything we know so far about PUBG: New State
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With PUGB: New State due any time now, we've gathered everything we know about the new mobile game.

What is PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State, or PUBG Mobile 2, is the upcoming successor of PUBG Mobile, which was released back in 2017. It will be the third installment in the PUBG universe based on the PC version of the original PUBG. PUBG: New State, given its name, will be set in the near future where the government no longer holds supreme control over its people and the nation is overrun with corruption. What makes PUBG: New State different from its predecessors is the new focus on narration and storyline. PUBG: New State will have a narrative-driven theme backing the gameplay and introducing factions that you can be a part of.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG: New State is the successor to the extremely popular PUBG: Mobile. Image source: Onur Binay.

Who made PUBG: New State?

PUBG" New State is currently being developed by PUBG Studios, the same dev behind the original PUBG and its release on mobile. The game was announced to the public back in February 2021 and is now in the testing phase. Krafton—a parent company of PUBG Studios—will publish PUBG: New State and other installments related to the PUBG universe in the future.

Hmmm, PUBG: New State. So what's new?

New story

The new PUBG Mobile will feature the same universe, but 30 years in the future. In 2051, governments worldwide are starting to fall, giving up the playground for newly-risen factions to fight for control of power and authority. Factions' lore, motives, and characteristics will also be a selling point of PUBG: New State. While not confirmed by the dev, we believe that players should be able to choose and fight for their factions.

There are three main factions in the upcoming PUBG mobile game.

  • New State: the locals who live in Troi before its corruption

  • Great Lakes Coalition: a group of local militias that seeks to maintain order

  • Mayhem: a power-hungry biker gang that will do anything for control over Troi

Besides the locals, there is also a group of outsiders who hunt with their masks on. They name themselves The Hunters. Official sources from Krafton confirm the history of this group links back to the original PUBG, which could provide a reason for the Battleground's existence. Long-time fans can expect a nostalgic trip to the old map.

New map

The third installment of PUBB will be set in Troi. What is Troi, you may ask?

Troi resembles Erangel (the first playable map) in its environmental design and theme. Krafton mentioned in a demonstration video that they did not want to redesign Erangel but instead added further gameplay improvements and innovation to the original beloved map.
New State inherits and improves on the established PC/Console foundation, with a fresh "Near Future" twist according to Brian Corrigan, Publishing Director at PUBG Studio

PUBG: New State Exhibition Hall

Unique locations such as the Exhibition Hall will present players with new challenges and opportunities. Image source: PUBG Studios

Troi has a mix of urban neighborhoods and wide-open landmasses, allowing for a diverse range of environments. The new areas, such as the Exhibition Hall and the Laboratory, offer vertical gunplay and bulletproof glass for players to wave at each other before proceeding to annihilate one another. Bulletproof glass gives players a new way to play the game.

New vehicles and utilities

PUBG: New State Trams

Trams and other new vehicles will change the way players travel around the map. Image source: PUBG Studios.

Along with one new map, PUBG: New State also features a host of new vehicles for players to operate on the field.

  • The Volta: a fully electric car that functions and looks similar to Elon Musk's Tesla. The Volta is a stealthy sports car with a quick electric gearbox and a low-profile engine. However, the car has its disadvantages. The Volta has lesser ranges than its gas-powered counterparts, and it loses charge quickly through the boost and being outside the magnetic field.

  • The Vulture: a beast-looking motorcycle that accelerates pretty low but reaches the highest top speed in the game once it is in motion. The Vulture depends heavily on the boost to achieve maximum speed.

  • The Tram: a railway system that runs across Troi, equipped with bulletproof panels and hop-in-hop-out doorless entrances.

  • The Drone Shop: a delivery mechanic that ships extra items using a currency called Drone Credit. Drone Credit can be picked off the ground just like any other weapon and item.

New weapon customization system

PUBG: New State allows players to customize any weapon beyond its suitable attachments. To achieve this, you would need to obtain a customization kit scattered around Troi. With the kit in hand, you can insert any attachment to any gun without restrictions and even alter its firing modes. Yes, you read it correctly. You can change a VSS sniping rifle to a fully automatic gun. If that is not cool, then I don't know what is. I am eager to try it out!

New skins and items

Factions will be the central design philosophy for new characters' and weapons' skins. Each faction will be different and will feature exclusive skins that further distinguish them from the rest. Lore lovers can equip their characters to represent a faction or mix and match to achieve the ultimate fashion hunter badge.

When will PUBG: New State launch?

PUBG: New State is expected to release at the end of October 2021 in India. However, there is no definite date for its release. While the Google Play Store has no release date for PUBG: New State, the Apple Store revealed an approximate time block.

PUBG New State release date Apple Store

So far, there is no confirmation that the release date will be global. Given the popularity of PUBG in India, we believe that the country will receive the game earlier than the rest of the world.

Can I download PUBG: New State now?

As of today (October 11, 2021,) no. PUBG: New State is not yet available for download. However, that should not deter you from registering for a chance to be among the first players to experience the new state of PUBG.

How to pre-register for PUBG" New State
Krafton has not published any news about the PUBG: New State's next testing phase. However, enthusiastic players are being encouraged to pre-register now. Doing so means you can also claim a pretty sick-looking Lamborghini once the game releases. Here are the links to register (based on your platform)

Pre-register on iPhone
Pre-register on Android

Will PUBG: New State be on PC and console?

PUBG: New State is very unlikely to be on other platforms but mobile. Given the success of PUBG Mobile and the lucrative future of handheld gaming, it is a wise financial decision to focus on the platform that brings in the most revenue and lacks heavyweight competition. However, if the game's success surpasses mobile, there will be a future PUBG for the PC and console fans. In the meantime, all we can do is hope our smartphone can run the game.


That is everything we need so far about PUBG: New State. We are excited to jump in and play as soon as the title releases. We will keep you updated on any upcoming news about the game, so stay tuned if you want to know more. Are you excited about PUBG: New State? Let us know via Twitter.

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