How to get better at League of Legends 

October 14 2021

How to get better at League of Legends 
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League of Legends is one of the most played multiplayer video games globally, with millions of people playing daily worldwide. Some just want to have fun, some are more competitive, and for a few, their goal is to get to the best of the best and become a professional League of Legends player.

Maybe you’re reaching for gold or trying to get the number 1 spot in the Challenger ladder. Both goals are legitimate but also take time; even the best players in the world didn’t reach Challenger right away. For some people getting good at a video game and reaching the top level comes easily, but it doesn’t work the same way for everybody, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.

With that said, let’s look at some ways for you to get better at League of Legends. If you haven't started yet, you can get the game here.

Find your main role

League of Legends roles

Image source: Riot Games

This one seems kind of obvious, but it’s one of the easiest and important tips. Many new players—even some who have already played League for quite a time—don’t stick to a single role; instead, they play a little bit of everything. If you are good at the game—like Faker or ShowMaker—that’s ok; it’s one way to learn more about other positions and how they impact a game. However, for the mere mortal, it’s better to choose a single position to learn, especially in the beginning.

Whether you choose the position you like to play the most or the one you find yourself performing the best, the important thing is that you pick one position and learn everything you can about it. You can do this by watching YouTube videos, professional games, and of course, playing a lot. Only by playing will you be able to adapt to all the different scenarios presented to you in the game.

Have a smaller champion pool

League of Legends champions

Image source: Riot Games

Many professional players or Challengers got to that rank by playing one champion for most of their games. They knew that champion like the back of their hands. They knew the limits of the character and how to utilize it to the best of its capabilities.

So, the second tip for you to improve on League of Legends is to have a small champion pool. If you are just starting or are low MMR and want to climb, choose a maximum of 3 champions for your position. By reducing the number of champions you play, you will be able to play those two to three champions really well. If you are playing a lot of champions, chances are you are mediocre in all of the. It’s better to be great at one or two champions than be mediocre with ten of them.

When you’ve chosen your champions, play a lot of games with them. You can go to the practice tool to get familiar with their abilities, then play some normals to get the feel of the champion in a real game. Once you feel ready, spam that champion on ranked. Yes, you are going to need a lot of games to become great at a champion, but it’s worth it. You will find that you will climb way faster because you know the champion’s mechanics, how to play them in different matchups, and how to adapt depending on the players you are facing.

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Get coaching or professional help 

If you are serious about improving and open to spending some money, search for professional help. By that, I mean a Challenger player or, preferably, a coach who is also Challenger (or high Elo at least) who plays your position and can help you improve your game.

These coaches usually do a session where they watch a game and tell you what to do during the game. After the game ends, they explain what you did right and wrong, the aspects you need to improve the most, and how to improve those specific characteristics of your game.

A lot of players use coaches, from the low MMR to even professionals. This shows that a good coach will help you improve your game no matter who you are. There is always something you can work on your game, and having a coach to help you find what that point is and helping you fixing it helps you improve much faster than you would typically do.

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Watch streams, videos, and professional games

Replays Highlights Twitch League of Legends

Watching replays and highlights on Twitch is a great way to pick up tips.

Watching a video, a stream, or a game with a professional player in your role will also help you improve. You will gain knowledge about a specific champion or a matchup that will help you in future games. For example, if your main role is ADC, you should watch streams from ADC mains like Doublelift. A player with such a high game IQ will give tips while playing: explaining why they took a specific action and how that action impacts the state of the game. They’ll also show you how to play certain matchups and the best way to deal with different game situations as an ADC main. If you play other roles, watch streams from high Elo players that play the same role you do and, if possible, the same champions as you.

Play at least three games per day 

League of Legends Game Selection

Image source: Riot Games

Playing at least three games a day is very important as it helps you maintain and develop your mechanical skills. If you go a long time without playing a game, your mechanics will not be the best, and you can feel a little bit rusty. By playing regularly, not only are you improving your mechanical abilities, but you are also putting a lot of time into the game. If done correctly, this will help you improve faster and always be aware of the meta shifts.

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These are some of the ways to get better at League of Legends. I hope I was able to help you guys, and good luck on the road to achieving your goals.

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