The VALORANT Monthly Showdown for Clans is coming to G-Loot

September 13 2022

The VALORANT Monthly Showdown for Clans is coming to G-Loot
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Do you love VALORANT and G-loot Brawls? Then you’re going to love our new VALORANT Monthly Showdown, coming shortly to G-Loot.

On Friday, September 23, the first-ever Showdown will take place and the top 4 Clans on the two weekly Clan Brawl Leaderboards will be invited to yet another competition. A total prize pool of $2,000 will be distributed among places 1-4, while the remaining Clans will be awarded Coins for their participation.

If you are new to G-Loot and you love esports, don’t forget to check out how you can get rewards as you play by joining our community! 

Otherwise, keep reading the following Q&A to know more about the VALORANT Monthly Showdown.


When does the VALORANT Monthly Showdown start?

We are currently aiming for September 23, but the exact details on format, times, and prize distribution will be updated shortly. Keep an eye open for this info!

Do I need to be in a Clan to play in the VALORANT Monthly Showdown?

Yes. You need to be in a Clan to have a chance to enter the Showdown.

Is the VALORANT Monthly Showdown invite-only?

Yes, you can’t join without an invite.

How do I get invited to the VALORANT Monthly Showdown?

Your Clan needs to end up top 4 on one of the two weekly Clan Brawl Leaderboards leading up to the Showdown in order to be invited.

Who can participate in the VALORANT Monthly Showdown?

Only players from Europe can participate in the Showdown. Please make sure that your Clan has at least 5 members from Europe that can play in the Showdown.

How many Clans will compete in the VALORANT Monthly Showdown?

We will invite a total of 8 Clans to the showdown, from the two different weekly Brawls.

The VALORANT Monthly Showdown starts on a Friday, but the second Clan Brawl ends three days later. How will that work?

Correct! This means that the last 4 clans will be invited before the second Clan Brawl ends. We will look at the current standings on Thursday, September 22, and invite the current top 4 clans on the Clan Brawl Leaderboard. Make sure to get your results in early if you want to qualify!

Is there a prize pool for the VALORANT Monthly Showdown?

Clans are competing for a total prize pool of $2,000 distributed between those who place 1-4. Place 5-8 will receive Coins for participating.

Will the VALORANT Monthly Showdown be streamed live?

Yes, the Grand Final and one of the Semi-Finals will be broadcasted live.

We can’t wait to see which Clans will be the first to qualify for the VALORANT Showdown. Meanwhile, feel free to follow us on Social Media and join our Discord community to always be updated on the next G-loot’s news!


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