G-Loot Clan of the Month: meet Fire Flux!

November 22 2022

G-Loot Clan of the Month: meet Fire Flux!
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It has been a few months since the release of Clans at G-Loot, and we thought it was about time to celebrate the best of them! Enjoy our first-ever interview with the Clan of the month: Fire Flux.

If you have been following our VALORANT Clash, you might already know that four Clans were given the opportunity to qualify for Showdown by placing first in the weekly Brawls

Competitive esports team Fire Flux joined G-Loot and created their own Clan, conquering the top of the Leaderboard and entering by right and merit the Clash Showdown. Not only that, Fire Flux placed third during the Showdown advancing to the Grand Final that will be played this coming weekend November 25-27.

But let’s hear it from the pro players themselves! And if you are new here, don’t forget to check how G-Loot can help you track all your VALORANT stats and make your game more rewarding.


Esports team Fire Flux meets G-Loot: read all the interview!

Where are you from and how long has Fire Flux been playing VALORANT together?

Mavera: We are from Turkey. We are two times grand finalist team of VRL Turkey 2022. Fire Flux Esports has been competing in Valorant for 1.5 years and I joined them in September 2021.

Can you describe Fire Flux play style and team dynamics? 

Mavera: We play the Valorant by half-reactions and half-structure. Our dynamics are set for pre rounds and we work with our players to read the opponent and decide the best option for any condition. During plays, we, of course, aim to win but at the same time we try to have fun first so we may make viewers and supporters have fun with us too.

Favorite techniques and Agents to play?

Mavera: This is very variable because we try the Agents with the best performance of our players in practices and choose them accordingly. Sometimes we make changes according to the opponent and the situation. But our favorite technique is to simply play our own game. We like to play the strategy we have planned and established in advance with minimal changes according to the opponent.

We would love to know a bit more about your G-Loot experience: How long have you been playing with G-Loot? And how was playing the Showdown?

Mavera: We met with G-Loot this Riot's Valorant tournament as Fire Flux Esports is already a professional esports organization. We were competing in the VRL league 2022, and we played at both grand finals this season. It was fun playing VALORANT Clash Showdown, and we are excited about the Grand Final now!

Best moment for your Clan during the VALORANT Clash tournament? 

Mavera: In Ascent against TENSTAR, it could be sociablEE's ACE in the last round. (We definitely agree: Watch the cool action here!).

What's the secret to your success?

Mavera: Working so hard.

Don’t forget to watch Fire Flux playing in the VALORANT Clash Grand Finals!

Thanks Fire Flux and Coach Mavera for this interview with us at G-Loot: we can’t wait to see all your actions in the Grand Final. If you have liked this interview, and want to know more about Fire Flux, don’t forget to check out their social media channels on Instagram, Twitter , and TikTok

If you are feeling inspired to play VALORANT more seriously, G-Loot Clans can be a great place to start: find some fellow gamers now, and start getting rewarded for playing your favorite games!

And, of course, watch Fire Flux play in the VALORANT Clash Grand Finals this weekend November 25-27 on G-Loots Twitch and YouTube channels. We look forward to seeing you there!


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