PUBG Lookup: Everything You Need To Know About It!

July 25 2022

PUBG Lookup: Everything You Need To Know About It!
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As in every competitive game, pretty much everyone in PUBG wants to know how they are doing in-game, and that is exactly what a PUBG Lookup is for. The stats on your gameplay are amongst the most useful things to improve your gaming, as not only do they let you look at the drawbacks, but they also put a light on the segments that can make you a great player.

To make everything easy, in this PUBG Lookup guide article, we will show you which are the best websites to do so and talk to you about how they work. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

What actually is this PUBG Lookup? 

Just as the name suggests a Lookup is where you can see the various information about your matches. When doing a PUBG Lookup, you can get a breakdown of the various matches and detailed information on your accuracy, performance, distance, kills, teammates, and many other things to back you up.

And yes, you can also check it to roast your fellow gamer friends!

How does it work? There are a few things you need to know about a player before doing a Lookup. The first thing is its Region and the second one is the in-game name of the PUBG Player Profile. Simply go to your preferred Lookup Website (continue reading for a selection of the best ones) and enter these details. Every Website has a different layout, but some sections will be common to all, like;

  • Lifetime 

  • Matches 

  • Season 

  • Ranked 

Each of these tabs has completely different stuff for you to look at. The Season Tab shows your seasonal performance; the Ranked Tab shows the Rank performance, and so on. It might take you some time to get familiar with each different section, but just have a look around, and surely you will get a grasp of it quite quickly.  Who is PUBG Lookup for? For the most part, it is for everyone, ranging from new players to pros. Some players are just there for fun and, although it can be good for the occasional laugh, the PUBG Lookup would not be that useful in that case, as you would not be opening the doors to any improvement.

On the other hand, if you are interested in becoming a better player, there is nothing that would work as well as the Stats Lookup.

Now let’s talk about the best PUBG Lookup sites out there.

PUBG Spotter Scop

Top PUBG Lookup Website

As we mentioned before, you can find PUBG Lookups on different websites. Some websites don’t easily give you free access, while others might not be as focused on letting you improve your skills.  Which website works best for you would also depend on personal preferences.

 Down below, we have a list of the most used and best-ranked Lookup Websites for you to try out. Just scroll through them to discover the pros and cons of all of them, and last but not least, you will find some info about our very own G-Loot PUBG Lookup!


This website has been in this business for quite some time, resulting in fully polished insights. Not only does it make the process easy, but it also has good data on Kills, Win Percentage, and Time of survival. Finally, the best thing about this website is that it gives you an overall average of all stats combined.

One downside with PUBG.OP.GG is that this website has a refresh problem; because of that, you don’t always get the fresh stats instantly, and you will have to be patient.

PUBG 1v1 Arena Spectator

3. PUBG Lookup

PUBG Lookup Website does not have the best visual look at first glance, but when you start checking the numbers, you will immediately notice its authenticity. There are zero compromises of quality here.

Not only does it give you one of the best performance overviews, but it also presents you with an average of damage given, taken, and the kills you just got.

2. PUBG Stats (Network Stats Tracker)

When you are backed up by gaming giants, you are ought to have something others don’t. This is exactly what happens with the PUBG Stats. It is amongst the biggest stats website for various games, including the good old PUBG.

Sandwiched between a slightly annoying bulk of Ads, you will have quite polished and updated detail on your PUBG games. The website itself is beautiful, well designed, and has a lot of insights like career detail, wins, K/D, Match details, and much more.

This website does not have many downsides; if anything the data is so large, that can be a little confusing to orientate yourself during the first visits. Another plus, it that you get to look at the leaderboard on PUBG! If you take care of your stats, one day you could also be included there together with your team players.

1. Our very own PUBG Lookup on 

Here at G-Loot we really care about data and stats, that is why we provide our players with important insights not only for PUBG, but also for our other titles like Valorant, Apex, Rocket League, CSGO, and LOL Stats as well. Our tracker has a minimalist approach where we show you exactly what you need to know, without overwhelming you with too much info. We simply track your stats and create your player identity, as easily as possible.

Moreover, you can join different types of competitions on G-Loot, where you can earn rewards and show your skills among a community of other esports lovers.

How to use for PUBG Lookup

  • Your First Step is to Open the G-Loot Website

  • Then click on Create an Account

  • Install the G-Loot tracker on your gaming PC

  • While playing the game, let G-Loot run in the background. An icon of the application will stay up on the corner and let you adjust things around if needed

  • After the game ends, you can open your Profile Page again and check out your PUBG Lookup and Stats.

PUBG Missions G-Loot

And that’s it! We hope you have enjoyed our guide on PUBG Lookup and that you will find your favorite website in order to check and improve your stats. Now that you’ve got all this new knowledge, try it out for yourself: track your stats and compete with G-Loot while you play to see your progress and earn rewards!


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