PUBG Season 6: Most Amazing Moments of the Grand Final

July 29 2022

PUBG Season 6: Most Amazing Moments of the Grand Final
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The Season 6 Grand Final took place last weekend, and in an epic battle between all teams, Northern Lights, the defending champions of Season 5, held onto their crown and took home the first place prize of $16,000.

Congratulations, Northern Lights! 

Missed all the crazy moments or just want to relive them?

Here's our recap of some of the best moments and the lead-up to Northern Lights' victory in this amazing 3-day PUBG battle.


1v2 Clutch

PUBG season 6 1v2 clutch

Creed X’s raix performed amazingly in the last game of the first day of the Finals, against Northern Lights. Cornered by NL’s spyrro and BatulinS, in a feat we still can’t believe actually happened, raix fought tooth and nail and managed to down both of them in a beautiful show of the perfect way to actually use the shotgun! Watch the amazing clip on Twitch.

How many dinners are enough?

PUBG season 6 navi chicken dinners

Answer: It is never enough.

Something that Na’vi agrees on as they, at the end of Day 1, take home not one. Not two. But THREE whole Chicken Dinners 🍗 all for themselves. They’re nothing but ON FIRE 🔥

PUBG season 6 day 1 leaderboard

And, of course, despite all those dinners, they are just hungry for more, and Na’vi takes the lead after day 1! …But can they keep it up until the end? 👀


PUBG season 6 ivas entropiq navi

After the Day 1 we had, we just could not expect Day 2 to be any less exciting and action-packed. True to that statement, it was fire from the start with game 1 of the day.

It’s Entropiq vs. Na’vi. Naylup is on the ground firing upon Na’vi in a vehicle, but goes down. Ivas is there to the rescue, coming around the corner, and manages to completely annihilate Na’vi all by himself.

Aurora in the sky

pubg nlt coming to play

Northern Lights takes the first chicken dinner of the second day, and their first for the season, by playing it safe. And as caster James says, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's aurora borealis in the sky as the Northern Lights comes to play”.

pubg season 6 nlt insane nade

And while they play it safe in the beginning, let us not forget the insane play from game 4. The ring is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. Northern Lights are stuck at the top of a tower, with no way down. With the toss of a single grenade, bouncing it perfectly, they manage to take out the remaining player and get a total of 19 kills for the match!

pubg season 6 day 2 leaderboard

Na’vi still has the lead after Day 2, but such a fantastic day for many of the teams, will it take them all the way?


The final day of the Grand Final. Who was going to climb the leaderboard and take it all home? Na’vi, who has held the top spot? Northern Lights to defend their crown? Or shall another team sneak in and steal the win?

EIQ vs. Na’vi - how will this go?

pubg entropiq playing it safe wiping navi

After the insane dinner streak of Na’vi, how will Entropiq fare when they end up face to face in a final shootout with them?

As it turns out, surprisingly well. With EIQ having the high ground, despite Na’vi doing their absolute best to overwhelm them, it did not reach all the way, and Entropiq manages to snag their first ever chicken dinner in the Grand Finals!

The finale is near…

pubg season 6 northern lights sweeping

It’s nearing the end of the Grand Final, Day 3. Things are tenser than ever. There are only four matches left in total. Anything could happen at this point.

The circle is tightening, getting smaller. FaZe, QM, and Northern Lights are the only teams left. In a crazy 3v3 team shootout, FaZe goes down first, and QM not far after, leaving Northern Lights to pick up that dinner and neatly steal that #1 spot from Na’vi.

Is it a prediction on how this is going to end? Possibly, as we go into the last game of the Grand Final.

Who will take it all home?

pubg season 6 nlt is coming for those points

Before the Grand Final, our talent Jorosar, Kaelaris, and Tech Girl made some predictions on who they thought would take home the Season 6 tournament. The teams mentioned were Entropiq, as well as the reigning champions, Northern Lights. With the very strong play from all teams during the Grand Final, however, and the strong play of Na’vi, it really was anyone’s playground.

It’s the final match. NLT is fighting Na’vi for that top spot. They’re coming for those points that will take them all the way. NLT’s spyrro is kill leader, but he isn’t stopping there and makes good work of disposing of EIQ. Na’vi now has to really make an amazing play and collect those points; however, it did not take them all the way.

pubg season 6 day 3 leaderboard final

With the lead gap being just a bit too far, Northern Lights beautifully defended their crown as they took home the win and the $16,000 prize! 💸

A huge congratulations to Northern Lights, and well fought to the other teams! 🎉

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