Top VALORANT streamers to watch on Twitch in 2023

January 4 2023

Top VALORANT streamers to watch on Twitch in 2023
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It is undeniable that VALORANT is one of the hottest games to watch right now on any streaming platform. Check out our list of top VALORANT Twitch streamers to watch in 2023!

Currently, VALORANT sits comfortably in fifth place as the most viewed video game on Twitch with an average watch time of over 14 million a week. The insane clutch moments, crazy one-taps, and extremely funny fails make the viewing experience extremely fun.

If you are looking for some great VALORANT content on Twitch or Youtube Gaming, we have gathered the top 10 streamers on the platforms that produce some funniest and most inspiring VALORANT content. And, if you love this game as much as we do, you will love our VALORANT API Stats and daily Missions that will reward you for your GGs!

Who are the Best VALORANT Streamers on Twitch?

1. Tarik

Source: Liquipedia

Tarik "tarik" Celik is a well-known figure in both the VALORANT and the CS:GO worlds. He used to be a professional CS:GO player before transitioning into VALORANT when the game started becoming big. Before becoming a full-time content creator, he also used to play professionally for the Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster. Now that he has given up his pro esports career, he has put all his efforts into his streaming career on Twitch and produces some of the best VALORANT content out there.

His unmatched charisma and humor make him the top VALORANT streamer on this list. While most other streamers need to rely on mind-blowing plays and headshots, Tarik simply keeps his viewers captivated with his funny and unmatched personality. He is also often seen collaborating with a ton of other streamers and creators to do more fun stuff including hosting VALORANT tournaments.

2. Shroud


Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, is the most famous FPS games streamer on any content platform. He is often regarded as the FPS god due to his insane reaction times and accurate headshots. Before having such a successful streaming career, Shroud used to be a professional CS:GO athlete for the Cloud9 roster. He eventually retired and made a career out of content creation where he would go on to show his ridiculous skills in FPS games. 

He would also sign with the well-known pro VALORANT organization, Sentinels, to play VALORANT professionally but that didn’t last long. Now Shroud is one of the biggest VALORANT streamers on Twitch, pulling in tens of thousands of daily viewers. You might not always catch Shroud streaming VALORANT but the game is among his favorites that he returns to often.

3. TenZ

Source: Twitter

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a well-known face in the VALORANT community. He rose to fame with his insane Jett plays and quickly became a phenomenon in the community. Now he is regarded as the best VALORANT player of current times and has a successful professional career with the Sentinels VALORANT roster. He is not only the face of Sentinels now, but also the entire VALORANT game as a whole. But not most of the community is aware that apart from his pro esports career, he also is a very successful streamer.

TenZ regularly streams on Twitch when there aren’t major VALORANT events happening and often showcases some of the nastiest plays you will ever see on a VALORANT stream.

4. AverageJonas

Source: Liquipedia

The Norwegian English-speaking freelance commentator, Jonas Navarsete, better known as AverageJonas, is also a phenomenal content creator. He is mostly known for his Sova plays and he is the main reason behind many players utilizing Sova for aggressive plays. Apart from being one of the best Sova players at the moment, he is also a very charismatic person who is funny and enjoyable to watch. He is very much underrated when it comes to his content. 

He currently streams on Twitch regularly and has a following of almost a million on the platform. A bonus of watching AverageJonas is that he is also a great singer, treating his viewers with some amazing singing.

5. iiTzTimmy

Source: Liquipedia

Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An is already a well-known player and a streamer in the Apex Legends community. He was notorious for wiping out whole squads all by himself and had one of the best accuracies in the history of Apex Legends. And recently, the Apex Predator showed the world that his goodness is not limited to Apex Legends when he started popping off in the VALORANT community with his crazy headshots and clutches. Now Timmy mostly streams VALORANT and continues his grind to become the best in the scene.

iiTzTimmy streams regularly on Twitch and has a following of more than 2.5 million on the platform. He pulls in an average viewer count of 7,000 per stream and has a very chill personality most viewers enjoy.

