What’s new in PUBG Patch 14.1? 

October 11 2021

What’s new in PUBG Patch 14.1? 
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Darkness falls in the G-Loot office. A chilly, fall wind whistles through an open window. A writer, alone at their desk, lets out a gasp, “Oooooh, new skins!”

That’s right, folks, Halloween is nearly upon us! For PUBG players, that means a whole host of new treats to celebrate the season. So let’s dive into Patch 14.1 and see what we’ve got in our goody bag!

PUBG 14.1 patch notes

Image source: PUBG Studios

The new patch was released on Oct. 6 for PC and is due on Oct. 14 for consoles. Of course, as excited as we are, the patch isn’t just about Halloween. There are plenty of other updates to enjoy. 

Ranked Season 14 begins

The new season has started and is expected to run for 2 months, in line with other recent seasons. Any rewards you earned from Season 13 will be added to your inventory. Your rewards are based on the highest rank you got just before a Ranked season ends and they are only available for 1 season, except for the Parachute skin which is permanent.

  • Bronze: Bronze PUBG ID Emblem

  • Silver: Silver PUBG ID Emblem

  • Gold: Gold PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin

  • Platinum: Animated Platinum PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin

  • Diamond: Animated Diamond PUBG ID Emblem, Ranked Parachute Skin

  • Master: Animated Master PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Master Nameplate, Ranked Parachute Skin

  • Top 500: Animated Top 500 PUBG ID Emblem, Animated Top 500 Nameplate

Breakable pots

PUBG Breakable pots

Image source: PUBG Studios

For those of you thinking, “PUBG is fantastic, but it doesn’t offer the random destruction I get from playing, say, the Legend of Zelda games,” I have great news. Breakable Pots are now to be found scattered around Taego. These can be punched or shot to destroy them and spawn the following items:

  • Medical Items: First Aid Kit, Bandage.

  • Boost Items: Adrenaline Syringe, Painkillers, Energy Drink

  • Throwables: Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade, Molotov Cocktail

Before you go wild and start smashing everything in sight, remember that breaking precious pottery does in fact make a sound. So be careful not to give away your location. 

Thanks for the carry

Get ready to live your action hero dreams. You can now pick up and carry downed allies and enemies. 

Schwarzenegger Carries Mr Bean

Of course, unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, hefting another human over your shoulder is going to impact your movement. When carrying another player, you can’t sprint, jump, crouch, or go prone. You’re also restricted to hip fire and can’t use throwables or healing items; your hands are kind of full. 

You can’t carry a person into a vehicle and if you try to carry someone while swimming, you’ll automatically drop them and they’ll sink. While carried players bleed out more slowly they can still take damage. 

PUBG Carry

Image source: PUBG Studios

I know what you’re thinking: yes, you could kidnap your enemies and use them as a human shield before dumping them at the bottom of a river. But you’d never do something like that, right?

Map updates

Both Taego and Erangel are getting updates in this patch. 

Erangel has seen a variety of updates. The terrain around Pochinki, especially, has been improved. As it’s such a popular drop spot but has open fields that make you easy to see, it was a common place to meet your doom. A new waterway, fences, terrain height adjustments, and other cover items should give you a better chance of surviving. The church has also had a makeover. You can no longer access the roof, instead, you’ll find a secret room in the basement.

In Taego you’ll find more cover around the mountain area north of the Palace and a few other minor topographic improvements, especially around the school. There are also new Error Spaces marked on the map which will spawn weapons and other supplies that are usually exclusive to other maps. 

No more speeding

Taego is difficult to get around without a car, so the vehicles designed for that map were given higher max speeds to prevent your precious wheels from being blown up by a lucky shot. However, the fans have determined that they’re just too damn fast, so they’ve been slowed down for 14.1.

Pony Coupe

  • Normal: Reduced from 140km/h to under 130km/h.

  • Boost: Reduced from 150km/h to under 140km/h. 


  • Normal: No changes are applied.

  • Boost: Reduced from 130km/h to under 120km/h.

Okay now for the spooky stuff. 

Halloween makeover for Erangel

PUBG Erangel School Halloween 2021

Image source: PUBG Studios

The School and Hospital, and the Starting Island Area have all been decorated for Halloween. Look out for fairy lights, ghosts in sheets, and mummy coffins scattered about the place. 

Care Package smoke has also been updated to Halloween colors and, about 30% of the time, you’ll find Halloween weather with fog and a unique moon color. 

New drop dates

PUBG Fresh Hoods

Image source: PUBG Studios

There will be 3 special drops to keep you pumped up this Halloween. 

Special Drops 1 

First up is Wicked Halloween, which has already begun on PC and starts on October 14 for console players. This runs through to October 19. The missions revolve around surviving and looting and will earn you a Green Ghost. 

Special Drops 2

The second special drops event is Halloween’s Last Survivor. This will run from October 20 to November 2 for all players, regardless of platform. The missions for this event are:

  • Parachute 600m in total.

  • Reach top 20.

  • Survive 15 minutes in a single match.

With your points, you’ll be able to claim yourself an extremely slick-looking ​​PUBG Varsity Jacket. 

Special Drops 3

Last but definitely not least, Special Drops 3 lets you don your virtual self with designs from Fresh Hoods. There’s a dino t-shirt and a lizard cropped hoodie up for grabs.

This will run from October 27 to November 9, so it actually overlaps with Halloween’s Last Survivor. Make sure you don’t miss it!

New items

PUBG Trick-or-treat progressive skin

Image source: PUBG Studios

This year’s Halloween weapon skin is the TRICK-OR-TREAT M416 and I think we can all agree that it’s a thing of beauty. Of course, progressive skins are upgraded one level at a time. Here’s what you can expect at each level. 

  1. Basic Skin Cosmetic (Level 1 appearance)

  2. Magazine / Muzzle Skin x6

  3. Uncommon Skin Cosmetic (Level 2 appearance)

  4. Total Kills Battlestat

  5. Inspect Animation 

  6. Killfeed Skin

  7. Grip / Stock Skin x7

  8. Rare Skin Cosmetic (Level 3 appearance)

  9. Loot Crate Skin 

  10. Scope Skin x7

A rummage through the patch notes shows us a few other things we can expect from Contraband Crates this season including a Gourd Smasher skin for the Pan; a Bewitched skin for the AWM, Beryl M762, and Vector; a Lucky Knight skin for the SKS and M24; and a Waffle Cone skin for the M16A4, S686, and R1895, amongst others.

Shop till you drop… dead

PUBG Halloween Skins 2021

Now I just need someone to make these for me in real life. Image source: PUBG Studios

Finally, there are a bunch of new items coming to the shop for Halloween and I’m telling you, I want all of them. 

  • Crusader Costume Pack

  • Night Hunter Costume Pack

  • Dark Count Costume Pack

  • Tormented Knight Costume Pack

  • Molten Mayhem – M249

  • Lycan Hunter – S686

  • Night Slayer – Crossbow

  • Nameplate: Dear Air

  • Nameplate: Halloween Jackpot

  • Monster Hunter Weapon Bundle

  • Ultimate Halloween Bundle

PUBG Halloween 2021 emotes

Image source: PUBG Studios

So get ready to don your favorite costume and join us at the party. What’s your favorite part of the new update? Let us know on Twitter


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