Why you need an Apex Legends Tracker

February 8 2022

Why you need an Apex Legends Tracker
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Keeping track of your in-game stats is the bread and butter of a Battle Royale game, and Apex Legends is no exception to this. Apex Legends even has stat trackers as cosmetic items in the game. They’re mostly for bragging rights, though. They won’t show you what you really need. An Apex Legends tracker, on the other hand, would be your best friend on the hunting grounds.

Greetings, Legends! While keeping track of your stats is G-Loot’s main feature, today, we’re focusing on how you can utilize a tracker with Apex Legends specifically. Because you know, I’m something of an Apexpert myself.

What does an Apex Legends Tracker do?

Saying Apex Legends is a fast-paced game would be an understatement. It’s a game where movement mechanics are occasionally nerfed by the developers. It’s that fast. So it can easily become very difficult to remember what you’ve done in a long match. With many kills and hundreds of shots taken, it’s quite difficult to keep track of your stats by memory. A good Apex Legends tracker will not only solve these problems for you but grant you insight on how to increase your performance.

Apex Legends Octane Up High

Octane keeping track of his performance. Image source: Respawn Entertainment.

But wait, there’s more! What if this Apex Legends tracker also organized weekly and monthly tournaments where you could compete to win real money prizes? Well, scratch my beard and call me Caustic because that’s exactly what G-Loot offers! 

What does G-Loot provide?

G-Loot can track many games, but we’ll discuss the Apex Legends part in detail for now. Using an Apex Legends tracker will help you see how much time you’re investing in Apex Legends and how you’re performing during that time. Kills, assists, knockdowns, headshots, you name it. Tracking your Apex Legends stats will help you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

Apex Legends Stats

You can consider an Apex Legends tracker as your personal assistant, constantly providing you reports and info about your performance and how to increase it. Plus, it encourages you and commends you at the start and end of the matches! I never get tired of seeing the “Let’s win this one!” message on the left side of my screen when a match begins.

I’ve started tracking my Apex Legends stats. Now what?

Now, Legends, comes the good part. G-Loot holds Weekly Brawls and Monthly Showdowns where you can compete against other players to challenge yourself and win real prizes. Weekly Brawls yield G-Loot coins and tournament tickets if you manage to be at the top when the Brawl ends. G-Loot coins can be used to get gift cards from Amazon, Steam, Origin, and DRKN. Tournament tickets, on the other hand, will allow you to enter the Monthly Showdowns with real money prizes.

Apex Legends February Showdown

What does an Apex Legends tracker do with all of this? Well, the G-Loot app will act as your Apex Legends tracker and help you improve your game so that you can challenge the best of the best at the Showdowns. Plus, if you’re interested in other esports and want to improve at them, G-Loot can help you with that, too!

How do I improve my game using an Apex Legends tracker?

An Apex Legends tracker means you get to see every little detail that happens in your game. Not only kills, knockdowns, and assists in a game but your average of those stats as well. You can have a general idea of how you’re performing and work harder to increase your average stats. Maybe you’re accurate with your weapons, but you die easily, or you’re good at maneuvering, but your accuracy is low. Maybe you hit your shots, but you’re missing some very critical headshots, which keeps your accuracy stat high but damage dealt stat low. You can see and review all of these stats on your tracker. You can even see how many times you’ve revived or respawned your teammates and how many times you were helped by them. Maybe you’re not helping your teammates as much as they help you. Fixing that would make you a better team player and a better Apex Legends player overall.

After that, hard work comes next. Having a goal would help improve yourself until you reach that goal, and you can move forward from there. To help with that, G-Loot provides daily Missions for you. You can complete the daily G-Loot Missions to unlock Tokens for the Weekly Brawls and reach a daily goal to improve your performance.

Apex Legends Missions G-Loot

As you’ll progress through your daily goals, you’ll start to take on the Weekly Brawls, and finally, the Monthly Showdowns will be the ultimate test of your abilities. Don’t worry if you fail at first; climbing always begins from the bottom.


As we always talk about here on the G-Loot Blog, those who work hard and take care of themselves will surely reach the victory in the end. Instead of mindless grinding, why not use an Apex Legends tracker to streamline your performance and playing sessions? The path itself is already quite rough. Getting the help of an Apex Legends tracker will only help you walk it better.

You can reap the rewards of your efforts in G-Loot’s Weekly Brawls and Monthly Showdowns. Plus, you’ll have your recorded stats throughout your journey to prove how far you’ve come.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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