How to track stats for your games

June 24 2021

How to track stats for your games
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Three steps to tracking your video game statistics.

Once upon a time in the not-so-far-away past, gamers would write down their high scores and stats in notebooks or in the backs of game manuals. But no longer! Now we have game trackers - apps that track your statistics for you. They help you target the areas you need to improve your gameplay to reach that ultimate next level.

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Step One: Download the app of your choice

There are quite a few trackers out there. They range in quality and even price but most of them will do the job. We’ll be breaking down how to use G-Loot, a 100% free tracker that gives you some awesome stats. But this information should be applicable to other trackers too!

A few things you’ll want to take into account before downloading a tracker:

  • Does it offer the game you want?

  • Is it within your price range?

  • Does it offer a range of statistics?

  • Can it give you insights into your play that will help you improve?

Step Two: Play!

A good tracker should never interfere with your game. You should be able to play, as usual, knowing it’s working as you grind! A good tip is to test it a few times, check you’re using it correctly so you don’t play the best game of your life only for it to not log your awesome stats.

With G-Loot, it’s good to launch the app before you launch your game. Otherwise, the app can have issues tracking. If it’s working, you’ll see the logo in the corner. You can always move this if it’s too distracting.

Step Three: Analyse your stats

This is the really cool part. Now you get to see how you play. These stats can be anything from what you know to things you do that you’ve never even considered a weakness in your gaming.

Let’s breakdown the stats you could get from your tracker

These stats are from a player on our leaderboard who has clearly been killing it! You can see your G-Loot stats by logging into, selecting your profile, and clicking on ‘stats’.


Assists are when you aid someone else in a kill. You won’t be the person to give that final blow, but you’ll have helped them get there.

If you have a high Assists stat, you’re a great team player but maybe you can focus on dealing that final blow and getting the kill for yourself. One way you can turn an assist into a kill is by getting those headshots in. They’ll deal the most damage and you’ll be more inclined to get the kill.


Kills are worth their weight in gold (literally if you enter our paid challenges!) The higher your kills stat, overall, the better you’ll be performing in-game. If you’re looking for ways to increase your kills, try spending some time on our kill-based challenges, to really push your grind that little bit further.


Headshots really speak for themselves. If you have a high headshots statistic, you’re probably a pro aimer. We hope you’re not getting these awesome stats from camping! That’s just rude. If you’re looking to get your headshots up, first try adjusting your game’s aiming sensitivity to something that works for you. Then, hit the grind! Again, G-loot has some awesome headshot challenges that will push your game to the next level. But if you’re not ready for that, try finding a good spot on the map and aiming higher (duh!) Sometimes, in Valorant, I find myself back in the practice range, adjusting my sensitivity and reevaluating my go-to guns.

You can find more about the settings used by the pros here, for Valorant, Apex, and Rainbow Six!

Win Rate

How often do you win games? It’s pretty straightforward but an awesome statistic to keep track of. Maybe it’s on the rise and your grind is paying off or maybe you’ve spent too long staring at the same old maps and you’re starting to slip. Maybe try out these apps to make your gaming more exciting if that’s the case.

Keeping track of your win rate and any of these statistics will allow you to tailor your play to progress in the areas you fall short. The more statistics, the better this insight, and the more you can grind and progress!


Another really helpful tool offered by G-Loot is the ability to see your stats visually, over time. This means you can see how well you’re progressing, maybe you were off for a week, maybe you really put in your hours and you can see your progress. It’s super rewarding and, again, gives you those key insights needed to take your game to the next level.

So why not try a tracker?

See how it improves your game. Download G-Loot today and let us know how your stats measure up!


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