What is the Valorant Night Market and when is the next one?

May 13 2022

What is the Valorant Night Market and when is the next one?
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Want to get some cool skins for your Valorant weapons? Well, you’re in luck. The Night Market returns in just a few days.

Riot Games announced this week that the next Night Market will begin on May 18, next Wednesday. As usual, it will last for 2 weeks, ending on May 31.

So what is the Night Market, and why should you be excited about it? First, let’s talk about skins.

Like many other games, Valorant is free-to-play and makes the majority of its revenue through cosmetics or skins. These skins can be purchased using Valorant Points, which can be bought for real-world money. The skins are separated into different editions with different prices.

Valorant Skin Tier

In addition, skins can be upgraded using Radianite Points, which are also purchased using Valorant Points. Given that the skins themselves start at (roughly) $8.75, the cost can quickly add up. One way to save yourself money and still get cool skins is to buy bundles. Bundles are limited-time offers and come with multiple skins. The lowest exclusivity bundles cost about $40.

The Night Market is an even cheaper way to get skins. The Night Market is a regular limited-time event where you are presented with random discounts on a selection of usually 5 cosmetics. If you purchase the skins available to you, you’re usually offered more skins to buy. Because the skins are random, you can’t guarantee you’re going to get something you want, but the Night Market comes round every couple of months, so you can always wait until next time.

Valorant Night Market

Of course, with random selections, there’s always a chance you’ll get something really incredible at a great discount. So make sure you’re ready on May 18 to see what you get!

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