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We aim to make esports and competitive gaming easily available to everyone, gamers, publishers as well as advertisers and sponsors.

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The world’s first truly scalable online 
esports platform.

A home for gamers

We aim to create a go-to place for gamers where their accomplishments and progress feed into a lifelong player identity that grows and evolves between games and over time. 

We challenge the idea that esports is only for a select few on a stage in a stadium. We enable gamers to compete with themselves, their friends, or strangers at a skill level and format of their choosing. We believe that competition lives in everything from daily missions to grand tournaments.

Reach gamers at all stages of their journey

G-Loot offers a multi-game service with several levels of competition. This creates a unique opportunity for gathering and responding to player data and allows for cross-title promotion and targeting. We can customize the user experience with a state-of-the-art tech stack in ways no single publisher or advertiser could.

Why is G-Loot for you?

G-Loot offers an environment that benefits gamers, advertisers, sponsors, and publishers alike. By bringing together these key pillars in a straightforward and scalable way we can help esports reach its full potential. 

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Our vision is brought to life through our brand



Our brand for casual, everyday esports. G-Loot is for those who want to play, stream, and create fun & social challenges with their peers and friends.

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G-loot is about enabling

  • Advertisers & sponsors

    Advertizers and sponsors have the chance to create scalable, fully-customizable, online and offline events.

  • Gamers

    Gamers have the opportunity to make money playing the games they love while competing in fun and social challenges with players around the world.

  • Publishers

    Publishers can extend the lifecycle of their games through ongoing events, competitions, and user-generated content.

Our story


G-Loot was founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, by gaming enthusiasts who sought to democratize the competitive esports scene.

The team recognized that there was a demand from casual gamers, not just professionals, for opportunities to earn money playing their favorite games. These ranged from aspiring competitive players seeking entry-level tournaments and a ‘pro experience,’ to those looking to win small prizes when playing with friends or alone. 

At the same time, advertisers, sponsors, and game publishers were looking for new ways to reach and retain an ever-growing potential market. They needed simple, scalable, and fully-customizable alternatives to hosting live tournaments and competitions. 

By building a multi-platform solution, G-Loot brings competitive gaming to the maximum number of players, regardless of their skill, status, or aspirations. Our users have the chance, not just to compete, but to shape their own esports experience.