PUBG skins: what you need to know

October 12 2021

PUBG skins: what you need to know
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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, also known as PUBG, took the world by storm in 2017, and is now one of the most popular FPS games. Skins can be found and referenced in multiple games, all with different features, appearances and usability.

What are skins?

Skins are a type of item that changes the way something looks in-game. There are skins that change the color or entire look of weapons, skins that change the entire appearance of your character in-game, or just skins that give your character new clothes.

PUBG has 2 different types of skins available - weapon skins and clothing skins. PUBG skins differ slightly from the way skins work in other games, such as Counter-Strike, in that they are purely cosmetic. In some cases, the skins provide the player with camouflage, blending in with the environment on the map and making you more stealthy to be able to avoid the enemies’ bullets. However, sometimes you just want to flaunt your style by showing off your bright pink bunny set - if it makes you target practice, well, then you’ve at least died with style.

Each skin in PUBG has an assigned rarity, dictating how common it is and typically also the odds of getting the item from a crate. From most common to least common these are

  • Grey (Classic)

  • Green (Special)

  • Blue (Rare)

  • Violet (Elite)

  • Purple (Epic)

  • Red (Legendary)

  • Gold (Ultimate)

PUBG Skins: What you need to know

How do I get PUBG skins?

There are a couple of ways to obtain the skins in PUBG, and depending on the item you’re aiming to collect, some options are better than others. To obtain skins in-game, you must first get your hands on a skin crate, which you then open to receive a skin.

The best way to obtain skins, for your wallet health, is to play matches in-game, which earns you BattlePoints. You can then use the BP earned to buy crates. If you choose to buy a random crate, you can open it for free!

You have the option to buy a specific crate with BP, however, you will then need to also buy a key to be able to open the crate. This you can find in the PUBG in-game store for $2.50 for each key.

Some crate drops have very low odds, so if you want that one special skin from that one specific crate, you might want to think about buying the skin directly, circumventing the odds altogether. Depending on the skin, this could hurt your wallet, but you will get your item with just one click, and you won’t have to take the gamble of the crates.

Some skins are available for purchase in the PUBG Store, typically for G-Coins that are purchased with real money. Some crates will be limited and might not be marketable, which means they will not be able to be bought or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace. The good thing about skins being sold in the PUBG Store is that the prices will be static, and not affected by popularity or supply and demand on the Steam Marketplace. The bad thing is, if it is a limited crate or skin that is non-marketable, and you miss out, you might not be able to get your hands on it ever :(

PUBG Skins: What you need to know

Steam Community Marketplace is another place to get your hands directly on the skin you want. Here, players list their items for sale, and other players can buy their listings. Be prepared to have to pay quite a bit for certain skins, however. While some are plentiful and affordable, some rare items are both selling in few numbers, but also to prices that can sometimes easily exceed $1,000.

What are the rarest skins out there?

Some skins, due to incredibly low drop rates, or even limited edition crates, are incredibly rare - or just flat out impossible to get. Limited items that are non-marketable cannot be resold, but of what can be sold on the Steam Marketplace, the rarest are probably limited skins from offline events. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the rarest items that are still available for collection.


This was originally available in a limited crate, given to players who pre-ordered the game on PC and Xbox One. It was discontinued in 2017, which makes it unavailable in any other way than Steam Marketplace. In its most expensive days, the set went for about $1,800 on the Marketplace - it is still highly sought after, however the set currently goes for around $350. You can save some money by buying the items individually: PLAYERUNKNOWN's Bandana can be found for about $40 and the PLAYERUNKNOWN's Trench Coat can be found for about the same price. For the shoes, Hi-top Trainers (Red), you might have to look at spending about $100.

Ivory and Black School Uniform sets

These two sets were inspired by PUBGs own inspiration, the female school uniforms from the Japanese movie Battle Royale. Both sets were given out in the Gamescom Invitational crate in 2017, but the crate is now discontinued. With its legendary ranking, the sets once went for over $1,000 on the Steam Marketplace. If you are lucky now, the sets goes for around $200, although most recently it sold for about $500, so maybe the price and popularity is rising once more - only time will tell.

An honorary mention goes to the skirt belonging to the Ivory set. The white, frilly piece of clothing displays evidence of battle - instead of pristine clean, it is covered in mud and blood. The skirt itself once went for over $400 on the Steam Marketplace, due to its popularity and the number of players wanting to strut around on the battlefield wearing this fashionable item. Currently, you can pick one up for as little as $50 - a steal!

Wasteland set

The Wasteland Set is an extremely rare one. It was only given out exclusively to people who attended the PGI (PUBG Global Invitational) 2018 in Berlin, Germany, and the set was not available after the event. You can go on Steam Marketplace and get the items individually, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

You can find the Doomsday Hoodie for around $100, which isn’t too bad. The cool Reaper Mask, a mask covering half your face with a steel skeleton jaw, will cost you $600. The Survivalist Slacks currently goes for around $800, and if you wish to collect the entire set you will have to pay an additional $90 or so for the Pan of Judgement, bringing the total to just under $1,600 for the entire set.

Olive Branch Pan

One of the rarest items out there, and one that is technically still available to get in-game. The Olive Branch Pan can be obtained by opening the Eguinox crate, but due to its Ultimate rarity, it has the lowest odds - an astonishing .0009%. You can try your luck in the Steam Community Marketplace, but the price you probably will have to pay for this pan is $1,800 - and holding pretty steady ever since its release.

BATTLESTAT Industrial Security AKM

This weapon skin is available from the East Erangel Police Crate and has been since 2019. This skin allows you to track your kills in-game, or directly on the side of the gun, which is just the most awesome feature to keep track of your progress. The chances of getting this legendary skin are slim, however, when you consider its odds of just .16%.

The chances of getting one on Steam, on the other hand, is 100%, but only if you are willing to pay $100.

PUBG skins might be mostly cosmetic, but they bring a whole different atmosphere to your game. Whether you want to look your best, blend in on the map, flaunt your wealth, or simply just play PUBG for the first-person shooter game it is, I hope you learned something new in this article.

From expressing who you are, your sense of fashion, or even your tenacity, there is a skin out there for you. If you are specifically trying to add the BATTLESTAT Industrial Security AKM to your roster for the tracking, you might also want to check out 5 reasons why you should use a tracker.

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