Top 5 esports reveals from E3

June 18 2021

Top 5 esports reveals from E3
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So maybe E3 2021 wasn’t the most incredible. But it was still badass! Considering everything happening in 2020, the fact we can make a list of five awesome things hitting the esports scene is amazing. So let’s dive right in, here are the best esports news from E3 2021.

Razer laptop
Image: Razer website

#5 New Razer gaming laptop

Starting with some hardware news, and boy are we hyped about this one. After months of speculation, Razer announced their brand new Razer Blade 14.

Razer has set the standard for gaming paraphernalia pretty much since it was founded in 2005. The Razer Blade 14 has that signature Razer chic, looking - from the outside - very in line with their other models. However, this laptop has one major change from other Razer laptops as it is the first Razer laptop to choose an AMD CPU over an Intel CPU. 

The choice comes from many in the industry swearing by the AMD CPU being the superior processor in terms of performance and battery. Prior to the Razer Blade 14, Razer’s gaming laptops had been Intel-powered and some of the best on the market. So this could be an interesting adventure into either the best Razer laptop yet or a laptop we’ll spend years trying to forget (we’re looking at you, Razer Blade 15).

Some other cool tech facts about the Razer Blade 14:


  • 16GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage up for grabs,

  • 720p HD webcam plus Razer’s THX Spatial Audio,

  • 12-hour long battery life.

Rainbow 6
Image: Ubisoft

#4 Rainbow Six: Extraction

One for all you Rainbow Six fans, we got a cool new look at the latest gift bestowed upon us from Ubisoft. Formerly known as Rainbow Six: Quarantine, we got a glimpse at the gameplay for this 1-3 player co-op.

What we know

In Extraction, you’ll get to play as your favorite Rainbow Six operators as you adventure into containment zones to fight aliens. Yes, aliens. We suppose if aliens ever did take over, a secret multi-national counter-terrorism unit would probably be the right choice. If you remember the parasite in the Operation Chimera expansion, these aliens are an evolved version of those. Super spooky.

Gameplay-wise you’ll be met with an arsenal familiar to fans of R6 Siege, but this will be upgraded to all new kicking-alien-ass levels. Each level has 3 maps to fight your way through, as you progress, the difficulty will increase. You can extract whenever you want to bag your reward and get your operator home safe to see their kids. If you stick around but fall in battle, your operator will go into MIA mode and you won’t get to play as them until they’re recovered and safely extracted from the map. So keep that in mind before you go sending operators on kamikaze missions.

The game has some awesome ways to keep you interested and playing. One is the array of different aliens you’re given. Kind of like Left for Dead, enemies with different stats always give great and varied gameplay. But the biggest thing extraction does to keep us around (and maybe our favorite feature) is by giving the player different objectives every time they play. From capturing areas to luring enemies, it’s randomized every time. We know some of you will finish all of them though but at least it will take you a bit longer to get sick of it.

We are super excited to see this new chapter in R6 and can’t wait for its release in September. So soon!!

Resident Evil
Image: Capcom website

#3 Resident Evil Re:Verse

Coming in July, we’ll see a 4-6 player competitive Resident Evil, coming free with Resident Evil: Village. Even though we don’t think of Resident Evil as the next big esport, we do think esports fans with a thing for survival horror will be as hype for multiplayer RE as we are. Defeating your enemies in the same world as Lady D? Hell yes! (No, we still aren’t over her, and no we doubt we will ever be).

You get to play as your favorite Resident Evil characters (survivors) and use dope bioweapons in fast-paced Deathmatches to win the most points and claim victory.

What we know

In gameplay, each character has their own set of weapons: a personal weapon, and a standard weapon. The standard weapon will never run out of ammo but the personal weapon requires you to run around finding spare bullets (like a good survival horror fan).

Along with their own weapons, each character has two unique skills. So you’ll have to take their weapons and skills into consideration when choosing a character and start thinking of good ways to use them together.

We also know headshots are a huge deal in this game, so get aiming! If you want an extra sneaky boost, try turning down aiming in settings. This will really help with those crucial headshots.

Dodging is also going to be an important mechanic in this game. Kind of like Dark Soul’s immortality roll, you can quickly move out of the way whilst also reducing damage. However, you can only dodge so quickly as your dodges have to replenish (think Breath of the Wild’s stamina circle.

