PUBG Sanhok Map Guide: Winnings tips and tricks

May 23 2022

PUBG Sanhok Map Guide: Winnings tips and tricks
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Sanhok is an Asian-inspired map that's designed for frantic gunplay and rapid-fire action with a few twists. While not quite as small as Haven, this green-covered battlefield is 4x4 in size, making it one of the smallest currently in the game. Apart from its luscious jungles and richly built Asian structures, you'll also find Sanhok's Loot Truck mechanic to spice things up further.

No matter your skill level in PUBG, our Sanhok map guide has all the information you need to help you get that Chicken Dinner.

Perfect Your Landing Strategy on Sanhok

There's no question that PUBG is all about having good shooting skills and solid map awareness. However, you shouldn't underestimate the value of starting your games on the right foot. The first step to accomplishing this is landing.

First off is how distance is represented on the map. Sanhok is a 4km x 4km map which means each square of the grid is 1 kilometer. Knowing this will help you estimate how far you can make it after jumping off the plane.

As your flight approaches your target landing zone, you'll need to wait until the wing is perfectly aligned with it. When that happens, take the plunge. Depending on your distance from your destination, you'll have to employ a few tricks to reach it:

  • Face directly towards the horizon to go the farthest

  • Look directly down to increase vertical velocity

  • Time your drop so that when you need to parachute, your fall will be at max speed

  • Make adjustments with W to swing your body and Ctrl to glide

Weigh the Risk/Reward of Your Drop Location

With your landing strategy out of the way, next up is deciding on the ideal drop zone. You might be thinking that the Sanhok landing zones with the most loot are naturally the best. Even pro players, though, have to think this over carefully.

Drop zones with good loot and vehicle spawns attract other players, making them high risk. If you and your squad are confident you know the area enough and have solid skills, you can give such places a go. However, there's merit to also picking a less risky landing spot, even if it means less than ideal loot.

Sanhok's Loot Trucks

Sanhok has a feature that distinctly sets it apart from other PUBG maps, one that takes the looting game to a whole new level. Loot Trucks are special unmanned vehicles that spawn throughout the map and are like loot piñatas on wheels. Destroying one will reward you with a big pile of stuff, including named variants of guns and weapons. These all have their own bonuses and attachments that make them unique.

Of course, taking down these mobile treasure chests comes with a downside. The moment you start opening fire on them, you'll be giving away your position to enemy players in the vicinity. As with any combat engagement, make sure you weigh the situation before letting greed cloud your judgment.

At the start of the game, four Loot Trucks will spawn. As the match progresses, up to eight in total will appear across the map, depending on how quickly they're downed.

Best Sanhok Drop Locations by Risk Level

PUBG Sanhok map

(Image source: PUBG Corporation)

High Risk

  • Boot Camp - This point of interest can be considered Sanhok's equivalent to School. It's right smack-dab in the middle of the map and has a lot of loot, making it a prime target for anyone looking to make a solid start. What's more, Boot Camp's layout makes it highly accommodating to multiple occupants, meaning you'll have to be prepared for long shootouts.

  • Camp Alpha - This drop location's risk depends greatly on the plane's path. It's quite attractive in most circumstances due to its high loot yield, even though it's situated in the north part of the map. What's pretty cool about Camp Alpha are its vantage points which can give you the upper hand if you are one of the first to land and gear up.

Medium Risk

  • Paradise Resort - This luxurious point of interest is more than just a cool vacation spot. It's home to a nice collection of loot and is located close to the center of the map. It can be a relatively popular landing spot, but it lacks vehicle spawns, giving you a high chance of very few enemies choosing it. Still, its open courtyards can lead to some dodgy firefights, so make sure you weigh your options carefully.

  • Camp Bravo - This location has great loot, but it's annoyingly located at the edge of Sanhok, meaning you may have a rough time of it if the circle doesn't favor you. That being said, it won't be as hotly contested as other points of interest. It also has at least three vehicle spawn points. If you find that lots of enemies are following your lead, stay clear of the middle buildings.

  • Ha Thin - More like a medium-to-high risk drop zone depending on the plane's path. Ha Thin is at the north and is a rather large place filled with loot. On top of that, its layout makes it quite easy to gear up and hightail it out without needing to fight other players. What makes this zone particularly favorable is its large number of vehicle spawn points. If you're looking for guaranteed wheels, this is the right place.

Low Risk

  • Quarry - This place should be thought of as a low-to-medium risk drop zone. Its open spaces and lack of cover make it quite dangerous to hang around for too long. That being said, it's almost never chosen by the average player as it has limited loot spawns. If you want to make the most out of Quarry, be sure to climb onto the high ground spots to find more stuff.

  • Sah Mee - This urban-like area offers a great balance between decent loot and a low chance of many other players picking it. The main issue is its two-story structures which makes looting quite tedious. That being said, you'll find that it's a pretty relaxed place to land.

Sanhok Map Top Tips, Tricks & Strategies

  • Before we wrap up, we've got some extra tips that'll help you fine-tune your path to victory.

  • The size of Sanhok begs for you to put a silencer on your weapon. Firing off shots at any point always has a high chance of attracting foes, so try and play it cool until you can muzzle your trusty guns.

  • Vehicles are still pretty good despite the map's size. However, they can be heard from a long way away, meaning you'll attract a lot of unwanted attention, so think carefully before firing up a set of wheels.

  • The QBZ95 Assault Rifle replaces SCAR-L on Sanhok, and it's a solid weapon that's unique to the map. If you find one, make good use of it.

  • Sanhok has dynamic weather, and one possibility is fog. If you find yourself stuck with low visibility, try to take advantage of the trees for cover until it all clears up.

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