PUBG Karakin map guide: tips & tricks to help you win

March 22 2022

PUBG Karakin map guide: tips & tricks to help you win
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While the Karakin PUBG map is smaller than its predecessors, it still requires you to outlast 63 other players to win. The arid deserts and sandy dunes may not seem like much. In reality, they have more going on than you might believe. 

PUBG Karakin's 2 x 2 km size contains a plethora of subtleties, like destructible passageways, secret loot caches, and the amusing Sticky Bomb weapon.

Whether you're an experienced PUBG player or a rookie who's just getting started, you'll benefit from learning the greatest Karakin tips and tricks.

Stick the landing

PUBG Karakin parachute

What matters more than your shooting and strategic insight in PUBG is your ability to land. The way you land on Karakin can spell the difference between getting off to a fast start and taking a bullet to the head before the storm has even begun to close in.

The first thing to notice is the map's depiction of distance. A kilometer is equal to one square of the grid. This will allow you to judge your distance. Wait until the plane's wing is wholly aligned with your drop zone of choice.

Karakin flight path PUBG

If the drop site is far away, you may have to alter your drop velocity. Face the horizon, and you'll go the farthest. Any other location will cause you to lose speed or accelerate your descent. On top of that, your parachuting speed will increase when you open your chute. Simply glance down and then press W to perform this. SHIFT can also be used to speed things up if necessary.

Swinging your character with W and gliding by holding down CTRL can also help improve your landing precision.

Weigh the risk/reward of your drop location

PUBG Karakin street

To put your newfound landing skills to good use, you'll need to put them to practice. If you're like most people, your first instinct is to head straight for Karakin's most desirable drop places. This idea has some appeal, but there's more to choosing a drop zone than just loot.

Anyone with half a brain can figure out where the most gear spawns; therefore, these areas are extremely hazardous. First and foremost, PUBG is a game of survival. As soon as you enter a high-intensity battleground, your chances of becoming a spectator skyrocket.

You should assess the risks and rewards of several drop locations before making a final decision. Here are the key questions to ask:

  • Do I know the site well enough?

  • Is it possible for me to survive consecutive scrambles in the game's early stages?

  • Are there places for me to hide or easy exits to take when the brown matter hits the fan?

Karakin drop locations by risk level

PUBG Karakin buildings

If you're sure of your abilities—and those of your team—going for a medium or high-risk drop zone can get you a sizable arsenal. For those who prefer the "slow and steady" path, there's no guilt in settling for a low-risk place to land. Here are the best Karakin drop locations by risk level.

High Risk

  • Cargo Ship

     - Shipping containers abound aboard this ship docked off Karakin's southwest shore. While its loot quality may not always be the best, it's definitely bountiful. The overwhelming concentration of loot means you may be fully stocked within minutes of landing, but it also makes it quite popular. If you aren't the first to arm up, consider hiding in the sea.

  • Al Habar

     - On the other side of the map is Al Habar, the largest city with the most buildings and, most likely, opponents. Al Habar has plenty of weaponry and gear, but finding them requires climbing ever-higher buildings, leading to some intense inside clashes. The threat of sniper fire when on exposed roofs is another factor to consider.

  • Jamila Textiles

     - This place is not marked on the map but does offer facilities to arm yourself. Unfortunately, many players have caught on now, so getting to Jamila Textiles will be challenging. If you manage to endure the conflicts there, you'll come out well-equipped and set to tackle Al Habar and other popular sites.

Medium Risk

  • Bashara

     - A city in the west of the map with many towering vantage points. As a result, firing on an opponent from one rooftop may place you in the sights of another much higher up. There are enough alleyways and small spots to escape attackers. Still, the map gets crowded rapidly, so you may need to sidestep players until you have a respectable weapon.

  • Bahr Sahir

     - A large town used by many to get to Al Habar, which offers more than enough loot for a small army. It's got multiple entrances and exits, so you can sneak in and out with a full arsenal without being seen. However, one enormous warehouse near the Water Tower has become a well-known early-game hotspot.

  • Hadiqa Nemo

     - This bustling seaside town located east of the map offers more tactical versatility than you may initially think. The numerous cargo containers are packed with new weapons and supplies, while the piers can be used to hide if you can't get a rifle promptly.

Low Risk

  • Tunnels

     - Compounds can lead to tunnels, particularly in the map's center. These claustrophobic tunnels are potential paradises for looters and evaders. There are some underwater locations, but it's probably best to avoid them since you'll be vulnerable.

  • Al Hayik

     - This is the map's tiniest named site, south of Karakin. That implies less foot traffic, though you might find more if the plane comes close to it. Because the residential structures are modest, you can clear them fast before moving on.

Karakin's hidden areas

You're new to the map and find yourself hunting for an opponent who seems to have disappeared. There's a good chance they've hidden themselves away underground in the smugglers' tunnels. While the tunnels are hardly a secret these days, new players often miss them. 

PUBG Karakin Bunker Silo

Image source: Krafton

To access the tunnels, you'll need to find the silos or "bunkers." Bunkers come in 2 kinds, with flags, and without flags. You can pretty much ignore the ones without flags except as a handy hiding place in an emergency. The bunkers with flags are your gateways to the tunnels. Use a sticky bomb to blow up the floor and make your way underground. 

There are several different layouts for tunnels: 1-way, 2-way, and 3-way depending on how many corridors they have. The bigger the tunnel, the higher the likelihood of good loot. Some of the tunnels also contain their own destructible walls, so keep your eyes open. 

Other tunnels aren't connected to bunkers. Head to the large buildings west of Al Habar and destroy the walls to find secret destructible floors and a hidden cache of loot.  

Speaking of loot, there are some other secret spots in Karakin where you'll need to use your sticky bombs to take down some walls to grab gear. You can find the areas marked on the map below. Just remember that these areas aren't a secret anymore. If your enemies haven't already looted them, they are bound to catch up with you. So watch your back. 

Karakin loot locations PUBG

Beware the Black Zone

Another unique feature of Karakin is the Black Zone. This random hazard destroys buildings caught inside it. That means you can't rely on using the same tactics every match as the buildings you might rely on could be smoking craters when you arrive.

When an area is about to be destroyed, you'll hear a siren and a purple circle will appear on the map. If you're in that area, move fast!

Karakin map top tips

Before we wrap up, we've got some extra tips that'll help you fine-tune your path to victory:

  • Grab the PanzerFaust, an exclusive new weapon found only on the Karakin map. It's potent and lethal as it will decimate anyone caught within its 4-meter blast radius.

  • There are no grenades, Molotovs and flash grenades on this map. You'll only find sticky bombs that inflict pain on enemies within their 4-meter blast zones.

  • A lot of walls in Karakin can be destroyed by explosions and bullets. That means your cover might not be as protective as you think. Don't rely on hiding behind walls to keep you safe.

  • A basic strategy for Karakin is to use high ground such as buildings and mountains. Use the high elevations as they make it difficult for opponents to hit you, especially if you're hiding behind rocks.

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