No this is a weird one: Virus Capsules and Bioweapons. When your health runs out, you will turn into an ugly-looking ‘bioweapon’ monster. The power of your monster self depends on how many Virus Capsules you collected in your life as a human. As a Bioweapon, you have heat vision so can track other humans and bioweapons through walls and have some cool (if a little gross) finishing moves. However, Bioweapons will lose health over time and gain fewer points from kills. Now, you won’t die outright from the passage of time (unlike IRL) but your health will reach a critical level where even a little damage will destroy your Bioweapon. Though this isn’t great if you are a Bioweapon, it’s great if you’re up against one. Just dodge it until its health is low then boom, easy kill.

After your monster-self is murdered, you’ll respawn as a temporarily invincible human. You’ll quickly become susceptible to death again soon, don’t worry. 

The final feature we think is super cool and want to touch on is the Revenge feature. As a Deathmatch game, you’ll be wanting the most points possible to win. You get more points if you get a killstreak. If someone ruins your killstreak, you can get it back by killing them after you respawn. Pretty sweet!

We could talk about this one all day so let’s move on.

Image: EA

#2 Battlefield 2042

After three years of development, we finally got a peek into this hotly anticipated game and, boy, was it something! The latest Dice game is being dubbed ‘the biggest Battlefield game ever’, and with a development time like that, we can see why! 

What we know

If you saw the trailer, your first thought was probably ‘what the damn is going on?’. It was chaos. 128 players, grappling hooks, ziplines, wingsuits, a massive dust storm? It was a lot to take in. Let’s break down what we found out.

This game is the most technically advanced Battlefield to date, upgrading its entire physics system and uses the very latest Frostbite Engine technology. These make the game visually incredible and (what looks like) a joy to play. We see those awesome new physics coming in handy with the 3rd person wingsuit travel, vehicles, and terrain deformation. We can’t wait to play it and find out what it’s capable of.

Battlefield is set in an apocalyptic future. Climate change has pushed humanity to the brink of war. We’re hoping this isn’t an accurate prediction of 2042, sounds like a bummer.

Opting completely out of a single-player story mode, Dice said their multiplayer-only game will have a narrative woven into the gameplay. This is an awesome revamp of a classic format, but fans are skeptical as to whether the multiplayer is worth the 70 dollar price tag.

If you’re worried about a learning curve with only online, Dice have got you covered. Players will have the option to switch up whether they want to play with AI or real people or a mix of the two. This will hopefully give you a little bit more of a solid foundation before you get yelled at for being a ‘noob’ by a 12-year-old online.

The maps are huge. And we mean, huge! So big, in fact, capture points in Conquest and Breakthrough are now broken into multiple sectors. So to capture the point’s larger territory, your team must own all of the objectives in that area. Each awesome map is not only massive, but they have their own plotlines and objectives. They’re genuinely incredibly incredible.

Another absolutely incredible feature is the map dynamic features. You can be chilling on your map, shooting some enemies as usual and a whole tornado or sandstorm will form. That’s insane! These can throw debris, vehicles, all sorts, so bring your strongest umbrella or get into that tank.

In the game, you play as specialists which belong to a classic Battlefield class. Each specialist has their own traits, unique to them, with their class dictating their role in the gameplay. The four classes we’ve seen so far are ‘assault’, ‘engineer’, ‘support’, and ‘recon’. This feature is awesome as it allows each player to tailor their play to their strengths and gameplay preferences.

We’ll be hearing more about Battlefield 2042 at EA play 2021, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out for that!

Image: 343 Industries

#1 Halo Infinite

Here at number one as we believe it is one of the most talked-about titles of E3, Halo Infinite. Now, as a Bioshock fan, nothing gets my blood pumping quite like an ‘Infinite’ title. But before there was Bioshock, there was Halo. The OG of so many of us gamers, Halo holds a special place in our tired little hearts. Memories of our younger, easier days, where we could come home from work or school and whoop some alien ass. Ahhh…

But those days are over. Now we face either the coolest or worst Halo yet. Will it ruin our childhoods? Will it destroy the fond memories I have of Cortana? Maybe.

What we know

Infinite was initially scheduled for release in 2020 as the Xbox Series X launch exclusive but was delayed shortly after gameplay footage was released upon the internet. The game is now set for release this fall after developers were forced to work from home due to the virus.

Though the game will have a single-player story mode, we will be focusing on the multiplayer mode. More esports-y, don’t you think?

The multiplayer mode will be free to play and the maps will be bigger than ever before. The graphics seem to have come a long way since the initial gameplay release was met with such backlash.

Though free to play, Halo Infinite will have a battle pass. However, we’re being assured it is ‘FOMO free’, so we’ll be able to play happily without cost.

We don’t know too much about the gameplay just yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing the next chapter in Master Chief's wild adventures!


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