Valorant: How to play Sage

October 5 2021

Valorant: How to play Sage
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Sage is a playable Agent in Valorant. She is one of the ten original Agents introduced in the game’s beta version. Sage’s easy accessibility and passive role in support make her a great choice for beginners. She helps players learn the fundamentals of the game and become acclimated to playing with teammates. Here is everything you need to know about Sage in Valorant.


Hailing from China, Sage’s codename is Thorne. Fulfilling the role of Sentinel, she is designed to provide defense and support in a variety of ways. She specializes in healing herself and teammates with the use of her Healing Orb. Sage can also deter enemies by slowing them down or blocking them off with a barrier. Her Ultimate Ability allows her to resurrect one fallen teammate during a round. Sage is the only character in the game capable of healing other players.

Sage is nearly essential to any Valorant team composition in the current meta, thanks to her healing properties. There is no respawning in Valorant until a round is over, so any advantage to keeping teammates alive is needed. Sage helps a squad maintain their numbers with consistent healing. Her ultimate ability can shift momentum in a round when fully charged by bringing a fallen team member back into the fray. This well-rounded toolkit makes Sage adept at holding leads while also having the potential to mount large comebacks.


Sage’s abilities come in the form of orbs that aid her in battle. They are primarily used to assist teammates and control the pace of a round. None of her abilities deal damage to enemies.

Basic Abilities

Barrier Orb

  • Cost: 400 Credits

  • Command Key: C

  • Function: Vision Blocker/Wall

  • Charges: 1

  • Cooldown: 40 seconds

Sage's Barrier Orb

EQUIPs a large, wall-like barrier that blocks vision and projectiles. FIRE to place the wall and hold ALT FIRE to rotate the targeter to any angle freely. The wall has 400 HP (800 when fortified) and can be destroyed.

Slow Orb

  • Cost: 200 Credits

  • Command Key: Q

  • Function: Crowd Control

  • Charges: 2

  • Cooldown: 7 seconds

Valorant Sage Slow Orb

EQUIPs a slowing orb that detonates on contact with the ground. FIRE to launch and create a blueish-green field that slows anyone caught in its path by 50%. Slow Orb affects both enemies and teammates, as well as Sage herself.

Signature Ability

Healing Orb

  • Cost: Free

  • Command Key: E

  • Function: Sustain

  • Charges: 1

  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

Valorant Sage Healing Orb

EQUIPs a Healing Orb that can replenish the health of Sage’s teammates or herself. FIRE to heal teammates over time and ALT FIRE to self-heal. Up to 60 health can be regained over 5 seconds for teammates and over 10 seconds during self-healing.

Ultimate Ability


  • Cost: 8 Ultimate Points

  • Command Key: X

  • Function: Sustain

Valorant Sage Resurrection

EQUIPs the ability to bring back a fallen teammate during a round. Set your crosshairs over the target player’s body and FIRE to start the resurrection process. After a brief moment, they will return to life with full health.


Since Sage is a Sentinel, she should be played primarily in a supportive role to be successful. Sage players should focus on healing teammates over chasing kills. However, they should still make the most of their opportunities, as kills help charge Sage’s Ultimate Ability. One of the main keys to playing Sage is staying alive. Her healing presence creates a huge impact on any round that is lost when she is eliminated. Don’t take unnecessary risks while playing Sage, and remember to self-heal whenever you get the chance. Be mindful that your teammates are relying on you to help keep them alive.

Try to stick together with your teammates at all times when playing Sage. Her abilities all cater to assisting teammates, so she has little to no impact on a match working alone. Keep close to at least one other squad member so that you can provide healing in case a firefight breaks out. Given that your healing is so useful, teammates will also make it a priority to help protect you in battle. Being a good team player and holding a selfless attitude are great features to have as a Sage player.

The Barrier Orb is helpful for controlling an enemy team’s movements or altering their offensive formation. Use it to block paths, entryways, and sightlines. You can also use it to separate enemies approaching as a group. Opposing players will sometimes try to destroy the wall and will give away their positioning. Barrier Orb is one of the most expensive abilities in the game, so it is essential to know when and where to place them. The wall can be used for protection when planting and defusing the Spike, so it can be beneficial to save the charge until the end of a round. Sage can even place the wall underneath teammates or herself to give them a higher vantage point. A popular strategy with Sage’s barrier is to place it near a site’s entrance and camp on top of the wall waiting for unsuspecting enemies.

The Slow Orb is best used in entryways and chokepoints where you are anticipating enemies to approach from. Not only does it slow down their attack, but it makes them vulnerable to your team’s retaliation. It can be combined with other teammate’s abilities to overwhelm opposing defenses. The orb ricochets off walls, making it possible to create a slowing field in multiple nearby areas simultaneously.

When using the Healing Orb, be sure that you are completely out of danger. You don’t have your weapon drawn while healing, and with your attention on teammates, it can leave you vulnerable to getting picked off. Make use of the orb’s decent range to heal teammates while staying out of your enemies’ sights.


With her healing capabilities and powerful defensive tools, Sage can be a tricky Agent to counter. The best way to negate her impact is to erase her from the equation. Focus on eliminating a team’s Sage first so that picking off the other players will be easier. Agents with reconnaissance abilities are very useful for locating her and keeping tabs on her movements. Cypher’s Spycam is perhaps the best tool for countering Sage in this manner. Characters with enhanced mobility like Jett, Omen, and Yoru can find ways around her Barrier Orb wall and catch a camping player by surprise. Sniper Rifles are also helpful against Sage. On top of helping with recon, they make it easier to pick her off unsuspectingly while she is using Healing Orbs.

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