The best easter eggs in esports games

July 30 2021

The best easter eggs in esports games
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The secrets of your favorite esports games

Easter eggs have been around for a while. The idea of having hidden surprises comes from an act of rebellion by Atari’s Adventure developer Warren Robinett in 1979. Sick of Atari’s lack of royalties, naming credit, and all-around terrible treatment of their developers, Warren Robinett created a secret room that showed the player ‘created by Warren Robinett’. The room was hidden enough that it got through any checks before being published to the masses. It evaded Atari’s capture long enough that by the time a 15-year-old mailed Atari telling them about it, Robinett had already left the company. In fact, the concept of hidden ‘easter eggs’ was welcomed by the new higher-ups in Atari. The company went under the year after for not-egg-related reasons, but the idea of the easter egg had been born.

Easter eggs in games are usually fun jokes, clues to future games or updates, or even a cool break in the game. Easter eggs are so prolific in gaming these days; you’d struggle to find a game that doesn’t have at least a little secret hidden away for their more devoted fans.


Scuttle Crab Shack

Scuttle Crab in Valorant

2020’s Valorant has exploded onto the esports scene. Made by the notorious Riot Games, the developers had their pick from things to reference. Notably, Team Fight Tactics, and the expansive world of League of Legends. The latter is so riddled with lore, it was probably difficult not to make an awesome LoL reference in Valorant. 

The Scuttle Crab is a mob in League of Legends you can recruit as a jungle companion. She looks like a little friend and will even dance with you if you choose the right character. Unfortunately for this much loved LoL icon, it seems she doesn’t fare too well in the world of Valorant, being the title dish at the ‘Scuttle Shack.’ Or so it seems. Who knows? Perhaps the baskets outside that look suspiciously like crabs are something else, and, post-League fame, she settles down at Split and opens a family recipe business. 

You can find the Scuttle Shack on the map ‘split.’ You’ve probably come across it before, but those less devoted to Riot Games may have overlooked it. Well, now you know!

Secret parkour

Valorant secret parkour prize

The training map is an awesome introduction to the game and the most frequented map of noobs like myself. Naturally, it sets the tone of the game and tasks that give you a solid introduction to the gameplay before you’re released onto the world. But did you know there’s a secret parkour course?

Hidden behind a building, you can get on the course and take the hazardous journey, step by step, up the map. When you eventually reach the top of the tower, you are presented with a teddy bear with a trophy and an achievement. A cool something extra for the eagle-eyed newbies.

Teddy bear

The teddy bear itself is a recurring easter egg. Found on computer screens, behind immovable objects, it’s everywhere! There’s no story purpose to this little fella, but it’s a friendly face when you’re being shot at or yelled at by your teammates for sucking (again, I’m sorry). 

Tahm Kench bench

Tahm Kench bench

Another League of Legends reference can be found in Ascent. Which character could you engrave on a bench? Why, only Tahm Kench. Get it, Tahm Bench.

Looking like an alligator encountered a radioactive Victorian man, Kench is far from the prettiest character in the game. But he’s a solid support, and the bench pun makes his cameo all the more worthwhile. The map is also based on the city of Venice, and with Kench being the God of Rivers, this makes perfect bench Kench sense.

Clone down

A quick one here, as many fans of the game, may have noticed it. If you kill your agent on the other team, they will have a dialogue line saying something along the lines of ‘imposter down’ or ‘clone killed.’ It’s pretty sweet the developers thought to add this as it is a little weird there are two of the same person. A nifty attention to detail!

Sage revives herself

Speaking of clones. If you play a custom game with cheats on, it’s possible to have the same agent on the team multiple times. Thus, multiple Sages. Yet another example of the developers’ incredible attention to detail is they’ve added a secret voice line for if one Sage revives another. ‘So that’s what it feels like.’ There is no other way to get this dialogue, and it just goes to show they really did think of everything.

Apex Legends


Nessie apex legends

Much like Valorant’s teddy bear, Nessie is a reoccurring friendly face among the violence. There’s merch of her, fanart—Nessie is truly a fan favorite. It wouldn’t feel like a Respawn game without her cheering you on from somewhere on the map. There was even an easter egg that, if you shot all 10 Nessies on the map, a mega Nessie spawned for you to defeat! We’re unsure if this is still in the latest update, but it would be cool to see.

