Fan theories that will change how you see your favorite games part 1

January 25 2022

Fan theories that will change how you see your favorite games part 1
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Ah, fan theories. The fuel to the lore machine, also the fuel to the speculation fire. While not all esports games explicitly follow a lore, the ones that do are always subject to fan theories.

Writers usually hide their intentions between the lines, so the fans always look for breadcrumbs to pave the way to an unseen narrative. From dead characters coming back to life to Pokémon edibility, fan theories have an incredibly wide range of ideas. In this article, we dive (but not too deeply, for our own sake) into some of the fan theories that would make you stop and consider everything you know about your favorite game. Let’s begin.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is in a weird place lore-wise, mostly because of the way lore is delivered. You need to follow multiple social media accounts and even buy the official lore book, Pathfinder’s Quest. Failing to follow it all means you’ll have gaps in your knowledge, but this creates the perfect spawning ground for fan theories about Apex Legends. Here are some of the interesting Apex Legends theories.

Kuben Blisk is trying to rebuild Apex Predators

Blisk is known best for his group of mercenaries called the Apex Predators. During the final part of Titanfall 2, Blisk commends Pilot Jack Cooper for his ability to take out all his crew and offers him a position in the Apex Predators instead of trying to avenge his crewmates. This is because Blisk believes in absolute superiority on the battlefield. If you kill his entire team, that just means you would make a better crewmate for him than all those dead idiots.

Blisk Apex Legends

Blisk hands out the Apex card to Cooper, something he does now to invite people to the Apex Games. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

While we don’t truly know how much power Blisk holds over the Apex Games and the Syndicate, we do know that he personally invited some of the Legends to the Games. Given his general approach to fellow fighters and mercenaries, fans theorize that Blisk is planning to bring the Apex Predators back and that the Apex Games is where he tests the potential candidates. As we all know, he only wants the best on his team.

Another fan theory further solidifies this one, and yes, it’s about Pilot Jack Cooper.

BT-7274 is alive

At the end of Titanfall 2, BT initiates “Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot”. As he previously mentioned, this Titan with a heart of gold will not lose another Pilot, so he throws Cooper to safety before sacrificing himself to destroy the Fold Weapon. While his heroic sacrifice saves the lives of billions, a post-credits scene shows there’s still hope for BT to return.

Desperate to find a clue that would imply BT’s return, fans have discovered that BT uploads himself to Cooper’s Pilot Helmet during one of the earlier missions in the game. While Pilot Jack Cooper says he doesn’t know how to feel about getting a new Titan, considering that would mean all his neural links to BT being erased, he states he “liked the old one.” Right after he utters this line, we see Cooper’s helmet and its visor flickers in a series of flashes, implying a code of some sort. Fans have cracked this code, revealed to be saying “Jack?” in Binary Code.

Jack Helmet Flash

Cooper’s helmet flashes with -presumably- BT’s message. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

This points towards the possibility of BT’s consciousness remaining in Cooper’s helmet, which would just require a new Titan body to be built for him to come back. This would mean the duo of Jack and BT-7274 would once again work together, which would certainly draw Blisk’s attention. Jack surviving the destruction of Typhon and having his Titan back could mean he’s a top contender for a slot in the Apex Predators. As far as we know, Jack is not keen on joining a mercenary group that works for anyone who pays them, regardless of moral standing. This never stopped Blisk from trying, though.

These two theories together make an interesting scenario where Pilot Jack Cooper might show up in Apex Legends in the future, and—when Titanfall 3 eventually gets made—Blisk might make another very important appearance in it.

Maggie will join the Apex Games

Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kōhere is the frontrunner of fan theories on who’s going to be the next Legend. Her troublesome past with Fuse easily makes an excuse for her to join, among her other troubles with the Syndicate. She’s known to be a very capable fighter, one that Fuse trusted with his own life. She also has the resources due to being a warlord of her own right.

Apex Legends Fuse Maggie

Walter is about to drop the news of his leave on Maggie. She doesn’t take it well. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

She fights for Salvo’s independence from the Syndicate, which could bring her to the Games to gather information or to try to break the system from the inside. She’s shown to be able to hack into both Fuse’s ceremony ship and the Ring system of Apex Games itself, so she’s already a force to be reckoned with.

Apex Legends usually builds lore through personal relationships between the Legends, and Fuse is having a blast so far in terms of friendship with others. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say his past is about to catch up with him in the shape of his former partner, Maggie.

– Maggie confirmation update –

So, when I wrote this article, Maggie wasn’t confirmed yet. Here’s a rundown of what happened afterward.

It turns out Maggie is not joining the Apex Games on her own accord. The only accurate part of the theory was the part where she ends up in the Games because of her “freedom fighting” for Salvo. For inciting riots, stealing supplies from Syndicate forces, and generally being a thorn in their side, Maggie is caught and tried by a Syndicate judge who was very happy to give her the death sentence. However, the trial was observed by none other than Eduardo Silva, Octane’s father, who also happens to be the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. Thanks to Eduardo’s massive intelligence network, Maggie was caught and brought in.

