VALORANT Agent Generator

September 12 2022

VALORANT Agent Generator
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Unlike most FPS games, VALORANT puts itself in a unique position of having a character-based system without limitations but still offering unique gameplay between each individual agent. However, this can come at a steep cost for new players: How can you build a good team, and what makes a good team in the first place?

In this article, we’ll be going over what a good team composition looks like and how G-Loot’s VALORANT Agent Generator can help you and your team get the edge over your opponents. If you are new to G-Loot, check out how you can gain rewards while simply playing your favorite games!

What you’ll find in this guide:

  • The VALORANT Agent Generator

  • What makes a good team comp in VALORANT?

  • What Do Agent Roles Mean?

  • Map Choice Matters

  • Best VALORANT Agents Overall

The VALORANT Agent Generator

Here at G-Loot, we love helping our players get better and better, especially when we’re talking about our favorite game, VALORANT! We know that most players probably have a handful of agents or roles they like to play but don’t know how to fit them into a team comp. That’s why we created our VALORANT Agent Generator.

With this tool, all you need to do is put in your rank, the map you’re playing on, and whatever character your team members are set on playing. Then, the VALORANT Agent Generator will show you several different teams you can test out and the win ratio for that particular team.

If you want to know more about the tool and why we built it, check out our blog post about it! All the data used with the tool is generated from gamers like you, people who use G-Loot to track their VALORANT stats, so you know the data is authentic.

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What makes a good team comp in VALORANT?

When it comes to team composition, the name of the game is utility. The current meta doesn’t restrict players from needing specific roles to succeed, but being able to flex when needed is a priority.

Picking agents that work well together is a large part of making a good team comp. You don’t always need one of each role on a team, but making sure they all blend well together is crucial. Independent agents like Phoenix might be better in solo queues than team games since you can coordinate your strikes better in a team.

With the Agent Generator, if you’ve got a static team with a few preferred agents, you can easily find a composition that shows results. For example, let’s say your teammates usually play KAY/0, Raze, and Reyna on Fracture while you climb through Silver. The generator will show you other common team compositions that work well with those Agents, a recommendation, and a win ratio for that team.

Most teams will comprise one of each role, plus an additional Initiator or Duelist. This is the current meta, and it’s still pretty flexible, but the utility of two Initiators has become a better option than double Duelists in most cases.

What do Agent Roles Mean?

VALORANT splits up its agents into four distinct ‘roles’, each with its playstyles. Agents within these roles will have similar functions on a team and are the key to having a wide variety of options on your team. Let’s dig into each one separately:

  • Duelists are your typical ‘aggressive’ role and the ones with the most offensive capabilities. These agents will go headfirst into sites and get as many kills as possible or at least be potent in firefights.

  • Controllers offer the powerful ability of smoke abilities to split areas up or to help keep your team from being tracked. As you can guess by the name, these agents want to control the battlefield by blocking your opponent’s sightlines via those smokes. They are also great at defending against flanking attackers or trying to flank themselves.

  • Sentinels are a team's best line of defense, hence the name. Their abilities allow them to lock down areas and support their teams through healing and other utility abilities. Typically these players also set the pace for your team and lead your team by providing information and coordinating attacks on sites.

  • Initiators are the last on our list, but they act as an integral part of a team thanks to their flexibility. These agents tend to bring either excellent reconnaissance to your team or might offer skills that can disrupt the enemies, making your Duelists have an easier time fragging them.

If you want an excellent overview of every agent VALORANT offers, check out our guide here.

Valorant Silhouettes

Map Choice Matters

Your agent choice and overall comp is the most significant contributing factor to your gameplay, but it’s not the only part. Maps also play a massive part in your team’s function, and some agents will perform better on some maps compared to others.

Our Agent Generator does a great job of showing what Agents perform better on what maps, too. Instead of picking the map first, pick out the Agents you’re set to play, and then flip between maps to see different team compositions. You’ll likely see a wide variety of teams with different ratios, giving you a good idea of who works best on specific maps.

As we go down and list some popular agents to use, be mindful of how their skills can be applied to different maps. Don’t be afraid to get flexible with your picks.

Best VALORANT Agents Overall

  • Astra - One of the best Controllers in the game, and for good reason. Her utility and ultimate are stellar for stopping pushes or coordinating attacks. Astra even comes with rechargeable smokes, setting her apart from other agents. However, she requires a lot of map and game knowledge, so she remains challenging to play effectively.

  • Jett - She’s fast, mobile, and one of the best Duelists in VALORANT. Even with the recent changes, she remains one of the most challenging and rewarding agents to play. With her dash, she has a “Get out of jail free” card for any situation, and she isn’t too complex to pick up.

  • Chamber - Just like Jett, but newer. He also has high mobility and a dash, plus he excels at long range. His Headhunter ability allows you to have the equivalent of a Guardian but at the cost of 100 credits per bullet. Heck, he even has one of the highest win ratios according to the Agent Generator!

  • KAY/0 - It’s hard to argue that this agent hasn’t changed the meta with his release. KAY/0 offers a potent initiator agent that offers flashes, two different ways to suppress your enemies, and plenty of recon with his signature. He’s a solid pick on most teams and worth learning.

  • Breach - With the ACT 3 changes, Breach has become a more dynamic initiator that is still reasonably self-sufficient. Breach’s wider signature and ultimate allow him to lock enemies down easier, making it much harder for them to dodge his skills. He also performs incredibly well on a variety of maps.

Are you ready to test all this knowledge for yourself and discover the best team composition for you? Head over to the VALORANT Agent Generator and let's game!