Top 13 Best Knife Skins in Valorant

August 9 2022

Top 13 Best Knife Skins in Valorant
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Valorant has a lot of stylish and slick weapon skins but none look as epic as the knives. Though players don’t typically try to stick their enemies with the pointy end to get the job done, these bladed weapons are an iconic part of an Agent’s kit.

Whether knives are your preferred weapon of choice, or you just want to be the most badass-looking player in the arena, here are the best knife skins in Valorant.


Who doesn’t like a pop of color with a dash of cyberpunk? The Glitchpop knife is a neon-emblazoned warrior’s dream. What we particularly like about this one is the soft energy beam emanating around the blade.

Valorant Glitchpop Dagger


As if taken from a surreal sci-fi movie, the Spline knife is one of the most unique-looking of the bunch. Though its coloring is on the blander side, its body and blade are shaped like a twisted sculpture that feels even more dangerous than how it actually looks.

Valorant Spline Dagger

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

While it doesn’t quite look like a regular knife, it surely appears to be as deadly. If you’ve ever dreamed of wandering the battlefield wielding a contraption from a 60s sci-fi show, then the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster is for you.

Valorant Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Baton


Time may move in one direction but this knife looks like it will cut right through its continuum. Its angular geometry coupled with its crystal-like blade and soft purple hues make the Singularity knife look like a true legendary artifact.

Valorant Singularity Knife

Ion Energy

Move aside Halo! This Valorant knife skin will give the Covenant’s weaponry a run for its money. The Ion Energy skin is a clear nod to the classic FPS title while still sporting its own unique design and slick vibe.

Valorant Ion Energy Sword

Winterwunderland Candy Cane

Wish your opponents Happy Holidays by beating them to death with this sugary treat. Even if you’re rocking the Winterwunderland Candy Cane skin during off-season, there’s nothing more hilarious than cracking a few skulls all year round with this joyful skin.

Valorant Winterwunderland Candy Cane


Now, this one truly feels galactic! The Origin knife skin is the only rounded glaive appearance you can give your trusty blade, and it looks absolutely stunning. The lines and curves give it a feel as though the blade is part of the rings of the planet Saturn.

Valorant Origin Crescent Blade


Another angular blade with a deep cyberpunk vibe, the K/TAC is as clean and minimalistic as it gets. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice style thanks to its purple and red energy accents on the blade and hilt.

Valorant K/Tac Blade


The Waveform knife skin says “tell me you love RGB without telling me you love RGB”. This highly unique skin doesn’t just look bright and colorful but it also has the ability to change colors as you swing it.

Valorant Waveform

Blade of Chaos

Strike fear and bring the pain of darkness to your foes with the Blade of Chaos knife skin. Though it should look at least 5 times its actual size, this blade oozes black magical powers while also having some incredible details that add to its aesthetic.

Valorant Blade Of Chaos

Titanmail Mace

Make Thor step aside when he sees you wielding the Titanmail Mace, a Valorant knife skin that’ll make you the new God of Thunder. From top to bottom, this weapon looks electrifying both in form and color. What’s even more eye-catching are the consolidated energy sparks crackling in its middle crevice.

Valorant Titanmail Mace

Relic of the Sentinel

It doesn’t get any more legendary than this knife skin. The Relic of the Sentinel is more than just a blade; it’s a statement. No matter how you slice it, it certainly screams “I spent hundreds of our hours farming the same boss for this but it was totally worth it!”

Valorant Relic Of The Sentinel

Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb

What’s better than a butterfly knife? A butterfly knife comb! It’s got all of the style of a twirly switchblade while also letting your enemies know you’re more than happy to toy around with them. For those who don’t take themselves too seriously but still want to look their best.

Valorant Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb

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