Who runs the world? The top female streamers to watch 2021

August 6 2021

Who runs the world? The top female streamers to watch 2021
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Undoubtedly under represented, these women have fought the odds and made their fame in the world of esports

Female streamers are on the rise. In 2017, Twitch revealed their user base was 81.5% Male, thus only 18.5% were female or gender non-conforming. A study in 2019 by GlobalWebIndex (GBI) showed that number had risen to 35% of Twitch users being female. GBI’s latest data shows 37% of those who watch gaming streams are female, meaning the percentages between men and women in streaming is gradually evening out.

The pandemic has definitely helped. Twitch’s user base has seen an unprecedented increase. Starting in March 2020 channel creation was up, peaking in December, then plateauing out and beginning to decline as of May 2021.

Despite women joining the world of streaming at such an awesome rate, they make up so few of the top streamers. Whether this be because of a fear of rejection from the largely male community, or because they just amass fewer viewers on the platform, it’s hard to say. But we think it’s time for this to change! So here are our recommendations for female streamers.

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Naguura - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Starting off strong with a legend we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Caroline AKA Naguura. The world of World of Warcraft is expansive and messy but Naguura is a pro at not only navigating it and playing it herself, but she’s so knowledgeable, she’s even hosted G-Loot’s Raid Masters. She really knows her stuff!

If you’re looking for a badass female WoW expert, Naguura is the one to check out!

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Miss Rage

Miss Rage - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Julia Kreuzer, known as Miss Rage is a League of Legends and CS:GO streamer from Austria. Her name is relatable to any gamer: the rage is real. Supposedly her handle comes from her days of raging at World of Warcraft, maybe that’s why we don’t see her streaming it as often. She’s amassed a devoted fan base, even getting nominated for a Gaming Shorty award!

If you’re looking to watch someone else rage quit for a change, give her a watch!

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Fitness to Cosplay

Fitness to Cosplay - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Fitness To Cosplay, Ashley, started her channel with her girlfriend in the hopes of sharing health and fitness with her online community. Though it’s super important to stay physically well, (and Ashley will help you out with that) we’re super here for her Dead by Daylight streams. Entertaining to watch from my couch—I mean—the gym.

Check out Fitness to Cosplay at the links below!

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Imperial - The top female streamers to watch 2021

If you’re looking to wind down from a long day of watching intense WoW speedruns, Misty ‘Imperial’ may be the perfect streamer for you. A Star Wars fan and a seamstress, she has the content if you have the time. Well worth checking out!

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Psyche Plays - The top female streamers to watch 2021

A variety streamer from Northern Ireland who specializes in ‘games that make [her] cry’, Psyche is the relatable and entertaining streamer of our streams. Currently streaming Mass Effect, Subnautica, and FFXIV; Psyche aims to fill her streams with positivity and inclusivity. If you’re into a thriving community and variety streamers, we can’t recommend her enough!

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Cypheroftyr -

Chicago native Tanya DePass is a journalist, activist, streamer, and founder of ‘I Need Diverse Games’: a nonprofit focussing on diversity in gaming. She regularly streams on her Twitch, and is not only a legend in gaming activism, but an interesting and entertaining streamer. If you also feel strongly about representation in gaming, have an interest in social activism, or maybe you’re just looking for an incredible RPG-specializing streamer; Cypheroftyr is here!

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Xirilikika - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Gaming can be difficult. Really difficult. You can be up against smurfers one day and really not in your zone the next. One person who kicks major ass at gaming, even when faced with difficulties, is Kika ‘xirilikika’ Martins. In 2020 a clip of her whooping butt in CS:GO went viral after someone was blown away with her skill, despite her having only one hand. Yep. One hand and one of the best CS:GO players out there. What’s your excuse? And definitely what’s your excuse for not following her?

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leckakay - The top female streamers to watch 2021

A super entertaining variety streamer who we’ve been playing Pokemon vicariously through. Sweet-tea loving Alexa Ambrosia streams for hours on end, making her the perfect company as you work, study, or grind your game. She’s fun and friendly and we highly recommend you check her out if you’re looking for some wholesome entertainment. Not to mention, her YouTube offers streaming advice to all you wanna be Twitch stars!

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Valkyrae - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Not the Norse myth, nor the marvel character, much better: the Game Award ‘Content Creator of the Year’ receiving 'Queen of YouTube'. Valkyrae has quickly become a household name in the world of streaming, being the most-watched female streamer on YouTube Gaming: a growing platform for gaming. Washington-born Rachell Hofstetter started her gaming journey in 2014, sharing pictures of her hobby to Instagram. She grew quite the following and in 2020 moved to YouTube Gaming from Twitch. After this, her channel exploded as she held fun, banter-filled Among Us sessions with streaming superstars such as Pokimane, Jacksepticeye, and Corpse Husband. A month ago she declared the end of her Among Us streams but we still love watching her play a variety of other games with friends.

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maxpoetic - The top female streamers to watch 2021

Starting her channel back in 2018 with anything from Cuphead to Persona 4, U.K based Max has found her audience with Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. Her recent surge in followers is an awesome reflection of her hard work. Quite how she stays sane after over 103 hours of Final Fantasy streams, we don’t know. But we’re glad she does, hosting some awesome live streams while playing the MMO. If I watch, I don’t have to play, will that cure my burnout?

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