G-Loot Introducing: Brawl Levels!

August 9 2022

G-Loot Introducing: Brawl Levels!
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This week we are releasing a new update to Brawls called Brawl Levels!

This will hopefully provide more transparency and understanding of how Brawls work. The games it will currently apply to are Valorant, CS:GO, Rocket League, and League of Legends, with Apex Legends and PUBG to come a little later.

This is something we have been working on for a while, and in fact, Brawls have always been working this way behind the scenes, but we wanted to give our players a better understanding of how it works, and why you are placed on one leaderboard instead of another. It will also help you find your friends on the leaderboards more easily.

Some Brawls put players into different levels based on their skills and performance, while others are open to everyone no matter the skill level. However, some Brawls are so big that they are split into smaller groups to give everyone a better chance to win. Each group has its own leaderboard and rewards.

Note: It has nothing to do with your ranking or stats from in-game. It's based on the G-Loot platform data from your participation in Brawls.

Based on this, you get placed in a Brawl level, for example, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. You will remain at that level for the duration of that week's Brawl. The rewards between the levels and—in some cases, games—will differ. However, Gold will provide the greatest rewards, and the lower levels will have smaller rewards.

Brawl Levels

G-Loot Brawls Levels leaderboard

This is done to add a greater element of progression for all players, especially new players to that particular game, and G-Loot in general. It will give players something to work towards over time, and as your performance improves, you can try to make it to the next Brawl level. Though it's worth knowing that if you don't perform particularly well one week, you can end up at a lower level, and there is always the chance to go back up again.

Once you are placed in a Brawl level, you will be able to see all the different leaderboards currently running: these are called groups for simplicity. There is no functional difference between them​—they are just multiple brawls of the same level. You will also be able to see the leaderboards for the other levels you are not placed in, and the groups within them. This will allow you to see what kinds of scores you need to be hitting to be placed in the higher levels.

In regards to Apex Legends and PUBG Brawls, placement rounds are not yet added, but we are working on bringing placement levels to them soon!

As we have already mentioned, we hope this gives players better transparency on how Brawls function and creates a more balanced experience, as you will not be placed against people performing better than you. It will also add a more social element to G-Loot, as it will allow you to find and track your friends' progress in the Brawls, since you may not always end up on the same level based on how you are playing that week.

We will have further updates coming your way, to help improve even more in how players participate and compete together on G-Loot. We hope to share more on that with you in the near future.

If you don’t have a G-Loot account and want to see what the new Brawl Levels are all about, you can join G-Loot here! You can also join the G-Loot Discord here to share your thoughts about this new feature 🎉

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Marcus “MEH”
Community Manager