6. Kyedae

Source: Twitch

Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko was not a high-level VALORANT player when she started her streaming career. But she has gotten better over time and has climbed her way to higher ranks and continues the grind on her streams. But what makes her stand out is that while most other streamers are all about the game and skills, Kyedae’s priority is interacting with his viewers and the chat. She is very charismatic and one of the few entertaining female VALORANT streamers out there. As she is the fiancée of the VALORANT star, TenZ, viewers can also catch him making appearances in her streams quite a lot.

Kyedae streams regularly on Twitch and has over 2 million followers on the platform. Her streams currently average around 7000 viewers, and her streams are ideal if you are looking for some laidback VALORANT content.

7. Hiko

Source: Riot Games

Before becoming a famed VALORANT personality, Spencer “Hiko” Martin used to be an icon in the CS:GO scene. He was one of the first few CS:GO stars who transitioned into VALORANT when the game first came out. He quickly became one of the go-to streamers for VALORANT content, including guides. He is a very skilled VALORANT player and even went on to compete in the professional scene for the 100 Thieves roster. Still, the best part about Hiko is his wholesome personality.

Hiko managed to attract over 1.8 million followers on Twitch where he regularly streams. Even though his viewer count has gone down in recent times, he used to average around 8,000 viewers per stream and his stream is home for chill VALORANT sessions.

8. ShaZam

Source: Riot Games

Shahzeb Khan, better known as ShahZaM, is a well-known figure in both the VALORANT streaming world and the professional scene. He used to be a key player in Sentinels’ VALORANT roster and a teammate of TenZ before he recently left the org to join G2 Esports. The ex-CS:GO Pro is also a charismatic streamer, entertaining thousands of viewers who tune into his streams. He is skilled in VALORANT and also extremely funny.

This has allowed him to gather over 1.6 million followers on Twitch and averages around 3,000 viewers per stream. 

9. Yayster

Source: Liquipedia

Jaccob "yay" Whiteaker is a former CS:GO player, currently playing VALORANT professionally for the Cloud9 VALORANT roster. He also managed to win the “Best Esport Athlete” award at the Game Awards 2022. Apart from being a pro VALORANT player, he also streams regularly to his growing audience. Yay is better known as Yayster on his current streaming platform, Twitch.

Yay has almost 300K followers on Twitch, which is rather little compared to other streamers on this list but manages to gather massive viewer counts, averaging more than 7,000. He is a fast-growing VALORANT streamer on the platform and viewers love his chill yet skilled VALORANT gameplay.

10. Schrodingerlee

Source: Twitter

We have allocated the final spot on our list to a different type of creator that is making an impact in the community. Schrodinger Lee is a lesser-known streamer in the media’s eye, but a well-known VALORANT content creator in the VALORANT community. His deep voice, funny skits, and interactions with his chat and other teammates make him stand out from the rest of the streamers on this list. If you dwell around in TikTok or Youtube Shorts, there’s a high chance that you might have come across at least one of his videos.

His VALORANT content rose to fame with his hilarious and entertaining TikToks and Youtube Shorts, and now he regularly streams on Twitch for an average viewer count of over 2,000. 

Honorable Mentions: Ludwig and Lil Bro Cup

Ludwig deserves an honorable mention on this list as he is one of the few content creators on the internet right now that is ready to go one step beyond for the community. The Youtube star recently partnered up with Tarik to host a hilarious VALORANT tournament called “Lil Bro Cup” to uplift other VALORANT creators while bringing pure entertainment to the viewers.

Do you agree with our list of the top VALORANT streamers to watch right now on Twitch? If not, let us know whom you would put above whom and which other creators you would bring to this list. And if you feel like playing some VALORANT now, be sure to join G-Loot first and get rewarded for your GGs


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