PUBG Haven map guide: tips & tricks to help you win

April 19 2022

PUBG Haven map guide: tips & tricks to help you win
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Haven is a 1x1 map, meaning it's the smallest in the game. As such, it can only accommodate up to 32 players in solo and duo queues. The map has a dense urban setting, with tall buildings and narrow alleyways. This makes for an intense close-quarter battlefield that will truly test your mettle as a PUBG player.

Love it or hate it, Haven is a map that finds itself in rotation from time to time. Here are all the important things you need to know to get the win.

Perfect your landing strategy

PUBG Haven Parachuting

Image source: Krafton

PUBG rewards good shooting and strategic thinking, but one component of the game is much more critical: landing. How you land on Haven can spell the difference between Chicken Dinner and taking a bullet to the head. In this map, in particular, it's not just important to land at a good spot but also to get your boots to the ground as quickly as possible.

Your velocity will need to be adjusted based on the distance to your descent. Face squarely to the horizon to go the furthest. As a side advantage, the faster you go, the quicker you'll move after you open your chute. To achieve this, simply glance down and press W. Hold Shift to accelerate the plunge.

Finally, you can fine-tune your landing precision by swinging with W and gliding with Ctrl.

Weigh the risk/reward of your drop location

Before choosing your drop location, you need to weigh the risk vs. the potential reward. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Do I know the site well enough?

  • Do I have the early game skill to survive multiple scrambles?

  • Does the location have enough cover areas?

Haven drop locations by risk level

If you're a battle-hardened PUBG player or you are being carried by some real high rollers, then medium and high-risk drop points are worth the risk. However, if you're still getting your feet wet or generally prefer to play it safe, then going for a low-risk drop point will be your best bet. 

Haven is significantly smaller than any other PUBG map, so your options are pretty limited. This means that even though certain areas are lower risk than others, that's only proportionate to the choices other players make, meaning you'll have to be prepared for all possibilities regardless of where you choose to land.

High risk

  • Residential - This is one of the most highly populated areas in terms of loot, meaning most people will be gunning to land here. Located on the island's southwest coast, the zone's chances of starting here are slim, so you'll need to be swift with your looting if you choose to take the risk. If you want to play it somewhat safe, the Residential district's left edge is the finest place to acquire stuff without getting caught easily. On each level of the building, there are areas to explore as well as strategic locations from which to launch an attack or make a quick getaway.

  • Any central location - We're lumping all of the middle areas of the map into one because of the unique size of the Haven map. Due to its dense urban setting, the center of this battleground is exceptionally high risk for several reasons. For one, loot is lackluster. You can get lucky on some rooftops, but that's if someone else hasn't landed before you. Furthermore, escaping is tricky, especially if you're at road level, as snipers and enemies at vantage points have a clear sight of you. All in all, stay away from the middle areas of this map unless you want to style like a boss.

Medium risk

  • Industrial Park - Though the Industrial Park is generally a popular drop point, its far left corner, where there are two garages and several containers nearby, is a sensible place to land. Loot is plentiful in this area while also being less crowded than in other parts of the park. Because of this, it's a solid option for quiet looting. On top of that, it has plenty of exit points for you to flee the scene in case the area grows more popular than normal.

Low risk

PUBG Haven Coal Yard

Image source: Krafton

  • Coal Yards - The Coal Yards is a great safe zone because of its average loot density, meaning most players will be out searching for higher prizes. By choosing to drop here, will gain access to the East side of the island to loot 'till your heart's content. Once you're ready to make your run into the middle of the map, there is enough cover for you to be safe. More buildings with loot can also be found in this area on the south side. With so many people focusing on the zone's location, you can go about your business with little to no worries.

Unique Haven map features

PUBG Haven Truck

Image source: Krafton

Apart from being PUBG's first-ever 1x1 map, Haven has a few unique features that don't exist in the rest of the available battlegrounds.

For starters, it's a 32-player map, which makes sense given the available real estate. You can play this map solo, but if you want to squad up, you can only go for duos, and that's about it. In many ways, Haven should be treated like a colosseum arena. You'll need to be swift with your looting and skillful with your shooting as the death toll ramps up almost immediately at round start. You'll even find that it's easy to snipe people are they're still in the process of landing.

What's even more unique about Haven are its AI helicopter and trucks. These two work together as the helicopter hovers around looking for player characters. Once it spots one, it will shine its light on them, which then guides the death trucks to their location. Once these nasty vehicles find you, they'll attempt to kill you. What's worse is that, apart from guns, these trucks are also armed with rocket launchers.

PUBG PvE Pillar

Image source: Krafton

Finally, Haven adds a bit of PvE into the mix. Several locations across the map, marked by smoke and symbols on the walls, contain AI enemies led by commanders. Take down these NPCs and their leader, and you'll be rewarded with a key that opens a big box of goodies. Keep in mind that these AI enemies act as a replacement for airdrops and flare guns.

Haven map top mistakes to avoid & tips

Before we wrap up, we've got some extra tips that'll help you fine-tune your path to victory on Haven:

  • Don't bother trying to take down the helicopter or trucks because you simply can't. Just avoid them as much as possible and be aware that the rockets can get you around corners. Instead, seek cover or shelter ASAP. After a while, the trucks will drive off in search of new prey.

  • Landed on a rooftop and don't know how to get down? Fret not! Haven is a map that has emergency parachutes scattered all over the place. Once you've looted a few rooftops, grab one and do some base jumping! Remember to pull the chute before hitting the ground.

  • Be prepared for a real battle against the AI enemies that guard the loot crates. Their commanders are especially tough so make sure you're well-armed and stocked up before assaulting their territory.

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