Our top four best Valorant Crosshairs

August 11 2022

Our top four best Valorant Crosshairs
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Having a good crosshair is as important as having superior game sense in Valorant. It is an essential factor that determines your potential in competitive matches.

There are a lot of crosshair options available online and it could be difficult for you to choose the one that is best suited for you. We've compiled a list of the top four professional esports-inspired Valorant crosshairs to help you solve that dilemma and make your choice much simpler.

What Makes The Perfect Crosshair in Valorant

Before choosing the perfect crosshair for yourself, you must know the factors that should be determined prior to selecting a crosshair.


Having a perfectly sized crosshair could improve the gaming experience tremendously. It should be large enough for you to see it, but not so massive that it dominates the screen.

A lot of Valorant players opt for making the crosshair stay stationary on the screen. This effectively means disabling the Firing Error and Movement Error options. As these options can, at times, cause a disturbance rather than help you improve your aim. Be aware, that these options should only be disabled when you feel comfortable with how movement and spraying affect your bullet trajectory. 


A crosshair's efficiency is greatly influenced by the color choice that is made. Due to the atmosphere and chaotic nature of the game, some players find it challenging to adjust their crosshairs. We advise using a high contrast color such as cyan or bright yellow to address this issue and ensure accurate crosshair placement. This will allow your eyes to more easily find it amidst the chaos that ensues when abilities fly around, shots being fired, and desperately searching for the enemy team. In essence, you never want to lose track of your crosshair. Bear in mind that this could be different for color-blinded players, and we would recommend doing further research if you fall in this category. 

Process Of Choosing A Crosshair

This section is dedicated to both new, current, and returning players to the game and how one could adjust their crosshair. Go to the Valorant Settings and then head over to the Crosshairs section.
There you can find various settings that users can adjust according to personal preferences.

Crosshairs Pro Gamers Use

For the best experience and progressive gameplay, we recommend using these pro-influenced crosshairs mentioned below:


The name “TenZ” is known to every hardcore Valorant fan, as his gameplay surely inspires many players all over the world! The crosshair he uses is known to be an effective choice for gamers and is easy to use as well. To obtain his crosshair please copy the following shortcode:


This crosshair not only reduces “Firing Error” but also enables easier crosshair placement. The “Cyan” color makes it easier to stay focused on target and not get distracted by the environment. TenZ’s crosshair is a suitable choice for new gamers as well as those looking to improve their experience. 

TenZ Crosshair


ScreaM from Team Liquid is one of the most popular competitive players in Valorant. His achievements make him a capable player as well as a mentor for many of his viewers. The crosshair he equips is one of the most efficient in terms of crosshair placement and ADS (Aiming Down Sights). To use his crosshair copy the following shortcode:


For players that are seasoned in the game, this specific crosshair is a terrific option. The "dot" based crosshair simplifies crosshair placement and boosts the game's headset ratio. However, because using a crosshair demands high accuracy and in-game awareness, it could be difficult for beginner players.

Scream Crosshair


Hiko from 100 Thieves is a well-known player in the Valorant as well as the CS:GO community. His tactics and competitive performances are a testament to his talent in gaming. The crosshair he uses is recommended for a large range of audiences due to its simplicity as well as accuracy. To equip the crosshair, copy the following shortcode:


A widespread crosshair is a great option for players getting used to Valorant. By using this crosshair, you may alter your direction quickly and have less "Firing Error." Overall, we advise people to use this crosshair because it has all the characteristics they need to advance.

Hiko Crosshair


Every gamer who follows social media is familiar with the name Shroud. He has distinguished himself in Valorant by frequently attaining the highest rank, "Radiant," and by outperforming opponents in extremely competitive settings. He represents the ideal player for many gamers, and his use of his crosshair is further evidence of this. To obtain his crosshair, use the following shortcode:


Shroud's crosshair stands out for a variety of reasons, and the use of the color "White" is one of them. This makes it possible for players to aim without being sidetracked by their surroundings. Additionally, the extra outer lines help with crosshair placement, making it a great option for newer players.

Shroud Crosshair

So, there you go, everyone! This was our top 4 selection for the Best Valorant Crosshairs based on player experience as well as our personal preferences. Since every crosshair targets a different kind of gamer, we advise testing them all out to see which one is ideal for you.

Last words about personal preference

At the end of the day, personal preference is key. Sure, certain professional players use what seems to be optimal settings. However, this should not deter you from going with your very own setup. We always encourage tinkering, optimizing, and finding your own way to the top of the leaderboard!

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Daniyal "Dan1" Khan

Writer by profession, self-proclaimed gaming legend by hobby