Why you should use a stat tracker for your games

January 27 2022

Why you should use a stat tracker for your games
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Sick moves, epic jukes, and walljumps into 360 noscopes are cool, but at the end of a match, the scoreboard is what matters. You won’t be climbing the ranks in the leaderboards by pulling flashy moves; you’ll do that by getting results. G-Loot app is—and by extension, I am—here to help you with that.

Greetings friends! We all know why we’re here. To play, to win, and to get the rewards. In order to achieve that, first, we need to improve ourselves and our gaming performance. This is something we talk about a lot here on the G-Loot Blog. But as we improve ourselves as a gamer, wouldn’t it be nice to have a helper that will keep track of our progress and show us how far we have come? G-Loot is here to do exactly that.

What does a stat tracker do?

Is your aim good? Do you hit your mark easily but struggle to stay alive during prolonged fights? Are you suffering from constant third parties? Are you an underappreciated jungler? Maybe you’re unaware that you can get even better at farming minions in the early game. A tracker app can keep track of these stats and help you figure out what you’re doing right and what you can improve.

G-Loot Stats 1

G-Loot lets you get an overview of your gaming progress.

With a tracker, you can get up-to-date reports of your performance and post-game reports that will show you how you’ve done. More importantly, you can learn your average points in the field you care about, which will help you figure out what you need to focus on. Learning your average scores also helps you compare yourself to your friends for the bragging rights or to pro players to see how far along you are on your journey to be the best, like no one ever was.

How do I improve my performance?

To improve your performance, one of the first things you need to do is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. A stat tracker is by far the easiest method of doing so. Stats like your K/D/A is a very good summarization of your overall performance, so a tracker that not only keeps track of your K/D/A but reports your average K/D/A over your career can provide unique insights.

You can also keep an eye on the G-Loot Blog where we talk about everything concerning esports and gaming, from how to utilize in-game mechanics to how to take better care of yourself to stay healthy in order to get more out of your gaming experience. Because let’s face it, playing video games can become a negative experience as much as it can be a positive one. What does this have to do with G-Loot or trackers, you might ask. The answer is simple.

What does the G-Loot app offer?

G-Loot app tracks your in-game activity, including the amount of time you’ve played. Video games, especially esports, can cause you to lose track of time while playing. “Just one more game” or “just one more turn” is the definitive death rattle of a gamer. Playing a lot to improve yourself sounds good, but you also need to be in good health to keep playing. G-Loot helps you keep track of how much time you spend on gaming, which in turn will help you create a safe and healthy routine, which will certainly improve your overall performance.

G-Loot Stats 2

See how your average stats per match look in your favorite games with G-Loot.

G-Loot also adds an extra layer of competitiveness to stat tracking through Weekly Brawls and monthly tournaments. While tracking your stats, you can also record them to participate in the Weekly Brawl for your favorite esports game, which gives you a chance to earn a ticket to participate in a tournament. In these tournaments, not only can you measure your skills against opponents of various skill levels, but you can also win real prizes.

Hyper X Monthly Showdown 2

Compete in the Monthly Showdown to claim your share of the prize pool.

As always, the best way to measure your skill is taking the challenge on the battlefield. Be it the Summoner’s Rift, Storm Point, Kings Canyon, Erangel, or Vikendi. It doesn’t matter. You have the advantage of being aware of your own skill level and how to improve it. So go out there, complete G-Loot’s daily missions to improve your performance, and prove you’re the best of the best.

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