The best Apex Legends settings for competitive play


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Don't just play games – compete!

Our tips on how to take your competitive Apex skills to the next level!

Respawn’s Apex Legends has gathered quite the following after paragliding onto the esports scene in 2019. Long standing Titanfall fans were excited to have another game in the rich universe created for the previous 2014 release, and non-Titanfall fans were probably excited to develop a sense of taste. If they ever got around to it, who knows.

Though, I guess you’re familiar with Apex already and want me to just get into it. Well, it’s called an introduction (and a great opportunity to slam Titanfall haters) so let me live. Allow me now to be your reluctant guide through the most exciting part of any video game - the settings - and get you ready and loaded with all the sneaky benefits offered. Have fun and try not to thrash me with your newfound powers. 


First and most basic of all, let’s take a look at the screen resolution settings. This is something that will differ depending on the type of screen you have. But, in general, a lot of esorts pro players tend to stretch their resolution to a 16:10 ratio. You lose some of the space on the sides of your screen, but you also widen everything so your targets will look a bit bigger and may feel easier to hit. Some also say this helps with their performance as it cuts away parts of the screen that were just unnecessary distractions.

Field of View

Another setting you’ll want to play around with is your field of view. Kind of like how I need to put on my glasses if I want to see beyond a meter, you’ll need your field of view way up to get a chance at seeing your enemies before they see you. They’re ready and wearing their contact lenses already, their field of view set to max. They’re watching you crawl around Velma-style, looking for your field of view settings. They’re laughing at you as they hide safely behind the blur of your horizon.

Sprint View Shake

Turn off your sprint-view shake! That way, when you run, everything stays still. Smooth. As things should be. If these problems persist in the real world, however, we recommend seeking medical assistance and maybe stop taking whatever you’re on.


V-Sync or vertical sync is an impressive graphics technology that synchronizes the frame rate of your game with your monitor's refresh rate. Cool, right?! Great, now turn it off. Yes, really, it’ll cause lag with your keyboard and mouse and those tiny nanoseconds are the difference between a clunky, failure of a player and a smooth, winning pro. The adaptive resolution FPS target is the same. Cool tech things, not good for if you want a good round. It dynamically lowers your resolution in an attempt to prevent you from lagging. In practice, however, it’ll mess with your gameplay and distract you in the heat of the fight. 10/10 do not recommend having on.


Contrary to prior comments, putting on your glasses is not always beneficial. When I wear mine for too long, I get eyestrain and people call me ‘the old man from ‘Up’’. To prevent this, I rawdog this visual impairment. Let’s take that same attitude into the world of gaming and turn off anti-aliasing. It makes the distance sharp but at a cost of vital performance that could be used elsewhere. Now, remember to take regular screen breaks, go for a walk, maybe.


Apex is a beautiful game, we know. Settings such as ‘ambient occlusion quality’ and ‘sun shadow coverage’ help create a stunning visual world we could spend hours engrossed in. But we didn’t come for pretty. We came for VICTORY!!! If you want a quick, smooth, yet ugly game, turn off these pretty features. I’d like to send my apologies to the Respawn art team, but turning these off will give you a sweet performance boost.

Hope these little tips and tricks help you achieve your pro status dreams and earn some sweet bucks on G-Loot. Just try to go easy on me, okay, I’m visually impaired.

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