Kamehameha / Hadouken

hadouken apex legends Valkyrie

A super-rare easter egg to check out with one of the newer legends, Valkyrie. Dragon Ball Z and street fighter fans alike will love this one. When using melee with Valkyrie, there’s a slight chance to get a Kamehameha / Hadouken animation. Don’t believe me? There are a few videos online, but to get first-hand experience, you’ll have to get grinding with one of the best legends!

Lastimosa Armory

Lastimosa Armory Apex Legends

You might notice some of the weapons in Apex have a ‘Lastimosa Armory’ label. Or perhaps you’ve seen signs for it around. Respawn—the developers of Apex Legends—also made TitanFall, a game they have confirmed is in the same universe as Apex Legends. A cool nod to this is the existence of the ‘Lastimosa Armory’ in both games. Named after a key character in the TitanFall storyline and the name of the arms manufacturer, the existence of the armory in Apex is a super cool heads up to how expansive the lore to this universe is.

Doggie friend

stuffed dog Apex Legends easter egg

We all know a pet owner who would do anything for their furry friend. Personally, I would trample anyone who stood in the way of my cats. But would I hide a tiny in-game version of them in a game I was developing for a major studio? Absolutely, without a second thought. Well, that’s exactly what Lead level designer, Jason McCord, did. You can find this little fella by climbing the structure to the southwest. Check out this video for some in-depth instructions! I’m sure you’re wondering the most important question here: what’s the li’l dude called? Shadie!!


Counter-Strike 1.1 throwback

Counter Strike easter egg

On the map, Inferno, through a cracked door to an inaccessible room, occasionally spawns a super rare throwback. You can see a usually blank computer on a desk, but sometimes it displays the title screen to Counter-Strike 1.1. Fans calculated the event happens only once in every 83 games on the map, so you have to be patient if you’re looking for it. Maybe grind a few challenges, earn some bucks, and check in on it later?

In-game art

Counter Strike S1mple In game art

Graffiti is used on many maps to mark monumental occasions in the game’s esports scene. We’ll discuss just one. One of the sickest tags in the game commemorates one of the sickest plays of all time. The year was 2014. It was the 14th round of the semifinal of ESL One: Cologne. Team Liquid vs. Fnatic. Liquid’s s1mple found himself alone against 2 Fnatic opponents. S1mple dropped down from Heaven, killed one with a falling noscope, and quickly killed KRIMZ with another noscope. Caster James Bardolph commented the play was too good to be legal. It was definitely good enough to get this awesome art as a permanent reminder! You can find the depicting a winged s1mple holding his scopeless AWP on the wall under Heaven, just behind where s1mple had fallen in that awesome first shot. A well-deserved permanent memorial to his awesome play.

Check out all in-game graffitis.

Valorant teddy bear in CS:GO

Teddy bear in Counter Strike Cache easter egg

A strange tie-in to our previous entry. You wouldn’t expect the two games to be linked, but the world of games dev has some peculiar overlaps. Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo is the co-lead game designer at Riot Games for Valorant. He is also a former pro CS:GO player, one of the best in the world! He worked as a map designer on Cache, which contains a scary-looking teddy bear sitting on a windowsill. An obvious nod to his work on Valorant, a game that hides bears everywhere. If you knife the teddy bear (not that you would, you monster), it makes some horror-movie-like noises, actually from Valve’s Half-Life 2. Something to keep an eye out for!

Chicken Friends

If you see a chicken on CS:GO and want a tiny companion, walk up to her and press ‘E’. Boom. Friends for life. Or at least until the end of the game.

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Counter strike don't talk to me or my son ever again lions at the zoo

Going to the Zoo map and entering the lion’s cage to the left, you’ll see the text ‘don’t talk to me or my son ever again’ written on the wall. A fun nod to the meme. Next to the text, hidden in the darkness, you can see a big lion and a smaller lion. This one is a bit difficult to see in screenshots so you'll have to check it out.

Did we miss your favorite easter egg?

Let us know if we missed a cool one or your favorite game on our socials @glootesports, and stay tuned for part 2!


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