Eduardo intervenes with Maggie’s execution, forcing the judge to change her sentence. So now Maggie is forced to join the Apex Games, something the judge hopes would kill her, but she is probably on her way to becoming Eduardo Silva’s reluctant spy inside the Syndicate. Silva is known to be gunning for the leadership of the Syndicate, and putting someone as disruptive as Maggie right in the middle of their prized tournament will surely shake things up in his favor.


G-Man’s real identity

We all know how much Half-Life affected video games, esports included. One thing the Half-Life series always maintained is that its universe and lore are incomprehensibly bigger than what we have seen so far. We are regularly reminded of this fact by one of the most mysterious characters in video gaming history, the G-Man. While theories about Half-Life are endless, G-Man’s background and identity are some of the biggest secrets in both Half-Life series and video games in general.

G-man is obviously not human. His speech pattern suggests he’s having trouble articulating words with a “mouth” because he’s not used to it. However, his current status might not entirely be what he was born with. A popular theory about G-Man is that he’s, in fact, the very distant future version of Gordon Freeman. Yes, some fans also believe the meaning behind the name is something more than just short for “government man.”

Half-Life G-Man

The man is terrible at speaking human languages, but he’s great at dressing up. (Image: Valve)

While we know very little beyond what we’ve seen about the alien civilizations, fans theorize that Gordon reaches a transcendent state at some point which ends up with him as the G-Man, trying to manipulate the past events for a better outcome. G-Man is also known to serve some unknown “employers” who are clearly trying to stop the Combine. Maybe Gordon Freeman is going back in time to have himself clean up his own mess because his employers force his hand.

G-Man also mentions that there are other prospects for Gordon’s “services.” This suggests either G-Man and Gordon make a weird duo that can alter timelines or Gordon—a simple scientist in appearance—has something in him that even he’s unaware of. Maybe Gordon is able to change the fates of planets, and G-Man is marketing Gordon’s abilities to certain buyers around the galaxy.


Symmetra is on the spectrum

While this is later confirmed by papa Jeff Kaplan himself, I believe it prompts a mention here because Overwatch has always been one of the most prominent games in terms of inclusivity and diversity.

Overwatch Symmetra

Anjali Bhimani brings Symmetra to life with an amazing personality and energy. (Image: Blizzard Entertainment)

Symmetra is a tech genius (voiced by the amazing Anjali Bhimani, who also voices Rampart in Apex Legends) who helps her teammates with her unique inventions. From photon projectors to teleportation devices, Symmetra demonstrates an incredible amount of effort and passion towards both technology and the betterment of the world. In an Overwatch comic, Symmetra mentions being “different” than other kids when she was young and people asking her where she is on the autism spectrum. This prompted fans to question if she was indeed autistic, which was later confirmed by multiple Blizzard developers, including Jeff Kaplan.

Overwatch always makes a point to remind people that you don’t need to be “cool” or anything like that to be a good person. As Tracer says, the world could always use more heroes, and those heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Symmetra is embraced by her Overwatch family regardless of her “difference.” Reaching out to people who are having a hard time adjusting is just as heroic as fighting evil supervillains.

Super Mario World

Mario punches Yoshi

Okay, I have to mention this one because it’s very weird and very fitting at the same time. As you know, Yoshi is one of the most iconic mounts you can find in a game. In Super Mario World, Mario kindly requests Yoshi to reach out with its tongue to grab objects. Well, not so kindly, apparently. Turns out Mario punches Yoshi, which causes its tongue to burst out.

Mario rides Yoshi

“Go!” he says. “Wahoo!” he says… (Image: Nintendo)

This is a weird fact because Mario punching Yoshi sounds like, well, cruelty. But when you consider the fact that Mario’s main choice of attack is stepping on others, it kind of fits. Also, this is almost definitely done in a slapstick fashion, which is a very popular type of comedy in Japanese culture. A character hitting another for a funny physical reaction is widely used in Japanese comedies, which fits with Mario’s behavior towards Yoshi. Mario’s not hitting Yoshi maliciously, but more to the comedic effect to make Yoshi’s tongue come out.

This was also confirmed by the developers, who for some reason wanted to reveal that there was also a sound effect that accompanied the punch that was later changed to Mario saying “go!” to Yoshi.


Sometimes we move forward by simply defeating opponents, not caring about the lore or the story. But sometimes, knowing what’s happening behind the scenes makes the experience much better. One way or another, video games have become a part of our lives. Fan theories are a great way to have a conversation about your favorite games with other people and a way to digest the game’s narrative in ways even the writers didn’t think about. It’s also a pit where you can fall, like when you lose in Mortal Kombat, but endless.

You know what theory is 100% confirmed and a solid fact, though? It’s the fact that G-Loot is here to help you keep track of your stats and provide you with competitions to not only improve your skills but to let you compete against other G-Looters for real rewards.

What do you think about these fan theories? Do you think Titanfall 3 will have solid connections to Apex Legends? Do you have a theory on who G-Man actually is? Join the conversation on Discord to discuss your theories, favorite games, and how to get better at them.

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