Vikendi: tips and tricks for PUBG's coolest map

April 13 2022

Vikendi: tips and tricks for PUBG's coolest map
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Vikendi is PUBG's snow-covered battleground that comes with a few unique features. In the grand scheme of things, it slots in nicely between larger maps like Erangel and Miramar, and the more compact arenas such as Sanhok. It's a fun map that balances more frequent firefights with the ability to disengage for recuperation.

Whether you're a spirited newbie PUBG player, a battle-hardened veteran, or anything in-between, knowing the best Vikendi tips and tricks will help you reach greater heights.

Perfect your landing strategy

PUBG rewards good shooting and strategic thinking, but one component of the game is much more critical: landing. How you land on Vikendi can spell the difference between Chicken Dinner and taking a bullet to the head.

Chicken Dinner Restaurant Vikendi PUBG

Vikendi offers the perfect place to celebrate your win. Image source: Krafton

The first thing to observe is the map's distance representation. This knowledge will help you gauge your jump's distance. Once you've chosen your drop zone, you must wait for the plane's wing to align with it.

Your velocity will need to be adjusted based on the distance to your descent. Face squarely to the horizon to go the furthest. As a side advantage, the faster you go, the quicker you'll move after you open your chute. To achieve this, simply glance down and press W. Hold Shift to accelerate the plunge.

Finally, you can fine-tune your landing precision by swinging with W and gliding with Ctrl.

Weigh the risk/reward of your drop location

Now that you have a better grasp of landing, you'll need to put it to good use. You're probably thinking of just going for the best drop locations on Vikendi. While the logic seems sound on the surface, it can ultimately lead to a quick death.

Before choosing your drop location, you need to weigh the risk vs. the potential reward. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Do I know the location well enough?

  • Do I have the early game skill to survive multiple scrambles?

  • Does the location have enough cover?

Vikendi drop locations by risk level

If you and your team are confident, picking medium or high-risk drop zones can net you a large arsenal. There's no shame in choosing a low-risk landing place, especially if you prefer a steady pace.

High risk

Vikendi Winery PUBG

Image source: Krafton

  • Winery - The Winery is located adjacent to Pilnec, near the southernmost point. Players will typically scavenge at Pilnec before heading to the Winery to hunt for victims but pay attention to approaching footfalls, and you should be fine. The Winery's main attraction is the wine cellars. These have a lot of good stuff. However, enemies could be camping them for quick kills. To avoid issues, peek around corners while moving and don't dash haphazardly.

  • Cosmodrome - The Cosmodrome is, as the name implies, an old abandoned spaceport. Many of the single-story structures away from the rocket launch point include underground chambers with loads of goodies. You should approach the Cosmodrome with caution. Assume that someone is waiting around every corner. You can grab a lot of stuff here, but the surrounding places can be challenging to navigate when the blue approaches, so have an escape plan.

  • Castle - This is the ideal drop point to interact with other players and improve your combat abilities. It's the most visited and coolest area on the map, with a river that doubles as a moat. If you land at Castle and get a solid weapon right away, check every nook and cranny for campers. The layout allows for plenty of hiding places, but if you're one of the few survivors and have a long-ranged weapon, hike up to the tallest catwalk for a good vantage. Like the Cosmodrome, you'll want to leave early because swimming over the moat with the blue right behind you is no fun at all.

Medium risk

  • Goroka - The map has four major settlements, but Goroka stands out for its verticality. Land at one of the buildings on the northern side, near the main road, to gain a vertical edge over other players landing below. Loot-wise, it's like any other huge city; scavenge through a few buildings, and you'll likely equip yourself with enough to last you till the end of the game. Try not to get snagged while crossing the lake.

  • Villa - Both solos and duos, will find themselves right at home at the Villa. The courtyard has a large villa and a few smaller sheds, with the main building having many weapons and accessories to loot. One of the garages even has a Dacia spawn spot. The Villa's biggest advantage is its central location. If you need to move, there are enough buildings and housing clusters to dodge between if someone else snagged the vehicle first.

  • Secret Loot Cave - This cave is located at the black spot between Peshkova and Podvosto. Be on the lookout for a rocky wall and bust it open by crashing a vehicle or tossing a grenade to find a secret tunnel to a loot-filled cave. Since the secret's out, the Crate-exclusive goods have been nerfed, but you can still find amazingly dense, high-quality loot in its compact space.

Low risk

  • Lumber Yard - The isolated nature of this drop point makes it ideal for solos. It contains a couple of enormous open sheds with loot covering the floor, and with not many people choosing to land here, you'll have the pick of the bunch. It's easy to access other buildings nearby if you don't gather enough from the main Lumber Yard. Just be sure to create a western safe zone. The closest path into the circle is over one of the only bridges leading to the Castle, so be prepared to run across the bridge or swim across the water.

  • Cantra - This small town can be found in the southeast of the map. It's a tiny settlement, but it boasts some of the best loot compared to Vihar or Krichas. We suggest landing at the church first, then exploring the lesser buildings. If you have time before the blue gets to you, you can visit the Hot Springs after the main town. Keep an eye on the upcoming zone, as you'll need to undertake some running to get to the map's center.

Grab a train

Vikendi PUBG train

Image source: Krafton

One of Vikendi's most unique features is the train lines. These train lines travel across and around the map, making crossing Vikendi's cold slopes easier. Eleven stations are distributed around its landscape, where players can embark and disembark. While one train route skirts Vikendi's borders, you could quickly end up outside the play area, so proceed with caution. Two internal train lines feature many trains, which are excellent for taking out enemies on foot and station ambushes. As for the trains themselves, some cars offer more cover than others. The train lines are visible on your map, so stay near them if you need to move quickly.

Vikendi map tips and top mistakes to avoid

Before we wrap up, we've got some extra tips that'll help you fine-tune your path to victory.

  • Have a light-colored set of gear specific to playing on Vikendi. While the amount of snow was reduced in Season 7. there are still areas where you'll be harder to spot in white gear.

  • Be aware of the tracks you leave in the snow, as enemies can use them to hunt you down. On the other hand, you can become the hunter yourself by following the trail your potential prey has left for you.

  • If you're a player who enjoys stealth and sniping, you'll love Vikendi. Its size is perfect for sniper-based loadouts, while its frequent towns make sneaking around that much easier.

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