The most hated weapons in video game history

March 23 2021

The most hated weapons in video game history
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From the most useless wastes of code to the most infuriatingly OP rage-quitters; terrible paraphernalia has plagued the world of gaming since the dawn of gaming itself (we’re sure there was something in Pong, right?) So, just for you guys, we’ve decided to compile an exhaustive list of the crappiest, most hated weapons we could think of.

apex legends mozambique

The Mozambique - Apex Legends

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? As soon as you read the title. The Mozambique is a bottom-tier pistol-shotgun hybrid that deals about the same damage as Magikarp might if the Magikarp was recovering from a hefty night with the boys. Not only does it deal no damage but it chews through ammo, despite a tiny mag capacity. To deal any real damage, you’d have to hit all three 15 damage shots. Which, c’mon?

If you end up saddled with this hunk of junk we recommend using the scope to increase the gun’s speed and not get any movement penalties. But most of all we recommend you pick up the next gun you encounter. Literally, anything, pick up your teammate and throw them for all I care, it’ll be an easier game.

Though, we would be remiss were we not to mention The ‘bique’s improvement after the introduction of Hammerpoint Rounds in Season 6. I suppose that made it almost, ALMOST, usable.

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PUBG Crossbow

The Crossbow - PUBG

With little accuracy and a slow ammo velocity, the Crossbow takes more than a little getting used to. We’d say, more like, a boat ton of practice and some serious determination.

Determination for what exactly? A flex? Bragging rights with Chewbacca? We would complain more but the crossbow deals an impressive amount of damage if you can work it. Not only that, but it is completely silent. So, if you can figure it out and don’t have access to a weapon of a higher tier (such as the pan, clearly the best weapon in-game), it isn’t all too bad.

CSGO Negev

The Negev - CS:GO

A meme-worthy entry, really. After gaining notoriety for its universal hatred, especially in the pro scene, this list wouldn’t be complete without giving it a mention. With its slow, clunky movements and horrendously slow reload, this hunk of junk couldn’t be further from the ideal weapon.

It’s such a joke, players’ campaigns to have it removed have fallen on the deaf, negev-loving ears of Valve, as they desperately fight the gun’s case, improving it (slightly), and making it dirt cheap. You won’t get me with that ploy, you devious, companion-cube killers - *sobs in no-I’m-still-not-over-it*.

Though there may actually be a solid case to be made about using it in matchmaking. Players rarely know how to take it. ‘What’s that loser using? Guess I’ll just have a peek around this corner-’ and bang. A victim of the crazily rapid-fire rate. Guess you don’t have to be so negev-tive about it, huh? Get it? Guys?

Ps20 - Deus Ex

Ps20 - Deus Ex

Speaking of meme-worthy. Yeah. The Ps20 from Deus Ex. A tiny, single-use plasma gun that has no right even being called a gun. I could do more damage with a straw and a spitball. The inventory tells you it deals 25 damage. Bad, but, at least it’s 25? WRONG. The interface straight-up lies. It deals 8 damage. You have one shot. For 8. EIGHT. I’ve been told can go some way to opening a door. If you’re lucky and the planets aline. There is no case to be made about this, I’m sorry. Waste of inventory. Waste of my character limit.

Oddjob Hat - 007 Nightfire

Oddjob Hat - 007 Nightfire

Based on the famous hat from the film of the same name - which was recently priced at... £30,000 ($41,500)?! I can’t believe I am worth less than a hat. Regardless, much like this affluent hat, its video game counterpart came at a high price. Your friendships. A weapon so good, it’s bad. Its one-shots weren’t just lifelong friendship enders, but if you were on the other side of its lethal brim, your efforts for a fair and fun game were futile.

This headgear came with the player-selected character, Oddjob (go figure) which - in and of itself - was likely to cause a fight. Oddjob’s character design is much smaller than the others, making him better at hiding behind things, also giving him a smaller hitbox and a lower, more awkward angle to aim those vital lethal shots.

His hat, though, was a real friendship ender. Capable of one-shotting your pals, this accessory was best left on a coat (hat?) rack. At least if you didn’t want to have to call your mom for a ride home earlier than expected. (I’ve said I’m sorry, John, please accept my friend request on Facebook).

FFVI Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon - FFVII

Yeah, we know, it isn't a weapon per se, but if you thought for one second we wouldn’t be including the nightmare-inducing rage-quitter that is Ruby Weapon, you are sorely mistaken! This herculean, good-for-nothing, reprobate not only cost us our health, our controllers, and our sanity, but I recall it taking my final ounce of happiness, my belief tomorrow will be a brighter day...

‘So what about this dude makes it so awful, isn’t Emerald the worst?’ I hear you cry. Well, thank you, audience, I was just getting to that. If you had a little patience. Sure, Emerald has 200.000 more HP, a timer, and a one-shot attack, but Ruby is, honestly, much worse, and is notorious in just how hated it is. Emerald Weapon had a defense stat of 180, your max defence is 255, this dude? This wretched rascal? FOUR-HUNDRED-AND-EIGHTY!

Not only is Ruby OP in defence, but it’ll take out all your teammates then use its two tentacles to inflict damage from behind. This means the once 3 on 1 match has become a 3 on 1 stacked against you.

That’s all I have to say about this. Just thinking about it is making me want to break another Playstation in half. I mean, break a Playstation in half for the first time.

The 725 shotgun - Modern Warfare

The 725 shotgun - Modern Warfare

This weapon was hated so much on launch players would just quit the game if someone was using it. Not just a couple of players dropping out but, mass quitting. This dude was so OP it’s been through three rounds of nerfing and people are still dominating with it.

How is it so OP? Yeah well, it’s nothing big, you can just snipe the entire map. Oh yeah, you read that right. The entire map. With just two shots between reloads, you wouldn’t expect this to be the weapon people went crazy for. But here we are

Though still OP and pain in any players’ asses, the gun has since been nerfed to a level we can deal with. But in the wrong hands... boy, can it cause some rage quits.

castlevania dagger

Dagger - Castlevania

For some of you, I’ve said enough, and the mere mention of this little devil has probably made you close the tab, lock your computer, tell your partner you love them, run away to some island, and never glance at the internet again. Okay, that may be a little far, but that’s what I felt like doing. The dagger would not only take from you a weapon that actually works, but it would deal more harm to you than any enemy. That’s the last thing we need, Castlevania being more difficult.

Before we conclude, some honorable mentions:

  • The Blue shell in Mario Kart: you only get it when you’re around 6th place and it does nothing but screw up the game for whoever is in first. Sure, it’s fun to watch your friends suffer, but if you’re in first you’ll know how soul-destroying this piece of kit really is.

  • Giant Knife in Ocarina of Time: Sure, it does waaaay more damage than the master sword but it breaks after three hits? Total scam. We hope that Goron dies in the fiery flames of Death Mountain.

  • TK’s Wave from Borderlands: You’d expect a lot more from a weapon you took from an otherwise defenseless blind man, right? It looks awesome, blue blobs bouncing towards your enemy in a cool waveform. Can it get any better? Well, yes, if any of these blobs actually hit anything. That would be sweet.

  • Ivory Straight Sword from Dark Souls 2: proof looks can be deceiving. Though this beast may look rad as hell, it's clunky and slow, taking vital moments away from a game that’s known for being... less than easy.

And finally, arguably the worst weapons ever created...

The Wabbajack - Skyrim

The Wabbajack - Skyrim

Have you ever thought ‘I want an unreliable weapon that is chaos embodied, preferably it might break my game or kill me instead of inflicting any damage on my intended enemy’? No? No, me neither. But apparently, Bethesda heard these calls and created The Wabbajack. Though not ‘hated’ per se, more just a confusing look into what I can only imagine was a really weird, potentially inebriated, night for the game devs.

In the mind of an out-of-control, self-hating wizard you are gifted the Wabbajack. Almost more wacky than its name is its list of effects. The magical spells cast by the staff range from instant kills to empowering to straight-up turning your opponent into a sweet roll? Which, I guess, could be useful. The real issue comes when you realize you have no control over which effect is cast and some harm your chances more than they help them. That being said, many forums and fans will list the ‘known’ effects of the weapon, as we can’t be sure we’ve seen all of them!

Though an awful lot of fun, the Wabbajack is not our top pick for those looking to complete the game. But we seriously recommend looking through videos of weird effects brought on by it.

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That’s all from us, hope to see you around. Let us know what’s your least favorite weapon of all time in the comments or on our socials.

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